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Transit Authority (NYC) letter


(Typed from a handwritten version)

Dear NYCTA Customer Services

On Wednesday evening, Apr 8 around 8:35 pm, I was waiting for a northbound 101 bus around 56th and 3rd in Manhattan. I waited around 15 minutes, a couple of 102s passed by, but no 101s. Since it would be too late for me to catch a 101 and make my #35 transfer to the Ward's Island Shelter at 125th and Lexington, I decided to get something to drink. After this, I waited for another 101 at 62nd and 3rd at 9:00 pm, a couple of 102s passed by and no 101 came by until 9:25pm. This made me late for my transfer again, so I got off at 122nd St at 9:50 pm and walked across the Triboro Bridge to my shelter which has a curfew of 10:45 pm, by which time if you don't return you lose your bed.

This has happened to me periodically in the past. I have been having these problems with these cults, harassing me in various ways, predominantly Scientology and Christian fundamentalists as far as I can tell, and I have a strong feeling that either they have worked their way into the evening 101 bus lines so that they may control the flow of the buses thus making me late for my transfer or they were already there, or non-cult members on this line are either being bribed or intimidated into playing along with them. Could you please look into this. I usually ride the 101 northbound, catching it in the midtown area usually between 7 and 9 pm. You might also check your records to see if there has been any unusual activity to get transfered (sic) to this line within the past year.

And also, the fire you had on the #7 line the day after the US Air crash was also I feel, due to retaliation by these cults since I always ride that line on my way to school in the morning and the Saturday morning before I had called the 19th Police Precinct to report what I believe was a suspiciously started fire and named Scientology as the possible culprit.

There was also a suspicious fire at the 125th and Lexington subway station a few months ago that was probably due to these cults.

Yours Truly,

Eric Nakao

posted: december 12, 2004
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web page update: january 1, 2005


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