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April 5, 1992

Dear Mr. Yanny:

Recently, when doing research on Scientology, I noticed your name in the June 1990 LA Times series and in last May's Time Magazine and I was hoping that you might possibly be able to represent me in a case against Scientology. In fact, you may have already have had hints that I might be writing to you since I'm being watched quite closely here in New York and nobody has ever accused Scientology of being reticent of passing along information. Please forgive the length of my letter, but since I am contacting you by mail, I wanted to get as much of what I thought might be relevant information in my letter so that you could better decide whether I had a case or not.

In August of 1983 I moved into 1343 N. Catalina St. #209, across the street from the big Scientology headquarters. There were, what I thought of at the time, some minor run-ins with Scientology before I began getting seriously harassed. I signed a petition against Scientology for making too much noise which was instigated by Jean Shepherd. I threw away a check that was mailed to my PO Box that I believed was mailed to me by some unknown antagonists. I declined to be interviewed by Scientology salespeople. I pretty much stopped communicating with all people in my neighborhood, both Scientologists and non-Scientologists, after a prolonged pattern of antagonism and reconciliation.

When I first suspected that the Scientologists might be playing a role in my harassment was in the summer of 1989, when I heard a female voice outside my window say in a playful voice "they're going to get you". But after that cryptic message I began to get the feeling of people following me around constantly. Cars would also turn quickly before and after I would cross at intersections, especially around the Scientology headquarters. I reacted to this by rearranging my schedule so that I only went out in the early morning hours when I could walk around in relative peace. This worked for awhile, but then cars would turn near me again and people would walk closely to me on the street and in grocery stores, even at those early hours. So I kept pushing the time I would venture out later and later.

In the fall, it was time for me to go back to school at LACC, (Los Angeles City College) so I forced myself out into the daylight hours, but the same things kept occurring. Since I was pretty sure it was Scientology, I went down to the library on d(illegible - "one day?") to do some research. I sat down at a table with some periodicals. There was a small, thin guy sitting opposide (sic) me that I suspected was a Scientologist. I propped my book up so he couldn't see what I was reading. But later, either through being tired of reading in that position or deciding to let him see what I was reading if he really wanted to, I set the book flat on the table, revealing a picture of the blue Scientology headquarters. The guy made a non-verbal sound of disgust, got up abruptly and left. That affirmed (sic) my suspicions.

After this, the harassment seemed to intensify. The people following me around began wearing dark glasses, the little white groundskeeping (sic) carts at LACC would pull up when I got off the bus and cross my path fairly often around the campus, people would cough nearby me with unnatural frequency,

the cars at the intersections seemed to turn more aggressively, people would run passed me all the time, groups of Scientologists in dark shorts and T-shirts would run passed, the noise from the Scientology machine shop across the street along with a lawnmower and their recitations and cheerings became more frequent, seemingly geared to my coming and going, not only outside my building, but within as well when I would go down the hall to my bathroom. When I would go into stores I would hear my name over the intercom and songs like the Police's "I'll Be Watching You" were also heard frequently, and security guards and managers would seem to be around more often than usual. They also seemed to be harassing the teachers at the classes I was taking at LACC. In the office across the hall from my accounting class, I would often hear loud music and laughter. Once a guy came into the class and just stood there staring at the class when the teacher was in the middle of a lecture. In my business class, a big group of people were talking loudly outside and the teacher went out to tell them to be quiet and when she returned seemed a little shaken and (a) girl sitting in front of me, who I believe was a Scientologist, looked around at me meaningfully. In my English class, I wrote an essay in response to what the Scientologists were doing to me, weaving my message into an essay on a Shakespeare play. The teacher read parts of it to the class and later, a guy who I believe was a Scientologist said there had been an experiment in one of his classes where 4 out of 5 people wanted some guy killed. My linguistics teacher seemed to be another unwilling participant.

