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St Agnes legal clinic statement

Eric Nakao
7/15/92 (?)

I had problems with the religious cult Scientology, with whom I was never a member, back in Los Angeles. I left LA twice to try to rid myself of them, but they followed me from city to city. Other cults seem to have joined in along the way. I have been living at the Wards Island Men's Shelter since Feb '91 where the problems continue, both inside and outside the Shelter. I'm not exactly sure who's behind it, but there are several religious organizations that frequent the shelter, Volunteers of America is, I believe, a religious group since they have a crucifix on their envelopes and of course, almost anybody has access to the Shelter. I have divided my complaints into 11 sections, with entries mostly dated from Feb '92, when I started keeping a journal. The last section is on my former job training school, FEGS, which I had originally not planned on covering, but since its name kept popping up, I have included a brief outline of my experiences there. (I had finished most of this paper on July 8)

1) Conspiracy - Pg 1
2) Spying - Pg 3
3) Drugs and Poison - Pg 5
4) Strange Talk by the Dept of Social Services (DSS) - Pg 7
5) Clients Exhibiting Knowledge of DSS Meetings Held Just Minutes Before - Pg 9
6) Abuse by Staff and Use of Clients as Agents of Manipulation and Harassment - Pg 10
7) Dubious Characters - Pg 14
8) Black or White - Pg 17
9) Religious Activity in the Shelter - Pg 18
10) Possible Links To or Knowledge Of Criminal Activity - Pg 20
11) FEGS - Pg 21


1) Conspiracy

- Usually the NYPD or EMS. Sometimes, these people refer to those not cooperating with them as being "in jail" or "in the hospital" which would be an added psychological impact of seeing law enforcement or medical personnel. The various NY police departments, fire trucks, EMS and other ambulances have also frequently blasted me with their sirens ever since I arrived in NY.

2/27/92 - grey/blue police car chases an insane-looking man as I am walking to a meeting with my case worker, Evelyn Castillo, where she and my previous case worker, Dexter Fauntleroy, try to talk me into seeing a psychiatrist about the cults.

3/2 - Pass many EMS and NYPD cars on Triboro and Drake Stadium bridges while walking to meeting with case worker to give my decision on seeing a psychiatrist.

3/20 - Pass NYPD cars 4428 and 4162 on dirt path to footbridge at 6:45 am on the day after my notebook which contained research on Scientology had been stolen. I had also looked into FOIA, GAP Auto Repair and an L.A. lawyer.

3/23 - Gates locked on footbridge at 6:45 am on day after I start letter to LA lawyer about Scientology. Guy holding GAP bag at gate. People on the outside often harass me with GAP bags, GAP rhyming with Jap.
        - At the 103 and Lexington subway station, a cop yells at a guy, "What's your problem? I'm going to call the Precinct and have them take you away. Are you an addict?" (Also tell about reporting fire to police. Plane crash and Utah trial)

4/23 - Footbridge gate locked at 6:45 am on day of general meeting at Shelter with an HRA representative. The DOT (Dept of Transportation) said the person who unlocks the gate has to wait for a police escort and is sometimes delayed.
        - The #6 train is delayed. The conductor says there is a "sick person" on the train up ahead and suggests we transfer to another line.


5/24 - At 2:30 am, James Rogers, a client near me, is having a seizure. Someone keeps knocking my bed. The EMT's take him away. During this time I had been having problems with the staff.
        - At night, the bus lets off an old Hispanic man near Drake Stadium who says he's been living in the bushes for 14 years. As we start to go again, 2 EMS's with lights flashing, pass us. A black guy says he likes helping people like the old man because it gives him joy, then he quickly mumbles something about not being able to function without Gotti. At the Shelter, EMS #161 and another EMS are parked out front. In Intake, 2 EMT's say "This is going to take a long time". Other EMT's are inside my dorm.

5/28 - Intake guard says the NYPD wants somebody when he comes in.

5/29 - Footbridge locked at 9 am. When I'm walking across Triboro I notice the bridge has been lowered. While watching TV that morning a black client asked me if "5-star", a client who bothers me sometimes, had hit me. 2 female Client Cares came to wake us in the dorm at 8:15 when it's always been a male Client Care. When I got a drink, a client kept calling me "Erica". When I exited at 8:30 am, there was no line, when there's usually a long line. The DOT said the bridge had malfunctioned.

