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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request letter

August 28, 1992

Dear CIA:

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act.

I am requesting a copy of any documents or other information that you might have on me, especially in regards to, but not exclusive of, organizations, groups or individuals (religious organizations or cults, political groups, organized crime, private detective agencies, governmental agencies, non-profit groups, etc.).

Please research and send me your results in the following order:

1) New York City since Jan, 1991.

2) Los Angeles, Calif. from Jan, 1977 to Fall, 1981 and Jan 1983 to Jan 1991.

3) Summer of 1990, I took a Greyhound bus trip from LA to Albany, NY. I made grief (sic) stops in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Syracuse, NY; and Albany, NY. In Jan 1991, I made a bus trip from LA to NYC with a brief stop in Chicago. After staying briefly in NYC, I went briefly to Philadelphia before returning to NYC.

4) Anything else in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Calif., or elsewhere.

Could you please also tell me if anyone claiming to be me has ever requested information on me in the past.

Thank you.

Eric David Nakao
DOB: 8-26-57
Place of Birth: (withheld)
Social Security Number: (number withheld)
Mailing Address: PO Box
Rockefeller Ctr Station
NY, NY 10185

No. TR-OH689385
Qualified in Nassau County
Commission Expires October 31. 1993

(I believe that on the same date, the same FOIA request letter was also sent to the FBI and NYPD.)

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