Fire trucks would blare their sirens whenever I passed. Police cars would pull up or pass by me with alrming (sic) frequency. There were these suspicious car crashes. I believe they were harassing a checker at Pioneer Market who had previously been nice to me. At Andre's, an Italian restaurant on 3rd Ave. (that I ate at often), the employees seemed to change from all Latino to some Scientology-looking Anglo's and once, a black customer said if they tried to poison her she'd sue. One of the old, Latina employees who I knew by sight, once grabbed a plate out of a Scientologist-looking employee and served me herself, giving me a hard look and leading me to believe they were putting something in my food. When I went to visit my family at Christmas up in the San Francisco Bay Area, the fire truck sirens continued, people still coughed. At a play we went to, an usher said "God bless you for coming" with a slightly sadistic look on his face. A guy kept yelling out obnoxious things during the play and during the intermission a girl walked up the aisle and said "Shut up, Rick" as she walked pass me. "Rick" is my nickname.

They even went so far as to harass people in the media that I regularly listened to. Principally Carole Hemingway on KGIL, Maria Laria on Channel 34 and the play-by-play announcers for the Dodgers and Angels. One series of events that particularly stand out happened I believe in June when the stadiums where both the Dodgers and Angels were playing at had electrical problems within a few days of each other and soon after, there was a power failure at Magic Mountain where I believe Maria Laria was appearing. At the library at Cal State Dominguez Hills where I planned to attend in the fall, the employees there were talking about having had a power failure the same day that I read about the Magic Mountain incident. On the way home on the bus I saw one of those patented Scientology car crashes on the side of the road. On the news that night, Maria Laria seemed to be kind of angry. I had heard angry remarks from Carole Hemingway before also, along the lines of people were bothering someone at someone's home and knowing people at the ACLU and hearing my name mentioned sharply once when I tuned in. So I stopped watching and listening to my favorite media people, tho I probably should have stopped before.

Around the same time, I decided to try and speak to the Scientologists and see if we could straighten things out. Someone let me inside their building and I spoke to a thin, blond young man in a white uniform. I told him I felt Scientologists were harassing me. He wrote down a list of my complaints. (When I told him about the people looking at me with dark glasses, he said that he had never heard of that one before, as if the other harassments I mentioned he had heard of. Also, I told him of a homeless-looking, Asian male that I kept seeing around the neighborhood as part of the harassments. He said that the Asian male didn't sound like a Scientologist.) He spoke a little about my going to the police , about their beliefs being important to them, about Scientology being departmentalized and some other things. I got his name and phone number, which I unfortunately no longer have and he also gave me the number of Security which he said I should call if I had any more problems. He also said that the next time a Scientologist approached me I should listen to what they had to say.

Things seemed to get better for about a day, but after, the old harassments began to crop up again. I decided to go to the library to see if I could find anything on mind reading. This part sounds strange and I know that the young man in that Time Magazine article said the same things, but it was bothering me and I wanted to see if I could do anything to block my thoughts from being read. The Scientologists must have known what I was doing because during this time I saw a white pick-up truck with the letters "ESP" printed on its back parked in front of the Scientology headquarters.

Later, I thought about what the Scientologist had said about listening to what a a (sic) Scientologist who would come up to me had to say, so I went and sat down on a fire hydrant in front of the Scientology headquarters waiting for someone to communicate with me. A guy jogged by and asked me what the problem was. I told him and he lead me into a room (in) the the (sic) Scientology headquarts (sic) with many Scientology books and dispays. (sic) I told a young woman there what was going on. She asked me how long I had been living there and I said 7 years. Her response led me to believe that my living across from their headquarters might have something to do with my being harrassed. (sic) I told her about people in the media being harrassed (sic) also. (and then) She said that Dianetics couldn't help me and I left.

One Sunday, I was sitting on the fire hydrant and many Scientologists came out and began cleaning up the front parking lot. That evening the Scientologists had a big rally out there. At first I thought it might be in response to my sitting out in front of their building, but then the speaker said something about an article in the LA Times. He said that many things in it were originally printed 5 years ago and that the writer had since died of AIDS, to which the audience laughed. He said Scientologists never do any­thing half-heartedly. He said he'd like to end his speech with a quote, which I thought was funny because in (the) public speaking class (that I was taking or had taken at LACC) that was one of the standard endings of a speech. The Scientologists must have though it was funny too, possibly because they were aware of my takning (sic) that class, because they laughed too for some reason (after the speaker said he'd like to end his speech with a quote). Another speaker took over and I couldn't hear him very well, so I turned on my microwave oven and as soon as the motor turned on I thought I heard someone walk or run away from beneath my window.

