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In the December 7 Nation, Alexander Cockburn claims in one of his paragraphs that journalists are "uniformly deferential" to adherents of the "Christ cult." But this is not true. The attacks and exposÚs on the Christian Coalition, the Lambs of God, etc. are numerous. He says that many Christians "have been convicted of sexual crimes and have killed in the name of their god," but since the thrust of this paragraph was to provide analogies between Christianity and Scientology, is Mr. Cockburn saying that since many Christians have committed these heinous crimes (which few would deny), is he also saying that by analogy, Scientologists are also guilty of these same heinous crimes? To this charge, Scientologists would probably say, in effect, can you prove it? In answer, I would say to Mr. Cockburn, "no, I can't prove it, but is it true?"

Mr. Cockburn devotes much space to denigrating the many awards Richard Behar has received for his Time cover story on Scientology, but anyone who puts himself on the line against Scientology deserves not only awards, but a lifetime supply of bodyguards, food tasters, and some sort of magical device that would repel suspicious characters who suddenly find it necessary to insinuate themselves into your daily routine.

And it's not just the Scientologists. Mr. Cockburn was quite right in pointing out the existence of a "Christ cult." From stealth candidates to the bombing of abortion clinics and beyond, these people, who may do some good things as may the Scientologists, are truly the enemies of personal freedom and democracy. The Cold War may be over abroad, but it's red hot right here at home. The cold warriors are coming home to roost. My question is, where is the government? And whose side are they on?

posted: december 12, 2004
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web page update: january 1, 2005


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