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February 9, 1992

Dear Mayor Dinkins:

I'm not sure where to begin, so I'll just jump right in. I have been harrassed (sic) by various cults in New York for the past year by such things as carrying GAP bags (GAP rhymes with Jap. I am of Japanese descent), poisoning my food recently, resulting in headaches and extreme nausea, possibly putting small doses of a more chronic type poison or AIDS infected material in my food, sirens and intimidating escapades by the NYPD, transit police, fire department and EMS, taking my picture, stealing my driver's license, general surveillence (sic) and the list goes on. There have also been several major news stories whose circumstances lead me to believe that I am somehow connected, namely, the 2 catastrophes along the Lexington Avenue subway, was well as the death of Officer Levine and possibly the City College Stampede, both which happened the day after I reported my cult problems to the NY(C) Human Rights Commission and both of which involved many of the City Departments that I had implicated.

I believe all this to have started back in Los Angeles about 8 years ago when I lived at 1343 N. Catalina St. and had signed a petition against the big Scientology headquarters across the street for making too much noise. I left LA about a year and a half ago after making an unsuccessful call to the FBI and began to repeatedly smell something like pesticide wafting up to my apartment and felt that my life was in some sort of danger. Unfortunately, the Scientologists would not let me go. I fled LA for New York, but they surrounded me with their people on the Greyhound bus and intimidated me intotrying (sic) to make Cedar Rapids, Iowa my new home. But the harrassment (sic) continued there also. I left for Boston, Syracuse and Albany where the harrassment (sic) continued. I went back to LA to regain my bearings and the harrassment, (sic) of course, continued. I left LA after several failed attempts to rectify my situation and a knife attack. My original destination was Canada, but I got sidetracked into Chicago, NY and Philadelphia where the harrassment (sic) continued before I ended up back in NY. Along the was (sic) other cults besides the Scientologist (sic) seemed to have become involved, most specifically some Christian-based cults and possibly others. There seems to be a loosely knit coalition of cults strung across the country, if not the world. Someone back in LA referred to them as the "United Nations". (sic)

On January 24, 1992, I went down to One Police Plaza and spoke to, I believe, a Detective Davis, from Community Affairs and told him most of the above. He seemed fairly sympathetic and said to try not to let them upset me though it was hard and that the headline making incidents weren't my problem. I went away not feeling really any better or worse, but at least I felt better about the police in general. Well, the morning after, another one of those headline events took place, the murder of Lisa Steinberg, the assistant manager at the GAP store on W. 57th St. I didn't hear about it until Tuesday morning and I read a story about it in Newsday on Wednesday. When I sat down to read the paper, as usual, some of these cult members or whoever they are, sat near me and as soon as I turned to the Steinberg story, they left. The next morning as I went into a store next to the 103rd and Lexington train station a police car pulled up fast and a police officer jumped out of the car and entered just in front of me. Previously, I would have thought that this was a cult member harrassing (sic) me about the Steinberg murder, but after my meeting with Detective Davis I thought that the police might be trying to contact me to see if I could help them out. That afternoon as I was walking across the 59th Street Bridge I passed about 20 cult members where I usually see only a few people in the winter. The next morning 2 more officers were in the 103 and Lex(ington) station arresting someone. I decided to go to the 23rd precinct the next morning, February 1 and see if they wanted to speak with me. I went in around 8 am and the receptionist said that if they wanted to contact me they would do it directly. I said fine and then asked her for some information on 4 or 5 GAP AUTO REPAIR trucks I had seen on 103 and Lex(ington) at 7 am on I believe, January 14. She said the Transit Authority handled that. She asked me why I wanted to know and I told her about the cults. I was telling her about how their members would come up beside me and give me little messages by talking to each other while they passed me by, when these 2 officers came up beside me and began doing exactly what I was explaining to the receptionist about. They said something about "shoving his foot up someone's ass" and similar threatening phrases. I told the receptionist that what these 2 officers were doing was what the cult members do. Then a red-haired woman behind the desk asked me what was going on. I told her. She asked if I thought about seeing a psychiatrist. I said that the idea of seeing a psychiatrist was another thing the cult members said, the psychiatrist would not be a real psychiatrist but was a code word for one of the the (sic) cult members who I was supposed to speak to. After this she became kind of angry and said that she would call the hospital about my food poisoning. I told her I wasn't poisoned now. She told me to sit down, that she would send someone out to speak with me and that she herself didn't want to talk with me anymore. So I sat down and waited for about 30 minutes. No one came out to see me even though I was the only person waiting. A man in a sweater asked me what the problem was. I told him about the cults and going to One Police Plaza and the GAP store murder. He said "oh" and went away. I asked him what his position was there and he gave me a non-committal response. A little later a female officer asked me if I was being helped. I told her my story and she asked if I wanted to file a complaint about the food poisoning. I said yes and followed her to the desk. Then a tall, red-haired officer with a moustache asked me what the problem was. I told him I was poisoned by a cult and he ordered me out of the precinct. I asked him why I was being thrown out. He said "cults", laughed and I left.