I didn't read that LA Times series at that time because I was still a little intimidated from the severe reaction from the last time I read something on Scientology. I had also photocopied an article on Scientology from Forbes. A little later I told my landlady, Ann Palmer and the owner of the building, Leo Nerenberg about the problem I was having with the Scientologists. They said something about the Scientologists before (had) wanted to hold their meetings out in the side parking lot next to our building. They didn't really commit to doing anything, so I followed Leo out as he left and he said not to talk too loudly or the Scientologists might hear us. I said I thought that the Scientologists thought that I was trying to destroy them. Ann and Leo might have also been anticipating that I might be coming to speak with them also because when I spoke to that Scientologist before I believe I might have
(missing line)

not significantly. Leo mentioned something later about using less water in return for a favor.  I had previously cut down my water usage, but I cut down dramtically new, (sic) showering with the use of a bucket in return for in (sic - "if") not a success on his part, then an attempt.

In the July 2, 1990 issue of US News and World Report (see enclosed photocopies), I heard a story on the Recording for the Blind record that I received that led me to call the FBI.. (sic) In the previous weeks also, it seemed to me that one of the narrators on these recordings sounded a little hostile whenever he read anything abut (sic) Japan or the Japanese. But as I had said before, I had recently stopped listening to my usual media people, so I guess by infiltrating my other sources of information, this was Scientology's way of further getting their message across and of letting me know that there was no place that I could be free of them. Around this time also I had been (sic - "begun") receiving much Scientology literature through the mail, though I suspect that people were just dropping (it) off in front of my door. I believe that sometimes, if not at all times, there was no postage or anything on the leterature. (sic) This might have been Scientology' s way of further getting me to know there was no escape since they had their numerous world-wide addresses printed on these missives or they might have wanted me to buy their books as a kind of blackmailing scheme since their books and price lists were included or they wanted to give people the impression that I was a Scientologist. I put a wooden slat at the bottom of my door so mail could not be slid under there anymore and the mail seemed to stop. Anyway, back to US News, when I either put on or took off the record, I heard my landlady and someone else downstairs make sounds like excited approval. The article itself was about Cathy Palmer, a NY Prosecutor who went after Asian drug merchants, and it contained some strikingly associative words that made me sit up and listen. For example, one of the people in the article was named Eric Luk, an accountant, who arranged a T-shirt shipment and moved to Paraguay to manage a watch factory. My name is Eric, I had previously considered becoming an accounting clerk, all I wore was T-shirts and people seemed to make a thing about that, from people before alsways (sic) asking me for the time, I had taken off my watch and kept it in my pocket, and my interest in the Spanish language was well known. Later in the article, there is someone named Antonio "Ronnie" Vacas. Now Ron is my brother's name and "vaca" in Spanish means "cow". My last name is kind of pronounced "na-cow". A Johnny Kon used the alias of "Ricky Wong" on a passport. "Rick," as I said before, is my nickname. The date March 13 appears which is my brother's birthday. Ronnie and Ricky have a chicken dinner which my brother and I had when he came down on his last visit. But what promted (sic) me to call the FBI was the last paragraph which mentioned an FBI investigation and someone who I identified with, Kwong Li, "a hapless man...who's a nothing, but we think he knows some people we're interested in."

So I called the FBI the next day after an interpersonal communications class. There was this kind of spaced out looking guy hanging around my phone booth who I'm sure was a Scientologist, but I made the call anyway. After I told the FBI I wanted to complain about cults, they put me on hold. When they came back, I gave them a brief outline of what had been happening, and the woman said that the FBI didn't handle cults unless it was on the federal level.

