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December 27, 1991

(Typed from a handwritten version)

NYC Human Rights Commission

1) Police, fire and ambulance sirens

2)     "        "                "         appearances

3) People with "GAP" bags (rhymes with Jap)

4)     "      with "CONWAY" bags (con artists)

5)     "       taking pictures with still and video cameras when I pass

6) Pairs of people coming up close to me and talking about people dying, getting stabbed, etc. Also speaking about rats, churches, owing money, people named Eric or Rick (my nickname)

7) People asking me for the time and for money.

8) Parents having their small children fight each other (like me and them fighting, I suppose) and having their babies crying (me, I suppose, for not cooperating with them). Teenagers fighting, too.

9) "FINK" bread truck parked out front when I leave the shelter. Passes me on street, too.

10) Newspapers and magazines on street with headlines speaking of death, killing, last chance, etc.

11) Car crashes and wrecked cars. (A car is supposedly the symbol for the job or lifestyle that they have set up for me to fit into their world)

12) People at places I frequent like the library, free concerts, museums, lectures and having their babies cry or talking loudly in the libraries and brushing up against my chair or at the Summer Stage concerts, getting them to hold the raffle in GAP bags and having one winner named Eric.

13)  Having people who resemble me pass me by.

14) Crowding the subway trains and buses (possibly involved in the Union Station crash - the day that happed I was planning to go to see about an electronics course at SUNY in Brooklyn, which certain people did not seem to want me to do. And when I took an alternate bus, people near me were talking about trading with the Soviet Union (another frequent topic) and on the news that night there was a Bible found on the train (Churches being another frequent subject and an evangelistic church group had been at my shelter the night before and were making a big push)

Also possibly involved in the Grand Central Station flood. The night before I had backtracked on my way to the bus at Grand Central to buy a token and as I was exiting someone said something like "You want to play, eh?" I guess they thought I was trying to make them work extra by following me around. I take the #7 every morning from Grand Central to Queens where the water came rushing through.

15) Interrupting my Training Related Expenses at my job training program. I complained to HRA and they sent my letter to OED. Still waiting for a response and for my TRE to continue. Maybe you can work with them.

16) Interferring (sic) with a Driver's License I applied for. I never received it at my shelter even though the DMV said it was mailed out and never returned. So I had them mail another one to Gen'l Delivery and it hasn't arrived yet after over 50 days. Though maybe it will still come. Although the last Saturday I checked, people walked near me and one guy kept speaking about loosing (sic) his ID. And the previous Saturday, there was a car crash at around 33rd and 8th near the post office and I believe a person who is at my shelter came up to me and said "Good afternoon" and 2 people passed me by saying "...he was scared to death..." This is either due to them just wanting me not to get my license or because I complained about the delay in my Training Related Expenses recently.

17) And since yesterday morning, there has been a flurry of activity, possibly because I did not receive my Training Expenses on my scheduled pick-up date. That morning a fire truck greeted me at the exit of the 33rd and Rawston station where I get off to go to school. As I was approaching Manhattan, walking across the 59th St bridge, the traffic was backed up with many pollution-causing trucks idling (blowing exhaust fumes at me is another favorite tactic). I (illegible) my exit a bit and as I was walking down 1st Av near 59th, about 2 or 3 police cars, a golf cart sized police vehicle and perhaps a police van came roaring passed me, sirens blaring. This morning at the 103rd and Lex(ington) station, 2 Transit cops were stationed by the turnstile, one of the(m) flipping his baton around in an intimidating fashion (sticks, baseball bats, etc is another symbol of theirs. I was struck on the arm with a large branch (by someone) while crossing the footbridge on Wards Island). At Grand Central Station another Transit Cop was yelling at a vendor who I've seen in one of the tunnels for the past 3 months that if he was there tomorrow he would be thrown in jail. When I got off at 33rd and Rawston there was a crashed car with an ambulance (I believe #374) and a Patrol Supervisor car (I believe #686). After class let out early, some Moishe delivery trucks were spewing large amounts of exhaust in the street leading to the station.

18) The preceeding (sic) has been the general account with most of the highlights of my persistently being harrassed. (sic) I can't say exactly who is involved or behind all this, but it began with a run-in I had with the Church of Scientology back in Los Angeles, for which I had to flee LA after I believed they were making attempts on my life. I ended up initially in Albany, went back to LA where I had a number of harrowing experiences and left again, planning to go to Montreal, but after several twists and turns ending up in NYC. Some Christian churches seem to be deeply involved in this too and what other churches or organizations I cannot say.

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