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Union Square subway crash trial statement

(same as Tiffany Graham and Stuart Abramowitz trial statement, except for headings)

October 13, 1992

Re: Robert Ray Trial

For the past 3 years I have been the target of an unrelenting campaign of surveillance and harassment by various cult-like organizations. For the first couple of years the harassment was on a more personal level with, to name some of the more extreme examples, poisoning of my food, knife attacks, thefts, the harassment of local media, following me across the country as I tried to get away from them, etc.

The reason I'm writing to you is that certain things happened to me in connection with the Union Square Park train crash, that while circumstantial  in nature, are intriguing enough that I would feel remiss if I did not give the people involved in this case the opportunity to consider them.

When I first came to New York the harassment continued on the personal level, but seemed to lessen after I told my case worker at the Wards Island Shelter that I would be attending a building maintenance program run by FEGS in a few months. But I began to have second thoughts and on August 27, 1991 I called SUNY in Brooklyn to ask about an electronics program and the(y) told me to come in the next day. That night at the shelter, an evangelical Christian group came to the shelter. Although these types of groups had come before from time to time, that night was unusual in that they made an especially hard push for people to attend, coming back into the sleeping area to hand out little pamphlets, etc. The next day, I went to the 103rd and Lexington station to go to Brooklyn. A stop or two later, everyone was told to get off the train and transfer to buses. I had not heard of the crash yet at this point, but I'm thinking to myself that upsetting my schedule is the type of thing these cults love to do. On the bus, 2 well-dressed people start talking about doing business with the Soviet Union. This made me suspicious because these cults frequently give me messages like this about "deals" and "joining", etc. and at that time, the "Soviet Union" and "Russia" seemed to be a recurring code word of their's. (sic) A woman nearby said something like "Why do these things always seem to happen to me?" When I finally got down to SUNY, the woman I spoke with said there was a 1 or 2 year waiting list. That night at the shelter, I was struck by a shot on the news of a Bible on the floor of 1 of the wrecked cars. I immediately thought of the evangelical Christians who had been at the shelter the night before. That night in the sleeping area, I heard someone say cryptically, "They don't like to lose."

On February 28, 1992, I read about that woman being killed and the conductor, Stuart Abramowitz, being injured on the B train on the same day that Robert Ray gave a news conference saying that he felt he would be acquitted. But what struck me beyond a violent subway incident happening as a possible message in connection with the Robert Ray statement, was that the couple reportedly get on at 125th Street, a street that I'm always on to take a bus back to the shelter, though on Lexington instead of Central Park West. And the shooting was said to have occurred at the 103rd Street station, the cross street station I always take, though again, on Lexington.

My evidence is admittedly circumstantial and perhaps sounds highly unusual, but for the defense to claim that Mr. Ray was not drunk before the accident occurred seems unusual also without giving a highly probable alternative reason for the incident.

Over the week-end, I looked over newspaper accounts of the accident and several things stood out. On August 26, 1991, it was reported that the MTA was trying to get more money to continue their rebuilding project. The State seemed reluctant. A major accident might grease the wheels for future funding, benefitting (sic) both the MTA and the contractors. I also noticed that the Crown Heights controversy was also playing itself out. There would appear to be some parallel between the culpability of an Hasidic driver's automobile causing death and a motorman's train doing likewise. And is Stuart Abramowitz Jewish? And finally, I read that Robert Ray was a born-again Christian and that his fiancee (sic) had said that they had been reading the Bible the night before the incident. I don't want to say that merely because of his religion Mr. Ray should be suspected of being part of a plot (wittingly or unwittingly), but from my perspective, with the problems I've been having with these cults, the evangelical Christian group visting (sic) the shelter and the shot of the Bible on that newscast, looking into exactly what kind of religious organization Mr. Ray might have connections with would not be a bad idea.

You are not the first people I have told my suspicions to either. In late December of 1991 I went to the NYC Commission for Human Rights and the following night Officer Keith Levine was shot. I reported my concerns to a detective at One Police Plaza and again, soon after, the Lisa Steinberg murder occurred at a GAP Store on W. 57th St. One of my complaints had been that these cults constantly harrass (sic) me by carrying GAP bags, GAP rhyming with Jap. I am of Japanese ancestry. There are other incidents that I won't go into, but what I'm trying to say is that there seems to be these criminally inclined cult groups causing great pain to people and either the government doesn't want to directly and openly address the issue or they're involved with it in some way. By openly pursuing this cult line of inquiry in this or in one of the other cases I've mentioned, the problem can be, if not solved, then addressed in the manner befitting a free and democratic society.

Eric Nakao
PO Box
Rockefeller Center Station
NY, NY 10185

posted: december 12, 2004
document update: december 13, 2004
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