Later, I went back to my apartment and listened to the rest of US News. I should have done this before I made the call and I would have realized that the Scientologists had planted the stories. For example, there's a reference to "fair game" in a story on AIDS, the term used by Scientology to designate people it's OK to attack. There's also a story about a

"mad cow" disease that eats small holes in a cow's brain before it dies. I had often wondered if someone was putting something in my food. I had had previously a kind of numb feeling in the area of my kidneys and lower rib a smoky smell to my feces as well as blood in my stool and a taste sometimes like chlorophyll or blood or feces rise up in my throat. I also had sharp pains in the back of my head. It might be linked to something in my food or, I don't why I think this, but possibly it had something to do with electricity because I once heard some electric crackling in my apartment wiring and I also went through a period where I had an extreme amount of static electricity in my clothing and blankets, so much so that I could see many sparks fly off them at night. I had also heard a high pitched whistling sound in my ears, but only at my apartment. And also I had seen many spots that looked like dried blood that kept appearing (on) my my (sic) sheets and T-shirts which did not come from me and which was another reason why I believed that something akin to Occult Magic might be trying to be performed on me.

Anyway, after the call to the FBI, I began to smell a sickly s(w)eet aroma like pesticide coming up to my apartment that made me feel a little spasmodic in my nervous system. I also smelled this on buses sometimes, too. I also, had recently applied for housing at Cal State Dominguez Hills, so that I would have moved away from the Scientology headquarters area and the woman at the Cal State housing department gave me every indication that I would get a place, though I would have to share a room.And (sic) when I came back to my apartment that day my landlord was talking to someone about renting either my apartment or #210, which there is none, but (it was) something that made me understand that they knew that I would be moving away. Though the harrassment (sic) was still happening at Dominguez Hills also, so even if I moved away it was unclear to me if that would help or not. I had heard also that I played my recordings for the blind too late, though I never played them loudly, hardly being able to hear them myself when I stood at the opposite end of the room, yet apparently, people through two sets of walls, even all the way down the hall and acroos (sic) the street at Scientology could hear my recordings. (My apartment was a converted hallway leading to the roof at the end of the building, so there were no apartments above or below me and only a small part of one other apartment that shared a wall with one end of my narrow apartment.) But, I stopped playing them at 10 pm, but this didn't seem to help much either. The harrassment (sic) might have decreased a little, but it seemed to me that for them, it was more of an indication that they were controlling me, rather than an act of reconciliation between 2 parties. When I had applied for a student loan at Dominguez Hills, I heard someone say something about a "life-time policy", making me think that if I went to school they would harass me forever. Even though before, I heard Someone (sic) at LACC say that they were "letting" me go to college. Another indication at their attempts to convince me that my every move was due either to their wrath or their benevolence. So all this, coupled with the continued harassment and with the pesticide making me fear for my physical safety, I threw some things into a suitcase and a couple of bags and fled LA intending to go to New York.

On the Greyhound bus, I felt that the Scientologists were there too, but they were pretty much leaving me alone in the beginning. A large, impressive-looking military-type aircraft also flew low over us at one point somewhere east of Los Angeles. Somewhere around Nebraska a scenario began developing where a dark-haired girl sitting behind me who said she was going to visit friends in Washington DC and was some sort of military mental health worker said in general that people shouldn't use foul language on the bus because children were on board. Another, tough talking girl on the bus took up the challenge and this later led to threats against the dark-haired girl who banged on the back of my seat once to signal me to help her, but I felt this might be a set-up, so I kept quiet. Later, a young guy in a cowboy hat said that someone (me, I assumed) already had too many things to worry about to get involved in other controversies or something like, that and the foul-mouthed girl apologized to some unnamed person, but who I assumed was me because she and the dark-

