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March 9, 1992

Dear US Commission on Human Rights:

You probably saw the story about the 3 Asians who shot up some other Asians at the "Le Q" billiard parlour (sic) in the East Village on the day that your report on discrimination against Asian Americans came out. The timing and motivation behind this very negative event, seemingly perpetrated to justify discrimination against Asians, would seem to need further looking into.

But this is not the only reason I  am writing to you. I feel that I, myself, am somehow indirectly involved in at least the location of the shooting. You see, I have been having serious problems with this network of cults, beginning with Scientology in Los Angeles, continuing across the country where other cults seemed to have joined in, and ending up here in New York where I have been continually harassed and surveilled by them for the past year. And as incredible as it may seem, I appear to be some sort of impetus to several violent, headline events that I feel were caused by these cults such as the subway crash and flood of last year. The reason I say that the location of the shooting is suspect is that "Le Q" is just 1/2 block east of "Kinko's" which is where I have typed all the letters I have written to Mayor Dinkins, the Village Voice and now you, concerning this problem and also, from a picture in Newsday of David Ng, on the the (sic) (illegible) I was struck by the resemblance of him to a young version of myself. Please see the enclosed photocopy of the picture of Ng as well as an old driver's license photo of myself and my current driver's license photo. One of these cults' harassment techniques has been to hire look-alikes to pass by and thus unnerve their targeted victim. I have noticed an increase in look-alikes during the past few weeks. Also, a few weeks ago, one of the people at the shelter I am staying at asked me if I was a member of the Vietnamese gang "Born to Kill" and the other day I was asked again if I was a gang member. And also, as I was passing by "Le Q" the day after the shooting a Police Athletic League(PAL) van was parked nearby. Do the police consider me their "pal" for some reason as a result of the shooting? I don't know. But I do know that cult members on the police, fire department and EMS have frequently blasted me with their sirens and I'm sure some sort of message was intended.

I have reported my cult problem, although not this "Le Q" thing, to various local agencies, but they seem unwilling or unable to cope with the situation. Perhaps the Federal government, through your Commission's instigations, could provide an umbrella of moral, financial, legislative and legal, support, so that people on all levels of government could band together to begin to remedy this nationwide problem.

Yours Truly,

Eric Nakao
Rockefeller Ctr Station
PO Box
NY, NY 10185

PS: Could you please send me a copy of your report on discrimination against Asian American?

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