5/30 - EMS #161 is in front of Shelter when I return at night. 2 NYPD's are in Intake area talking to a client who said he was living on the West Side, which was my #1 choice for a prospective Public Housing Project.

6/2 - I call and write a letter of complaint to the DOT about the recent bridge lockings. That night at the 125 and Lex(ington) bus stop, the guy selling transfers says "Hey, Ching Ching", where they're usually very discreet. "Ching Ching" was also what a Client Care had recently called me. A "Raven" food for the homeless van passed by. EMS #505 passes by with siren blaring. The bus arrives 10 minutes late at 8:55 pm.


whereupon fire trucks #35 and #36 with lights flashing passes and stops on other side of intersection. When the bus leaves a few minutes alter, the 2 fire trucks also leave and go back to their station on 3rd and 124th which we pass by on our way to Wards Island.

6/5 - On day after look into conspiracy laws at Jay College Library, at 7:45 am fire truck #43 is pouring water on a smoldering taxi near the footbridge on FDR Drive. Cars in disrepair is a recurring symbol used by the cults to signify some sort of displeasure.

6/6 - At night, an AA Ambulette exits the Shelter.

6/18 - On the day after I had seen (crossed out) at the (St Agnes) Legal Clinic and said for her not to do anything yet, a client is wheeled out in a wheelchair by an EMT at 8 am to EMS #462 outside. A black client at the window says that the Client Care doing the time cards tries to do too many things at once. Ms. Castillo, a Client Care Supervisor, not my case worker, smirks passed me as I go to the window.

6/30 - On the day before I think everybody expected me to come see you, at 9 pm, EMS #115 and #398 are parked out front. The guards, who are usually in the outer room, are standing by the window where they could have observed me looking at the EMS numbers.

2) Spying

- I used to notice a disproportionate number of black people walking or sitting near me in largely white Mid-town (sic) Manhattan which I associated with the large black population of the Shelter. There have also been a large number of white people, as well as some Hispanics and Asians, but I'm not sure if they have any connection with the Shelter.


2/21 - Show "The Exorcist" video at the Shelter. I had recently been tearing out articles on the Satanic cult connection to the Monica Berle murder.

2/23 - Wrote a letter to Village Voice about the cults. Things quiet down at the Shelter for the next few days.

3/15 - At the Donnell Library, I had asked for a stapler which they didn't have. When I came back to the Shelter, the Client Care checking us in is stapling time cards together.

3/18 - At Intake, after having looked into FOIA and an LA lawyer, a young, light-skinned Client Care says to a guard who is eating popcorn that they can smell the popcorn out in Intake and he won't give them any.

3/20 - After hanging around the scene of a suspicious fire, hoping to talk with police, there is a copy of VOA rules on my bed, a client stands next to my locker and blows his nose and there's general talk about something smelling bad. Nose blowing and things smelling bad are recurring devices used to signify displeasure.

3/31 - Client asks if I have larger coins for 20 pennies. I had been leaving my extra pennies around town.

4/5 - After mail letter to LA lawyer, things quiet down at Shelter for awhile.

4/14 - Went to NY Hospital to make appointment for SRO physical. Later, at Intake, white, brown-haired Client Care asks the client behind me if he'd been at the hospital today. The client says yes and shakes a bag of pills.

4/16 - Get number of (person in charge of) Times Square Hotel to ask about working in exchange for SRO. Later, at bed sign-in, there is no Client Care. Clients are saying that someone had a heart attack.

4/30 - Tell Barbara Edwards, my job counselor at my job training school, FEGS, that tomorrow was my last day. I had been getting an extension beyond my official graduation date while they tried to find me a job. Later, in my dorm, a client is telling Victor (bed 330) a joke about a guy who only has to do a simple thing to rob a bank and he messes up.


5/9 - Had to get off bus to use bathroom. Later, at bed sign-in, there is no toilet paper. when there's usually a big bag of toilet paper.

5/11 - Get TB and blood test at NY Hospital. Later, at Intake, a Client Care and client speak of taking "Vitamin D".

5/17 - A few days after I had copied some articles out of "Covert Action", a magazine critical of the CIA, the Intake guard says the CIA is after someone because he's built so many churches around the world.

5/25 - I throw away 1/2 a box of donuts at Union Square Park. Later, the Intake guard tells a client that he can't bring donuts in the Shelter.

6/7 - Six days after I had gotten an AIDS test at NY Hospital, David Grant (bed 332) says that someone thought he had AIDS, but didn't.