haired girl were in no ways (sic) reconciled. At the next stop the guy in the cowboy hat the (sic) (and) this black guy sort of said hi to me, but I didn't reply, feeling that my breathe was a little stale from the long trip. When we got back on the bus, the black guy started saying things like he was wanted for murder and if anyone wanted to turn him in his name was so-and-so. This made me feel a little nervous, so at the next stop I asked the black guy if he was a Scientologist, hoping to get some sort of dialogue going. He said he wasn't, but when he and the guy in the cowboy hat came back on the bus, they began to bang the overhead baggage doors with their fists and perhaps uttered angry remarks. The next day, many people began to loudly tell jokes with violent themes and the word "cow" in them and they began strongly suggesting that someone settle down somewhere in Iowa or before Michigan. Feeling very threatened, I began checking the local papers at every stop along the way to check out the job situations and rent prices. In the stop outside the main Chicago stop, the black guy said near my chair "Well, what's it going to be?" In Chicago, our bus pulled in late and all the other transfer buses were there, for quick getaways, I assume. Everybody scattered. A middle-eastern type guy who was kind of friendly to me before told me to hurry and get on the New York bus. I told him I had to think what I was going to do. I decided to try settling down in Chicago. I wandered around a bit, lost a bag of mine while buying a paper,and (sic) went to a transit center to buy a map. But at the coffee shop, 2 young guys came up near me and said that they could "get" someone at any time they wanted and pantomimed an action of sticking someone with a knife. Chicago seemed out of the question now, so I went back to the Greyhound station and traded my NY ticket for a ticket back to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In Cedar Rapids, I met some people who I believed were Scientologists and (they) said things like I would be spending the rest of my life here and they doubted I'd ever see them again. I tried calling around for rooms in my price range, but no one answered. The local police later picked me up on a missing person's report for someone else and drove me to a shelter. When I hinted that I might be moving on, one of the officers said something to the other officer in a hostile tone about a "raccoon", which I believe is a cult code word for some sort of negative person and he also said to me a little later in a kind of plaintive voice that it wasn't such a bad place.

I stayed in a shelter overnight. The next morning I was told to wait in a room while they tried to get me into another shelter. A list on the wall had the name "Arlene" on it. Maybe Arlene, a Scientologist back in my LA apartment who I sort of knew, was looking out for me. Anyway, I was continually harassed during my Cedar Rapids stay, especially after I looked at an Iowa City paper to see if things might be a little more accomodating. (sic)

I left Cedar Rapids for Boston, then Syracuse, NY, where the harassment continued, ending up in Albany, NY. I believe I was in Albany twice, the first time this parade of people with a video camera passed me by and a bunch of kids passed me by on skateboards and held a sign that might have said "Syracuse" or some other city. In Albany, I stayed in a shelter and they kind of showed me around, but it was made clear that if I caused any trouble it would not be good for me, even though other harassments continued nonetheless. I passed this one guy who I think I later saw back in LA, a kind of combonation (sic) of roundshoulderedness and sharp features, who said that someone was an "organization man" now. Getting the feeling that my family back in California was somehow getting shaken down if I stayed here, as well as felling (sic) that they were putting something in my food and feeling bad in general, being harassed on the streets and coming back to the shelter and seeingstories (sic) on the news about bus crashes, blood, Moonies, movies about zombies, etc., I got the Albany welfare office to buy me a bus ticket

back to LA, telling them in a letter that I would try to become a teacher and maybe live away from my old Hollywood area, possibly the South Bay. (I believe that someone had mentioned Long Beach or San Pedro in my presence during this time that led me to believe that those areas might be OK for me to live in back in the Los Angeles area.) Back at the shelter there was talk about someone preventing someone from picking up several thousand dollars. On the day I left a shelter resident was playing Pink Floyd music. At the bus station someone said something about someone having to work hard to pay back their mama.

