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February 23, 1992

Dear Village Voice:

Please find enclosed a SASE and a letter I wrote to Mayor Dinkins on February 9 that will explain my situation. In light of the information contained in the letter, I have 3 requests.

1) Would you be interested in doing a story on my dilemma?

2) You did a story on Scientology and Hollywood a few months ago and mentioned an organization called the Cult Awareness Network based in Chicago. Do you know of an address or PO Box where I could write to them? I'd rather not contact them over the phone for reasons of cost and complexity.

3) Could you send me the addresses and phone numbers of any local groups who are engaged in battling this cultproblem? (sic)

Thank you for your time and your paper which I read every week.

Yours Truly,

Eric Nakao

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March 9, 1992

Dear Village Voice:

If Mayor Dinkins wants to retain the goodwill and respect of the voters of New York, he must not only tend to the symptoms of what is wrong with this city, but must attack its root causes as well. Back in the old days, whether through reasons of intimidation or complicity, people used to say that the Mafia did not exist. Today, while we can speak of the Mafia and other ethnic organized crime groups, what we cannot speak about is the existence of a vast, sophisticated and powerful network of religious cults and possibly political groups who are engaged in such socially destructive activities as the harassment and surveillence (sic) of private citizens, the murdering of police officers and crashing of trains, and the infiltration of all areas of both the public and private sectors.

For me, it seems to have begun back in 1983 when I moved across the street from the big, blue Scientology Headquarters in Hollywood. For the first 6 or 7 years I thought we had gotten along relatively OK, but in retrospect, a petition that I signed against them for making too much noise may have been the reason behind some strange things that occurred before the Scientologists began to attack me more openly and relentlessly. Anyway, after a year of daily harassment, I made an unsuccessful call to the FBI, after which I began to notice a sickly sweet smell wafting up to my apartment which caused some adverse reactions in my nervous system. Fearing for my physical well-being I fled Los Angeles intending to come to New York. But on the bus, surrounded by Scientologists, things got nasty and I was intimidated into trying to settle down inout-of-the-way (sic) Cedar Rapids, Iowa instead. But the harassment continued there also, so I left and tried Boston, Syracuse and Albany, but the harassment continued, so I returned to LA to regain my bearings. But after a bizarre 6 months and a knife attack, I left LA again. I fled across the country again, where other cults besides Scientology seemed to have joined in somewhere along the line. After several cities, I finally settled down in New York last February where the harassment continued as usual until last August with the Union Square Park train wreck when things seemed to take on a more public, headline-making dimension. I had been planning to attend a building maintenance program at one school and things seemed to calm down a bit as a result, but lately, I had been having second thoughts about being a building maintenance person, so I called SUNY in Brooklyn the day before the crash about their electronics program and the woman I spoke with told me to come in the next day. That night at the shelter I'm staying at, an evangelical Christian group came and were making an especially hard sell for converts,coming (sic) back into the sleeping areas to hand outpamphlets, (sic) etc. The next day I got on at the 103rd St and Lexington Av subway station to get on the #6 going to Brooklyn. A stop or 2 later, everybody was told to get off the train and were transferred to buses. On the bus, people next to me started talking about doing business with the Soviet Union. This made me suspicious because these cult people are always giving me messages like this and the "Soviet Union" and "Russia" seemed to be a recurring code word of their's. (sic) When I finally got down to SUNY the woman down there said there was a 1 or 2 year waiting list for the electronics class. That night on the news I watched the story about the crash and was particularly struck by a shot of a Bible on the floor of the wrecked
train. I immediately thought of the evangelical Christians who had been
at the shelter the night before and wondered if there might be some sort
of connection. That night in the sleeping area I heard someone say
cryptically, "They don't like to lose". (sic) And then just recently, the
Union Square Park motorman was arraigned on 5 counts of murder and the
very next day there was that shooting on the southbound Central Park West
train. Now it was said that the couple had gotten on the train at the 125th
Street station, a street that I am always on to take the bus back to the
shelter,and (sic) the shooting was said to have occurred on 103rd Street, again the cross street station I always take, although on nearby Lexington Av
instead of Central Park West. So again, I had to ask myself, is this
just a series of extremely interesting coincidences or is there some sort
of real connection?

And this is just one event. I count the Grand Central Station flood, the shooting of Officer Keith Levine, the City College Stampede, the W. 57th  Street murder and most recently, the E. Village Pool Hall Shootings as similar coincidental events that make me wonder.

I went to the City Human Rights Commission about this, but was given short shrift along with what appeared to be a veiled death threat to my sister. I went to the 23rd Precinct, but was thrown out. I recently wrote Mayor Dinkins a letter with 3 suggestions as to how he might begin to address this problem and I strongly urge him to take action as well as for people who have suffered fates similar to mine to write their elected officials so we can begin to rectify this terrible and largely unspoken about problem.

Eric Nakao
Rockefeller Ctr Station
PO Box
NY, NY 10185

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