6/8 - Stand at PA Terminal on 8th and 42nd waiting for rain to stop. Next morning, there is a Missing Person's flyer in the Intake Window that says a person was last seen on 8th and 42nd.

6/10 - Saw play on Josephine Baker where there was much nudity. Later, in dorm, David Grant speaks sexually about some woman. He usually talks about jobs.
        - Fill out job application at Macys saying that I didn't drink, smoke or take drugs. The next morning while waiting for meeting with case worker, a fat, "retarded" client said he doesn't "smoke, drink or take drugs."

6/21 - Black guy holding big picture frame before footbridge. 5 days later, Ms. Edwards from FEGS says there's a possible job for me making picture frames.

3) Drugs and Poison

- I stopped eating at the Shelter in February, so I only have one dated entry.

- Milk cartons appear to be tampered with sometimes. Once, Client Care "Julio" asked me if I wanted to attend a church service. I said no. He seemed to accept this, but then a nearby client started giggling something about Krazy Glue, which might have been used to re-seal the cartons.

- Told supervisor that I would not be able to continue at my job training assignment at the Shelter. Soon after, I had a very bad headache. The day after I got the headache, a worker in the serving line that I knew asked me how I felt and I told him I had a headache.

- Around the same time, another worker, Jason Castleberry, tipped over my carton of milk, maybe knowing it had been tampered with.

- Throat had a tendency to feel funny after eating breakfast. Stopped drinking the juice and my throat felt fine.

- Food line would often stop right when I got to the door. Felt that they might have done this to bring out the tampered food item.

- Clients always sat at tables around me with chairs facing towards me so they could se what I ate.

1/12 - Felt very weak with a bad headache after eating breakfast. Before, in the dorm, somebody mentioned something about the peanut butter. When standing in line, a Client Care said that somebody was a snitch. 2 days before, they had shown a video on Camp LaGuardia, attended by 2 Clients who used to harass me. The day after feeling sick, I got a big job training stipend about which I had written a letter to HRA about hinting that the delay might have been caused by cults.
        - Since February, aside from a few times where they got to my food outside the Shelter, the main reference to drugs has been in connection with my case worker trying to get me to see a psychiatrist and medication was often mentioned.


4) Strange Talk by DSS (Dept. of Social Services office inside the VOA shelter)

3/16/92 - My case worker, Evelyn Castillo, brings in Gregory Portal from OCM which I believe has something to with psychology. After I tell him about some talks I had with the Scientologists, my former case worker, Dexter Fauntleroy, says "sucker" from the other side of the wall. Mr. Portal says he'd like to speak with me further. He says something about my job search will be sabotaged. I say by who. He says by me, but I'm sure he meant the cults unless I spoke with him further as a psychologist. Later, when I'm about to leave, Mr. Fauntleroy blocks the exit and says that he bets I wish I could get out of here.

4/2 - I had been working on a letter to an L.A. lawyer about Scientology. When I'm waiting outside the DSS office, Mr. Fauntleroy says to another client, "You, threatening me? You, out of work and threatening me?" Later, he wheels a black Eric-look-alike in a wheelchair into the office, slapping my shoulder as he passes and says "hi".
      - Ms. Castillo pushes me about contacting my family back in California. She wonders if they're being threatened. I tell her that the Scientologists started harassing me in Los Angeles and she wonders if the harassment couldn't have started in San Francisco where my family is. She also asks me if I want to get involved in a recently begun art workshop at the Shelter. Part of the notebook that was stolen from me, I believe at FEGS, contained sketches I made froms (sic) ads put out by Scientology, which I wondered if that might have prompted the art workshop.

4/6 - Ms. Castillo said she was sending me for a physical for SRO's. (Single Room Occupancy) She also offered me bag lunches since I hadn't been eating there. Mr. Skinner, the head of the Phase 1 portion of the PBT Job Training Program that I was in before dropped by and said I could restart the program if I wanted. I felt they were being nice to me because I had mailed my letter to the LA lawyer the day before.