Back in LA, on August 5, after about 3 weeks on the road, I checked into the Beverly hotel at 1330 S. Olive St and went to my old apartment the next day to see if my welfare check was there so I could begin my plan to pursue a teaching career. When I got off the bus from NY there was an arrest made of someone. Ifelt (sic) this was a set-up, so I didn't say anything. When I got off the bus at the old apartment, a black guy said menacingly that they'd give me a week to play around. At the apartment, the landlady said my check wasn't there. I asked her if I could come back later and see if it would be in. She agreed with no protestations. I'm not sure of the landlady's (Ann Palmer) and her husband Howard's role in all this, but I'm sure it's important because she's the one who had access to my apartment and who could most easily account for the things like blood on my clothes, etc, unless she was letting other people in my room. Though people seemed to be harassing them too, honking their horns whenever they worked in the yard out front and Howard always making references that they were supposed to be a "church". I heard her say to Leo the owner when it seemed like I was going to do something about the Scientologists that they had made her do all these things or that they were harassing her too. And another time, someone was talking to her about the plight of the Palestinians (referring to me, I assumed) and he asked her if she was Jewish. Since then, Jews, Israel, Russian, etc, seem to be code words that I hear from time to time. Another key person at my old apartment building would be Arlene, whose name I thought I saw in Cedar Rapids and who was a Scientologist and asked me to join once, though she seemed like a nice person. There were some other people who lived at my building who probably could supply some important information, but whose names I don't know. There was also Jean Sheperd, who had started that petition that I mentioned in the beginning of my letter and who seemed to like to organize neighborhood activities and was always saying hi to me, though we had a falling out later and who may or may not have been a Scientologist, and who I believe moved back to Seattle. And there was also a Pamela Franklin, who seemed to fight Scientology in the beginning and who replaced Jean Sheperd in her apartment after she moved, with this seemingly gay person who stayed there a few weeks in between the two, and she later seemed to join the Scientologists or was a Scientologist all along. I heard her once say below my apartment that "he would feel our wrath".. (sic) But she seemed like a nice person, though a little young. (She and the seemingly gay male were also physically attractive. Jean Sheperd had one of two apartments on my floor that were closest to my apartment. Also, the teacher in a class for blind students that I took at LACC may have been a Scientologist. She once told me that someone had hit her car and she took off after them in her car and, I believe, had caught them. I gave some sort of non-committal response. A little later, I believe I saw someone resembling her in my neighborhood  wearing one of those white, naval-influenced, Scientology uniforms. She was nice to me in class, though, and to the few other students in that class. And I don't recall if I took her class before or after the overt harassment began. And I am not blind, but have an eye problem.)

While walking down to the Hollywood Social Security office to re-open my case for SSI as required by welfare,' I heard a guy say "a perfect example of what can happen", an (sic) reference that my example served as some sort of warning to others who might try to cross Scientology and think they can escape. At Ron's supermarket, I heard a woman in a Scientology uniform who I believe I saw sitting at a desk in the Scientology building before when I was telling the Scientologist about being harassed and who looked a little bit like Karen Whitehead, said feelingly into a pay phone "Sorry" when I was standing in the check-out line. At the Social Security office, a guy behind me said that someone wasn't at or near the top of our list anymore and we'd see if we could do something for him. I guess they felt I had suffered enough. When I went back to my old apartment building, though, the landlady's tone was quite

hostile. She said I didn't live there anymore and couldn't check for my
mail. I got the feeling that someone had gotten to her and didn't want
me to get my check, but I didn't argue and left.

Walking back to downtown, 2 homeless black guys in Macarthur Park were wrestling and said "You lied to us". I'm not sure exactly who they were or what they meant, but I moved on. Walking around the downtown area I was struck by all the Scientology ads on the sides of the RTD buses with the phone number "for life" or something like that included in the ads. I(t) seemed like they were meant for me, but they also could have been in response to the LA Times series, though whether I was indirectly responsible for that series, I don't know. But what I'm almost sure was meant in response to me was a story in one of the free weekly papers about some guy being pursued cross-country by some crazy cult, though I never read the article. They had time to write that story because the Albany welfare office stalled for about a week before giving me my bus ticket. Also I was struck by all the pesticide ads on the buses, though they might have been there before I left.

My money ran out in about a week and my welfare worker at Beverly Blvd said it would take a week or so to issue a new welfare check and he referred me to a Christian mission in Venice. He said they usually sent people from Venice to Canyon Country, but he called them to ask if I could stay in Venice and they said OK. But when I got to Venice, where I got a free bus ride and where there was a billboard that said "Fight of the Century", they said that I would have to go to Canyon Country. I heard the expression "Sacrifice the one for the many' a couple of times, referring to me, I assumed. They made a push for me to stay up in Canyon Country and some of the other clients said people stayed up there because they were hiding out from people who would gun them down on the outside.