Why am I telling you this, Mayor Dinkins, instead of the Citizens Complaint Review Board? Well, from my past experience with other city agencies I felt that this thing would get swept under the rug and that I wouldn't get any real satisfaction regarding my and everybody's problem with these cults. The cult members had previously tampered with the BEGIN stipend I get for a job training program in Long Island City. And while I am getting my stipend now and did not specifically mention the cults to them, they brushed aside a key point in my letter about the cause of the $323 listed on the computer print-out and the original $137 stipend I recieved. (sic) And also, later, I got a letter saying that my school had not sent in a verification of my attendance which I saw was sent in around the date of my original complaint, seeming retribution. And when I had gone to the NY(C) Human Rights Commission, first, they wouldn't take my case, taking a narrow view as to what legally constituted human rights and more pointedly, when I used the rest room there was a memo taped to the door about a funeral for someone's sister that was to take place I believe on December 19 at Trinity Church. Now I was there on December 27. Why would someone want to leave a reminder of a death in the family for one week after the funeral? And furthermore, people talking on the phone twice mentioned my own sister's name when I would pass by. So if people who supposedly are there to defend people's rights use their station to threaten murder on someone else, you can see what these cult members are really about and where their true allegiances lie.

But what can be done about all this? I wish I knew. But I do know that the longer it takes for anything to be substantially done about this the worse it's going to get as they infiltrate further into both our public and private sectors and their people climb up the ladder, gaining positions of further influence. And also that fighting a secret war against them is probably not the best way to go about it because when you fight in secret you are playing into their strengths. They thrive on secret infiltrations, insidious poisonings and diabolical schemes of shooting cops and crashing trains. And also, you deprive yourself of your best ally, the people of New York, who will work for free and provide you with invaluable information andhelp (sic) you keep the cult members at bay.

And finally, the following are some of my possible solutions to this problem. I hope that you will seriously consider them. They won't cost much and will be effective measures to remedy this intolerable and fearfully worsening situation.

1) Detective Davis had mentioned something about a division of the police that used to handle problems with cults. Why not reinstate division? The police budget seems to be healthy and the existence of a department filled with knowledgeable, powerful and committed people that could directly address this problem would be a good and essential first step.

2) It surprised me that the Human Rights Commission would not take a closer look at my case. If you could specifically put in their charter the harrassment (sic) by cults I'm sure this would not happen in the future.. This way, the legally based Human Rights Commission could work with the law enforcement based Police Division on Cults similar to the way you have your anti-bias divisions set up now.

3) I'm not very familiar with NY's laws regarding cults and I'm not
suggesting that we trample on their rights to religious freedom, but I feel that given the present realities, some sort of specific laws regarding cults and their involvement in activities which have traditionally been designated as organized crime should be put into effect. I couldn't tell you exactly what these laws should be, but I must stress that these laws should specifically be about cults
 involved in activities of a criminal nature. This would include the continued harrassment (sic) of individuals who are not involved in their particular cult. And, of course, not only must the cult as a whole and the leadership of these cults be held accountable for their actions, but their individual members must also be held responsible for any crimes they commit on behalf of their respective cults. To have these laws included in a few lines in the Human Rights laws would be a step in the right direction, but I feel that given the seriousness of the problem, special laws directly confronting the issue in all its complexities are necessary.

Yours Truly,
Eric Nakao
Rockefeller Center Station
PO Box
NY, NY 10185

posted: december 12, 2004
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