4/28 - Ms. Castillo tells another worker that she drove a client to the bank, but he couldn't get off. The worker is very angry and says that the


client wanted Brooklyn, but to forget it. I felt that this exchange was either about the general Shelter meeting with HRA (Human Resources Administration) representatives that I didn't attend or my inquiring about work in exchange for an SRO at the Times Square Hotel after the Shelter people had begun the process of getting me an SRO.
        - Mr. Fauntleroy came in and said that my first case worker, Mr. Freedman, came back to the Shelter and was looking for me. This was strange since he was my worker for only a couple of months and I hadn't seen him in about a year, except once, when he appeared to be waiting for me outside the Shelter down the road when I was walking back one day. His name is also strange, like it's giving me a message (Freed Man). It is similar to message names 2 of my job counselors at FEGS had, Frieda Nash and Walter Bindman. Also, I'm not sure if I'm remembering correctly, but it seems to me that the first time Mr. Fauntleroy introduced me to my then future worker, Ms. Castillo, she looked a little differently, that her features were a little finer and her voice had no trace of a Spanish accent like the present Ms. Castillo.

6/26 - While meeting with Ms. Castillo, an older black worker who seemed like he might be a manager of some sort popped in holding a coffee mug that said "Dad". There seems to be a set of code words utilizing familial imagery to indicate ones relationship to a particular group or that group's relationship to you. Perhaps this "Dad" was utilizing that imagery. He also said "Hello (or good-bye), sir" to me when I left.


5) Clients exhibiting knowledge of DSS meetings held just minutes before

2/18/92 - After telling Ms. Castillo that I still felt sick sometimes after eating at the shelter, I went immediately to my dorm where Sabin Baltac (bed 338) was asking Jorge Perez (339) how to say "I am sick" and "I feel bad" in Spanish. He also wondered how to say it in Chinese and he hit my bed as he exited.

2/27 - After a meeting where I said I would think about seeing a psychiatrist, I went to my dorm where a black client said he was going to shove his dick up somebody's ass. Bed 335 was having a violent argument with another client, almost coming to blows, where he keeps saying to "please get out of my apartment." Bed 339 is pushed up against mine, also.

3/16 - After rough interview with Mr. Portal, and Mr. Fauntleroy says "bet you wish you could get out", I went to dorm where Victor (330) is talking about religion, "Mitch" speaks about how complicated the Washington DC roads are and "5-star" (341) speaks of Philadelphia, as if religion, DC or Philadelphia could be possible ways for me to "get out".

4/10 - After telling Ms. Castillo that didn't want to talk with SRO psychiatrist about cults, I went to dorm where this supposedly crazy client who looks like George Carlin says "Imbecile".

5/12 - After telling Ms. Castillo about clients singing rap songs in the bathroom and the TV being turned off early, I went to Intake to exit and 2 Hispanic clients were play boxing. After crossing the footbridge, a group of guys were talking about getting knifed and shot.


6) Abuse by Staff and Use of Clients as Agents of Manipulation and Harassment

- I will confine the entries in this section to a recent 4 week period.

5/12/92 - Complain to case worker, Evelyn Castillo, about rap singing in bathroom and early turning off of TV.

5/13 - While standing in line to exit, client in front of me says to be nice to Client Care Supervisor, Ms. Castillo, (not my case worker) because you might need a bed some mornings then he turns and looks at me significantly.

5/14 - 12:20 am. Am awakened by Client Care who says I didn't sign for my bed. I say I did. He says to go to Intake to sign for it. I do and when I exit dorm I hear either the Client Care of guard whistling which is a tactic used by people on the outside trying to annoy me. When I pass 2 clients sitting on a bench, they shake hands like their plan has worked. When I get to Intake, a black male Client Care with a full beard and a Jamaican accent, which may or may not have been real, say "What do you want, Ching Chong?" I sign for my bed.
        - The next morning I complain to an Assistant Director, but he says I have to speak with the graveyard AD tomorrow. I tell him about the early TV turn offs and he says to speak with the AD in the other building. I speak with a Mr. Dix who tells me to go back to the first building. On my way back, a black client with a crudely written message on his T-Shirt that reads "Get off of drugs" walks in front of me. When I re-enter the office, Client Care Julio is carrying a GAP bag, which is a device that people on the outside often use, GAP rhyming with Jap.

5/15 - At 4:45am. new clients come noisily into my dorm and when one passes my bed he yells "Don't want to wake anybody p!"
        - As I walk to Keener Bldg the next morning, a black, female Client Care spits in my path. I talk to Mr. Owens who tries to brush it off as a prank at first, but I am insistent and he says he thinks he knows who might have done it and said


he would look into it.

