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(Typed from a handwritten version)

Dear Councilmember Eldridge:

I read in the Spirit that you were planning to hold an oversight hearing on the lack of accountability that groups like the Central Park Conservancy have. I applaud your efforts and would like to share with you some of the negative experiences I've had with the Conservancy that might help show you the type of people you're dealing with.

Last year, during the 1991 "You've Gotta Have Park" event, I bought a button. Later, I sat down in the park to eat lunch. A person asked me if I'd like to buy a button and I said I'd already bought one. A little later, a person walked in front of me and was asked if he'd like to buy a button. He said he'd already bought 3 buttons, but that he'd buy another one. Shortly thereafter, another person asked me if I'd like to buy a button. I said no, that I'd already bought one. I felt that this was a set-up to get me to buy another button. After finishing my lunch, I put on my button so I wouldn't be bothered anymore. As I left the park, a young, athletic-looking young man with a sinister grin on his face, firmly planted himself in my path and said "I see you have a button. Thanks for supporting the Park," but in a tone that suggested more a mad scientist temporarily thwarted, than a grateful Central Park Conservancy volunteer.

But why would they do this for just a few extra dollars? Well, I've been having extreme problems with Scientology and other connected cult-like entities and I feel that they're involved with the Central Park Conservancy and that they were using the "You've Gotta Have Park" as a further opportunity to harass me.

Another example of this happened during the '91 Summer Stage. Before every performance they would hold a raffle by collecting dollar bills that people had written their names on. In the beginning, they put the money in a non-descript bag, but after awhile, began putting them in a GAP bag. One of the harassment techniques these cult people have used against me since I arrived in NY is by having people carry GAP bags in my presence, GAP rhyming with JAP. I am of Japanese descent. One of the winners was named "Eric" (my name), which I feel was a total fraud. I felt that the MC of Summer Stage was struggling with this. Once the raffle was suspended for a couple of turns and after they resumed, GAP bags in evidence, he made mention of the Central Park Conservancy playing an important role in the managing of Summer Stage and Central Park. I felt that this was his way of saying that his hands were tied because the people behind it (namely, the Central Park Conservancy) was too rich and powerful to be denied.

And these are the type of people that the City of NY and the Parks Dept have to deal with. Rich? Yes. Powerful? Yes. Unscrupulous, mean spirited and overbearing? Yes, yes, yes! These people don't care about Central Park outside of the enjoyment that their own people can get out of it. Their main purpose is power. The getting of power and the utilization of power to accomplish their own hidden agenda. I would advise you to work on cutting all ties with groups such as these. But if you find you must endure them through these financially-troubling times, you must make the people involved lay their souls bare, subject them to public scrutiny as if they were public officials. Are there Scientologists involved? The public has a right to know and voice its opinion. Do they have a private agenda outside of the upkeep and improvement of the City's parks? Again, the public has a right to know.

Again, I applaud your initiative and foresight in dealing with this important issue and hope for a successful outcome.

PO Box
(Rockefeller Center Station)

posted: december 12, 2004
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web page update: january 1, 2005


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