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(Typed from a handwritten version)

Dear Bur of Traf Ops: (Traffic Operations?)

I am staying at the Men's Shelter on Wards Island. On Fri, May 29 at 8:30 am I arrived at the Wards Island side on the footbridge that connects the island to Manhattan. There was a big crowd of people there because the gate was locked and the middle portion of the bridge had been raised. I sat down on a bench and noticed that on the Manhattan side of the bridge a person rode his bicycle up passed the gate, meaning the gate was unlocked on that side, and across the bridge to the point where the middle portion had been raised, then he rode back. A group of pedestrians did the same. About 8:50 a green Parks Dept van drove in front of me. I thought they might open the bridge, so I walked up to a gate and asked someone if the Parks Dept opened up the gate. he said no, that the Dept of Transportation did. I waited around until 9 and decided to walk across the Triboro instead. As I was crossing the Triboro about 9:30, I noticed the middle portion of the bridge had been lowered.

Lately, I've been having a disagreement with the operators of the Wards Island shelter. Some disagreeable events have been happening to me at the shelter since the disagreement which I won't go into, but which led me to believe that some sort of collusion existed between the shelter and the person who opened the bridge in the morning. The bridge was also closed on Apr 23 at 6:45 am, the same day that a big meeting was to be held at the shelter at which members of the Human Resources Administration were supposed to attend to hear complaints of the shelter residents. The timing of this earlier event adds further to the suspicion that some sort of collusion and intimidation tactics are being employed.

I spoke with a man at 355-2250 about this problem on Jun 2 around 10 am. I didn't get his name, but he spoke with a kind of New York accent and kept calling me "buddy." He initially said that the person who opened the bridge had to wait for a police escort. when I said the bridge was not yet open at 9, 3 hours past the 6:00 opening time, he said they were doing repairs. When I said I saw no repair people, he said would I accept an apology. I said I would rather someone investigate into this to which he said they were too busy and hung up.

Could you please look into this and find out exactly what prompts these curiously timed delays to occur? I will be awaiting your reply.

Eric Nakao
Rockefeller Center Station
PO Box
New York, NY  10185

posted: december 12, 2004
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web page update: january 1, 2005



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