5/18 - A Hispanic client brings a tray of food out in front of the TV and sits down next to me who doesn't eat at the Shelter anymore. He offers to sell his peanut butter which is the food I was poisoned with before. I move and he leaves without having time to have had finished his meal. I don't believe I've ever seen a client bring a tray of food out of the well-guarded cafeteria before and into the TV area. Then the fire alarm goes off. Then a story comes on the TV about a guy who is sentenced to die. They turn off the TV just after he says that they know he's innocent at 7:49 am. They had been turning the TV off at around 7:30, no later than 7:40.
        - Exiting shelter, black client ahead of me tells another black client that he had a chance to join the "army" and blew it. Then he says that the only reason he harasses him is to let him know that he still cares about him
        - When I return that night, "5-star) (formerly bed 341) keeps calling an Asian client "Chink" and "Jap". I feel that this Asian client was deliberately put there so that "5-star", who periodically harasses me, could use this racist language.

5/19 -As I exit building, black client makes racist Asian sounds, but without feeling or malice, like someone told him to do it.
        - At 125 and Lexington bus top, a Hispanic guy asks me what time it is, which is a phrase used often to annoy me. Then I feel a slap on my hair and head. I turn around and see a black guy glaring at me as he walks away.

5/20 - In the dorm someone plays "Neither One of Us Wants To Be The First To Say Good-Bye". I read about a client meeting that is supposed to be attended by an HRA representative and decide


to stay for it. A black, loud client who had been harassing me since I first came to the Shelter and seems to be brought back periodically when they need him says "Hi David Chang". When walking through a doorway a client almost hits me with a ladder and Client Care Julio is walking behind saying "Be careful where you're going".

5/22 - When return to shelter, "5-star" jumps in front of me and says "I heard you were going to whip my ass". Later in the dorm, he keeps talking about wanting to leave America and keeps calling the Asian client "Jap".

5/24 - At 2:30 am, James Rogers, who is in a bed near mine, has a seizure. Someone keeps knocking my bed while waiting for EMT's.
        - That night, my bus lets off an old man who says he's been living in the bushes for 14 years. When we begin to move again, 2 EMS's pass us with lights flashing. They are parked in front of the Shelter. 2 EMT's are in Intake and say "This is going to take a long time" when I pass through and 2 more EMT's are inside my dorm.

5/26 - A black client walks behind me into the shower stall and said he was going to use that one. Another black client gets in the stall on the other side of mine and says to the first client "What shower are you in, Rick?" Rick is an old nickname of mine which I had never told anyone in NY about.
        - I go to see Mr. Owens for the first time since the original complaint to see if he's found out anything, but he's not in. When I go to Intake to exit, 2 clients limp in front of me and another client with one leg passes me. These are recurring


images used to harass me. I had injured my foot back in LA.

5/27 - I go see Mr. Owens again. He is in, but he says that since I complained on May 15, the person who he thought did it was on vacation and he, himself, went on vacation after that, and to come back in a few days.
        - When I go to Intake to exit, Client Care Julio passes toilet paper to another Client Care on the other side of the Client Care who is checking clients out and the two of them blow their noses as I stand at the window. Nose blowing is a recurring harassment device.

5/28 - At a DSS meeting, my case worker asks if I want to go work at a hotel in Monticello. I decline.
        - When returning to the Shelter on the bus, a car pulls up alongside of us and plays "Jump Jump" loudly which is a song that was often played in my dorm.
        - When checking in at Intake, the guard says that the NYPD wants somebody when he comes in.

5/29 - A client keeps playing "Black or White" over and over while I'm in the shower.
        - While watching TV, a black client asks if "5-star" hit me. When I get a drink of water a client keeps calling me "Erica" and when I get to the bridge at 8:30am, it is locked.

5/30 - Play "Jump Jump" and "You've Got To Live and Learn (before your bridges burn)" in the dorm.
        - When I return to shelter, an EMS is parked out front and 2 NYPD are in Intake.

6/1 - I tell (crossed out), an (sic) pre-aids (sic) test social worker that I'm getting the test to make sure that these cults didn't give me the virus.
      - At 125 and Lexington bus stop, the person selling transfers calls me "Ching Lee" and a guy who smells very bad gets on the bus.


6/2 - I go see Mr. Owens, but he's not in. They leave the TV on till 7:48 so I can watch a story about living with difficult people and they turn it off right after a woman says she has to learn to keep her mouth shut.
      - When I exit building, a black client says he wouldn't risk going to jail for bullshit.

6/3 - I see Mr. Owens. He said the person who he thought did it said he couldn't remember the incident. I ask him for the name and a physical description of the suspect, but he refuses to give it.

