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Jan 21, 93

(Typed from a handwritten version)

Inspector General for the HRA
250 Church St., 3rd Floor
NY 10013
Steven Pafichow

I am writing after speaking with Ms. Loy on the phone, to complain about the management at the Ward's Island shelter refusing to investigate my complaints unless I submit to a psy(chological/chiatric) evaluation because my complaints are complicated, wide ranging and unusual, involving cults, poisoning, EMS, etc.

On Dec 20 I reported (to) Frederick Wittenberg, a Client Care supervisor, about racist remarks made by 2 clients that I felt were not random remarks but a planned attack to possibly goad me into complaining to the shelter or to complain to Legal Aid who I was planning to see on Dec 22 about problems with my welfare benefits. Mr. Wittenberg said I would probably hear something from Social Services on Monday (Dec 21), but I didn't receive a reply until Tuesday evening (Dec 22), after I had the meeting with Legal Aid, leading me to believe that they were waiting to hear what I said to Legal Aid before they responded. (When I returned to the shelter that evening after the Legal Aid meeting, the a shelter worker gave me an appointment slip a  meeting.) And the meeting wasn't with my case worker, David Jacobs, but with Katherine McKinney of OCM (a pseudo
psy(chological/chiatric) dept which I had never heard) for Monday (Dec 28) at 11:30. H. Paul Aponte of Legal Aid had asked me to call him for his results on Monday (Dec 28) at 2 pm. Another coincidence? At the OCM meeting, I told her my story (about cults, Scientology, etc.) and her response was basically that my interpretation of the incidents was wrong. She urged that I attend a Tuesday meeting of other (OCM) clients with emotional problems (or who were loners like me). I declined. But she also asked a strange question if I believed in ESP and if I felt that a stay I had in a Christian mission in LA was a "good experience" like she might have had some contact with them. She was listening to a religious program on the radio when I entered. When I ask her and Mr. Jacobs point blank if they knew who these groups were, they give (a) long, convoluted answer about perceptions, etc. I felt like they knew, but didn't want to tell me. They pressed me to see a therapist, but I decline.

At the latest meeting on Jan 20, Mr. Jacob's supervisor, Mr. Carroll, and Ms. McKinney were supposed to be there, but a Mr. Morano is there instead, who is now supposedly Mr. Jacob's supervisor. I ask where Mr. Carroll is and I'm told that he's on vacation and that Ms. McKinney is sick. Mr. Morano reads over my list of recent incidents and says that before he will give this to Mr. Carroll, I must have a psy(chological/chiatric) evaluation. He either says that I should either let OCM conduct the evaluation or have OCM set up an appointment for me with a psy(chologist/chiatrist) at Metropolitan Hospital. But considering my recent meeting with OCM and a previous visit I received from one of their people, and since Mr. Jacobs and others keep insisting that my perceptions are wrong because of some emotional problems, I am leary (sic) of their motives. I doubt that OCM would have sent me to an unbiased psy(chologist/chiatrist) and that the reason for the evaluation is to discredit me through a negative evaluation and thus give them a reason to ignore my complaints. After I voice concern about going to a psy(chologist/chiatrist) because I connect them cults, there's a ruckus outside our cubicle with a client in a wheelchair and talk about something being "dangerous" and a black male in shirt and tie pops in and shakes Mr. Morano's hand. I eventually say I'll think about their offer.

Even if I did take a psy(chological/chiatric) and passed, this would be no guarantee of a serious investigation. I feel the incidents stand on their own and while if looked at individually, innocent explanations can be found, when looked at in their entirety, patterns of criminal and unethical intent begin to emerge. I have included a list of incidents and suggestion of possible remedies that I turned in to Mr. Jacobs. A longer list that I had compiled earlier but did not pursue, but that I did show to an attorney, is also included. The incidents are culled from a journal that I keep.

I don't know if I'll have any luck with this letter. From the response and non-response I've gotten from other agencies and organizations in the past, there seems to be either an official or unofficial  unwillingness or inability to offer any serious assistance, but please do what you can.

PO Box
R Ctr
NY 10185
HRA #0825077-1 IM32
Bed #340, Schwartz Bldg.

PS: The initial reason I went  to see Mr. Aponte at Legal Aid was to discuss problems with welfare benefits. I worked at a 4-week temp job and told a Mr. Minkins at IM 32 about it and brought in a letter from my employer stating this.He (sic) said that my benefits would not be cut off, but in late Oct, I found there were no benefits. I called Mr. Minkins about this and he kept saying he'd take care of it, but for 2 weeks he kept stringing me along. My case worker Mr. Jacobs called and claims that my case had been closed for 180 days. I went down to IM 32 the next day to confirm this and was told to go down to the E. 16th (St) welfare office and they told me to apply for a Fair Hearing. I received a notice on Nov 30 at my Rockefeller Center PO Box that my welfare benefits had been discontinued. That was) the (same) day (I) went to the Coalition (for the Homeless. The notice was) dated Oct 5, (and the) envelope (was postmarked) Oct 3, (2 days earlier than the notice. I had picked up mail at my PO Box many times between Oct 3 and Nov 30 and hadn't received the notice. The) envelope (was) missing (later. I had left the notice and envelope with the Coalition for the Homeless at the request of William Broberg, the person who interviewed me there and who wore a baseball cap with a picture of a bomb with a lit fuse. When I returned on Dec 2 to pick them up, Mr. Broberg couldn't find the envelope with the suspicious postmark. I had pointed out the discrepancy to him when I had left it with him on Nov 30. One of those supposed "intern" types was also at my Dec 2 meeting with Mr. Broberg for some reason.)  I was told my case was closed on Oct 16. This is a suspicious date because on Oct 15 I had written a letter to the ACLU to help me with FOIA requests I had made to the CIA, FBI and NYPD. Also, I had received a flurry of mail at the shelter, supposedly received on 9/28 telling me that I was guilty of fare evasion on 7/8, about a Jury Duty appearance I was supposed to have made a few days before and another. Also shortly before, I had gone to the Robert Ray trial (Union Square Train Crash) and distributed some statements about my theory of possible cult involvement. Retaliation? Mr. Aponte also ended up dodging my phone calls for 2 weeks after initial enthusiasm, especially after I let him copy my first list of shelter incidents. When I finally get him he said he was able to do nothing.

PSS: Also, I get the feeling that my shelter or someone might be having some influence in keeping me from getting my public housing apartment at Wise towers. I was told 2 or 3 months ago by a person at another agency that knew someone at Wise Towers that I was to get the next available apartment, but nothing yet.

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