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ACLU (NY) letter

October 15, 1992


Please find enclosed copies of the FOIA letter I wrote to the NYPD, FBI and CIA and their responses. Does anything seem unusual in their responses? Could I have written my letter differently to have achieved a better response?
Also find enclosed copies of 2 notices I was given on Oct. 15 at the shelter I'm staying at. They werereceived (sic) at the shelter supposedly on Sep 28, though I didn't pick them up because I get most of my mail at a PO Box. The jury duty notice is unusual in that they sent me the orignal (sic) form to fill out to my PO Box. The notice from the Transit Adjudication Bureau is unusual in that I have never been arrested. Possibly, this could be the result of a stolen driver's license of mine, but could it also be a form of harassment for my FOIA inquiries?

Also find a copy of a letter I gave to some journalists and to the Court Clerk at the Union Square Train Crash trial on Oct 13 to give to the lawyers and judge. It briefly explains why I wanted the FOIA information. And do you think it is possible that in order to distract me from the trial I was given the 2 notices?

Eric Nakao
PO Box
Rockefeller Center Station
NY, NY 10185

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