6/10 - Client breaks the volume on the TV I usually watch. The day after the Client Cares in Intake get a new TV.

7) Dubious Characters -

- I'm not sure if these people work for the Shelter, are members of outside religious groups that visit the shelter or come from the outside altogether, but they seem to divide into people who try to befriend me, annoy me or pass information to me. They also seem to come in recurring physical and vocal types such as rotund people with moustaches who resemble my brother, gravely-voiced people who like to grab my arm, people with foreign accents, very tall people, seemingly insane people who talk to themselves and people who resemble people I used to know. I will stick mostly to people who I believe are currently still at the Shelter.

- David Grant (bed 332) - One of those people who resemble my brother. 2 others used to sleep in bed 333. When he first appeared, he said to me "iglesia, iglesia, do you speak English?" "Iglesia" means "church" in Spanish and mentioned "AA" once, but he doesn't strike me as a religious person or a needy person


who would who would (sic) need to rely on a religious organization. Once, on a bus, someone called him "Murphy". Just yesterday, on the day before I planned to see you, that same person was on the bus and made a point of calling him "Murph" 3 times, so I have to assume that David somehow knows the contents of these pages. He speaks of jobs, SRO's and makes references to things I've done outside the Shelter like the AIDS test. He was telling another client once about jobs and SRO's. This client sat on the footboard of my bed which I kicked and he got off and the conversation soon ended. Later, David said, "If you're going to reject me, I'm not going to beg you." He's been fairly quiet since I wrote this paper.

- Alfredo Alpondo (335) - Claims to be from S. Africa, but outside of once saying how wonderful it was over there, he hasn't spoken about his "homeland", even with all the problems they've had there recently. He has a good accent, but has a tendency to hit his consonants a little deliberately and he has this slight Donald Duck quality to his voice that several previous clients in my section have had. He said that a woman is helping him get an apartment in Baltimore and once said that God helps those who make an effort, though that's the only time I've heard him speak of religion. He's started talking about Africa a little since I finished (this) letter last week.

- Joel Edwards (336) - Claims to be from the Virgin Islands, but keeps falling out of his accent. He spoke once about the Salvation Army being part of the CIA and that fraternal organizations like the Elks were cults. He also said that you either have to choose black or white (people). His accent has been improved this past week. I think he, Alfredo and Daivd might be working together.

- Jon O'Brien, Jr. (formerly 339) - Good talker. Claims to be former coke seller with a wife in Puerto Rico. He used to yell things out in the middle of the 


night like "Get off me, you dog!" Not sure if he's here anymore.

- Victor (330) - Has been in my dorm for quite awhile. I don't know if he's religious, but once after I finished a rough interview with DSS, he was speaking about religion. After I left FEGS, a guy told him a joke about a guy who was supposed to do a simple thing to rob a bank and he messed up. After I wrote a letter to the Village Voice telling why I thought the Union Square Train Crash happened because of me he said that he could understand why someone might think that way about something, but that it wasn't true. After my blanket was stolen once, a Client Care came back and said angrily to Victor to not leave something on his desk. Victor said he didn't do it. After I started FEGS, someone asked him why he didn't leave now. He also speaks about Science Fiction sometimes.

- "George Carlin" (340's or 50's) - I don't know his name but he resembles George Carlin. He periodically shows up where I am. He acts crazy and talks to himself, like a previous client in my dorm. When I came back from a DSS meeting after saying I didn't want to talk with the SRO psychiatrist about the cults, he said "Imbecile". He also said something about having read somebody's notebook. Maybe he was referring to my stolen notebook. He also keeps saying, "And I still can't figure it out".

- "5-star" - (formerly 341) - Not sure of his real name. Comes up to me periodically, touches me and says things like "I heard you were going to whip my ass". Calls me and recently, this other client, "Jap" sometimes. He said "hi" to me once at the General Delivery Post Office on 34th St. He has this gravelly voice and pretends to be drunk sometimes as a cover for some of his more outrageous behavior, not unlike a client who used to sleep in bed 339 called "Milton" who had once said to someone that he got paid to act stupid.


- There are some others, too, who I'm not sure are here anymore and whose names and bed numbers I don't know. New people are always passing through, though.

