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Appendix (table of contents)

(This appendix contains many of the documents referred to in "38-page letter  (Scientology, Christians and crime: a conspiracy theory).")

(Documents of special interest may be the Joseph Yanny letter which tells more about Scientology, Los Angeles and fleeing across the country and the St Agnes legal clinic statement which tells more about harassment, surveillance, etc. at the VOA shelter.)

(Words in red type in documents indicate additions to the original versions.)

ACLU (NY) letter
Beckett letter (NYC Human Resources Administration)
Bureau of Traf Ops (Traffic Operations?) letter
Commission on Human Rights (US) letter
Dinkins, David (NYC mayor) letter
Eldridge, Ronnie (NYC councilmember) letter
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request letter
     - CIA responses
     - FBI responses
     - New York City Police Dept responses
Graham, Tiffany/Abramowitz, Stuart trial statement
Hernandez-Pinero, Sally (NYC Housing Authority) letter
Human Rights Commission (NYC) statement
The Nation letter
Pafichow, Steven (NYC Human Resources Administration) letter
St Agnes legal clinic statement
Steinberg, Lisa trial statement
Transit Authority (NYC) letter
Union Square subway crash trial statement
Village Voice letters
Volunteers of America shelter statement
Yanny, Joseph (attorney) letter
38-page letter recipients
38-page letter responses
     - Dept of Justice - Criminal Division
     - FBI
     - Letter to Rev. James Le Bar


1) Documents mentioned in the 38-page letter that are not included in
    this appendix have been lost, misplaced or possibly stolen.

2) The documents written by me in this appendix should be regarded
    as reflecting the time in which they were written, even though
    most of the basic activities such as harassment, surveillance
    and manipulation are still occurring in 2004. If I were writing a
    new version of some of the above documents, I would probably
    alter the interpretation of some of the events.

3) A number of documents were typed from handwritten versions with
    many cross-outs and abbreviations. It's possible that a slightly
    different version was sent to the intended person or organization.

4) The number of my PO Box, which I no longer have, has been deleted
    from many of the documents.

5) The documents in this appendix are also in the
    38-page letter (research version) where links to their locations in the
    38-page letter have also been added.

posted: december 12, 2004
document update: january 1, 2005
web page update: january 1, 2005



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