8) Black or White

- I get the feeling that there are many groups out there who would get some kind of reward if they could get me to join them and thus keep me under some kind of control. Once, when I went to this group called "Faith Healing", the person in charge said something about something being like "9 or 10 armies" attacking one person. 2 groups I keep hearing about is a black group and a white group. I connect this black group with the Shelter, possibly one of the religious groups that are associated with the Shelter. Black people back in Los Angeles used to concern themselves with me in a similarly oblique fashion. I identified them with Watchtower in the beginning and later, with a Christian mission I stayed at for awhile. The white group could be a white Christian group, FEGS (which is a Jewish connected group). Scientology is also white and I don't know if they want me to join them still, but they're always in the picture.

- Gilbert Noriega, a student at FEGS who started the same day as me, once held a black and white electrical receptacle in front of me and said "What's it going to be, black or white?"

4/16/92 - On day that I got (name withheld) number at the Times Square Hotel to ask about work in exchange for an SRO, 2 clients standing in line at beg sign-in, at which no Client Care was present, talked about a movie that had a black cop and a white cop. (Police and security are also recurring code words.)


5/28 - At the Jay College Library, a white and Hispanic guy talk about "being disciplined" and "scouting". I look up at them. They go away, come back and start speaking derisively about Malcolm X and about someone being aligned with a black group.

5/29 - Client keeps playing "Black or White" over and over on same day footbridge "malfunctions".

6/8 - Joel Edwards (336) says you either have to go with black or white (people). That you need both black and white keys to play the piano.

9) Religious Activity in the Shelter

- Client Care Julio asks if I want to attend a church service. I decline and he seems to accept this, but a nearby client says something about Krazy Glue which might have been used to re-seal my milk cartons that looked like they had been tampered with.

- After my locker had been broken into after I had cleaned things out from underneath some client's (sic) beds as part of my job training assignment and which were later confiscated by staff, the woman who runs a group called "Faith Sharing" told a client to "try Jesus" in an area I was cleaning.

- Big push to attend a religious meeting, putting pamphlets on client's beds, on night before I was going to see about an electronics training program in Brooklyn after I had agreed to attend FEGS. The next day the Union Square Train Crash occured. (sic)

2/22/92 - Client says that a church on 103rd and 3rd will pay $25 if you convert to their religion.

3/16 - After rough meeting in DSS, Victor (330) speaks of religion.

5/6 - 2 Bibles on my bed after looking at Public Housing on West Side.


5/7 - After telling case worker about Public Housing, I exit building and client says "Praise God".

6/4 - Black client with shaved head eats in front of me in line and stands behind another shaved headed black client. I feel that these shaved clients belong to some sort of religious group. Client Care Julio used to have a shaved head, but he's been letting his hair grow out in the past week or two, which I feel is in response to this paper.
      - Alfredo says that a woman is helping him get an apartment in Baltimore and that God helps those who help themselves.

6/17 - On night that I told you not to do anything for now, a black person on the bus to the Shelter says you have to be patient and mumbles something about AA.
        - In the dorm, David Grant also mention AA. There was a previous spate of AA references a while back when a client named "Chako" (formerly 333), another client resembling my brother, was here. But I'm not sure if Chako was truly AA or just using it as a cover.

6/18 - Flyer on door in Shelter announcing an AA Open House in the S. Bronx.

6/24 - Client Care Julio carries a "Rasta" bag. A red herring or is he really a rasta? (sic) A few weeks previously, there had been a flyer about Muslim classes starting up.6/25 - After having walked by St. Agnes and experiencing some rough talk on the bus, a client in my dorm plays "I don't love you anymore"-type songs on the radio followed by a Dianetics (Scientology) commercial.

6/26 - Waiting outside DSS office, a black client says that it doesn't matter if you're not religious, that some people are agnostic and that he, himself, has solved some problems by using non-religious methods.

8/13 - The TV is turned on to the "Today" show. Lately, it's been "Good Morning, America". There is a Dianetics commercial.


10) Possible Links To or Knowledge of Criminal Activity

- Religious group makes big push for us to attend their service, putting pamphlets on our beds, etc on the night before I'm going to Brooklyn about a possible job training program after having agreed to go to FEGS. The Union Square Subway Crash occurs late that night on the line I would have taken into Brooklyn. When I return that night, a client in my dorm says "They hate to lose". On the news that night they show a picture of a Bible at the crash site. I had communicated my suspicions about this as well as about the cults and other events to the City Human Rights Commission, One Police Plaza, Mayor Dinkins and the Village Voice in late December of '91 and early '92. Before this, this religious group had only come periodically. Since then, they have been coming regularly on Wednesday nights, if they're the same Church.

- Hit on arm with stick while crossing footbridge. A Client Care in Intake patched me up, but the Client Care at bed sign-in told someone to keep his mouth shut.

- When I was about to enter the PBT Phase II job training program at the Shelter, another client who was either about to do the same or was about to go from Phase II to a Shelter job, announces near me about planning to give part of his pay to a religious group. Could this be some sort of job kickback scheme?

- Car crash near Madison Square Garden where I had been checking for my mail at the nearby General Delivery Post Office, waiting for a second Driver's License, the first one having been stolen from the Shelter mail pick-up. While I passed by the scene of the accident (crashed cars is another symbol), a black client who used to previously pass along job-type information to me and had invited me to a religious group called "Faith Sharing" once, came up to me and said "hi". A little before this, 2 white girls had passed me and said someone was "scared to death".

2/20/92 - Fire at 125th and Lexington station. On the bus to the Shelter, a crippled black guy said "Guess you didn't know it was us."


At bed sign-in, one Client Care showed another an address in Georgia, a place mentioned at that time as a place I should presumably move to.

4/16 - Monsignoir (sic) James Heggerty is pistol whipped in Park Slope. The previous day I had gotten the phone number of (name withheld, similar to the Monsignor) of the times Square Hotel about a possible exchange of work for an SRO. The shelter had recently begun the process of trying to get me an SRO. When I returned to the Shelter after getting the phone number, there was no Client Care at bed sign-in, people said someone had a heart attack and while I was waiting fro the Client Care to return, some other clients were talking about a movie with a black and white cop.

5/19 At the 125th and Lexington bus stop, a Hispanic guys (sic) asks me what time it is (another harassment device). I tell him and I feel a slap on my hair and head. I turn around and see a black guy glaring at me as he walks away with his laughing friends. During this time I was having a small feud with the Shelter staff.

5/29 - The DOT claims that the bridge was delayed in lowering because of a malfunction. If this is true, then sabotage is a possibility.

11) FEGS (phone number withheld)

- When I first mentioned to my then case worker Dexter Fauntleroy, that I was planning to attend FEGS, he asked if I was sure I could get along with them, like he know there was something more to them than just a training school

- The Union Square Train Crash discussed previously. Though when I had to take a bus that day, 2 guys stood near me and spoke of doing business with the Russians (another code word). There were many Russian students at FEGS.

- Many of the students seemed to take a special interest in me. Gilbert Noriega, Douglas Dorman and Alex stand out, but many others came and went.


- The teachers also seemed to be aware of my situation, especially Alan and Rudy. They might even have been harassed by the people bothering me, or the whole thing could have been a set-up.

- Jim Leggio, the director, also seemed to be a key person.

- After I'd been at FEGS for about a month, they repeatedly tried to get me to accept a $30 check from JTPA which I declined since I was going to get a stipend from BEGIN. This led to a delay in my BEGIN stipend, my letter of complaint alluding to the cults and the poisoned peanut butter at the Shelter.

- The day after I complained to Detective Davis at One Police Plaza about the cults, Lisa Steinberg, the assistant manager of a GAP store was shot and stabbed with a screwdriver. (GAP bags was another harassment device) The next morning at FEGS, a black guy said there had been a death in the family. Gilbert seemed a little shaken, Douglas seemed angry, Alex seemed excited and this black, Jamaican guy named Harold seemed a little puffed up.

- My notebook is stolen. I believe it was stolen at FEGS. That day there was free pizza and soda for no apparent reason. James Leggio playfully punched my shoulder. I suspected something might be in the soda and didn't drink it.

- I am referred by my job developer at that time, Frieda Nash, to a job at the Mid-Bronx Senior Citizen's Council (phone number withheld). I speak with a James Crocker who kept pushing me to contact my family, like I would get the job in exchange for contacting them. There was also a memo on his desk that said "Guyana", he mentioned finding cow bones in the drain (the last syllable of my name sounds like "cow), etc. I later declined the possible job offer. that day at FEGS there was a newspaper left on one of the tables that said "Vows Revenge".

- My next job developer, Barbara Edwards, said she used to be an English teacher. I was an English major and almost became a teacher. I told her about the cults. She sounds disdainful when I tell her that the people at my shelter want me to see a psychiatrist, but she also tells me a story about Lawrence of Arabia who went to Arabia and decided to take up the cause of the Arabs, which I felt was a veiled recruitment pitch.

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