After I left the mission, someone picked my wallet out of my pocket. Before I had left the mission some clients were saying something that people wouldn't steal something unless they really needed it, so I felt they had foreknowledge of the theft.

Living in the downtown skidrow (sic) area, I had been consistently harassed by things such as people wearing Raider's and DARE t-shirts and clacking these toy plastic balls together whenever I walked by, and by fire truck and ambulance sirens and police marching by. Also, I began reading one of those weekly Spanish language entertainment guides and I felt that the advice columnist, "Esperanza" was being harassed because they knew I read her column. I also felt they were messing around with the horoscopes to fit whatever manipulative plans they had for me. Also, I felt that the Raider's broadcasts, the people at "All Things Considered", especially Cokie Roberts, who I feel was especially being harassed, knew what was going on with me. I also began to tune in to this public radio station, I believe that came out of Glendale College, that I felt was somehow connected to these cults and had some sort of immunity from harassment. I felt the same way about Teri Gross of "Fresh Air".

Staying at the Frontier Hotel, I made a call to KNX radio, feeling they were signaling to me. Previously,, during a one week stay at another hotel, I felt that Al Dwoning, (sic) Maureen Reagen (sic) and Dennis Prager on KABC (radio) had been signaling me to call their shows, but I couldn't get up the nerve to call them. At Canyon Country, they had listened to KCBS, (sic - "KNX," the CBS radio affiliate in LA) especially the Drama Hour and there seemed to be some stories pertinent to my situation. There was one about someone turning criminals in so what happened to this person

wouldn't happen to anybody else and a horse race report with a horse named "Reluctant Guest". After I left the mission the KCBS (sic - "KNX") stories continued. The ones (sic) I remember are about a rainmaker. I had gotten the idea during my cross countrytrip (sic) that the Scientologists could somehow make it rain, my slways (sic) having been rained on at inopportune moments and seeing a story on Channel 4 on my return to LA about people at some college doing experiments on rainmaking. I also remember a KCBS (sic - "KNX") news story with a line that said something like "come forward with your story and we'll give you a safe place to stay and protect your family from harm. " I especially connected a reporter named Bob Scott with this. So I gave KCBS (sic - "KNX") a call. I had to kind stall at the phone booth until this blond guy at the next booth who did not appear to be talking on the phone and who I felt was a Scientologist, left. He finally did leave, but said ruefully after he hung up the phone, "I thought we could trust you."

A young woman answered the phone at KNX and I said that I felt they were signalling (sic) to me in relation to a cult harassing me and following me all around the country. She said to hold for a second. When she returned, she said that whe (sic) thought she might have heard something about this and asked what cult it was. I said Scientology. I said I hadn't done anything about this before because I thought some powerful people had tried before and couldn't do anything so what chance did I have. She suggested I go to see some LAPD detectives, but I said that the police were harassing me, too, pulling their cars up to me and that fire trucks were always blasting me with their sirens. I asked to spead (sic) with Bob Scott. She became a little agitated and asked what Bob Scott had to do with this. I said I felt he was connected because he always broadcast around the Drama Hour and I felt that he might be sending messages, too. I don't remember her reply, but I didn't get to speak with Mr. Scott and left the phone booth feeling betrayed. While walking down the street I passed by 2 young blond girls who said "Why don' t you try talking with us?" That night on KCBS (sic - "KNX") there was this commercial about trying to contact space people and I thought that Bob Scott sounded very serious like he wasn't trying to give me the impression that he was sending me any messages.

After this I called my SSI worker at the Hollywood office to get my case transferred downtown. When I spoke with him after I first returned to LA, he seemed generally sympathetic, but now, after the KCBS (sic - "KNX") thing, he seemed a little distracted and uneasy. I asked how my case was doing and he said I had been denied, though this denial seemed a little quick. He also said something like "I'm not sure what you're going to do", which I feel stemmed from the KCBS (sic - "KNX") phone call.

Around this time also I signed up with this job placement center for homeless people called "Chrysalis" that was sponsored by Channel 7 (the Los Angeles ABC affiliate), and some law firm. On the day I was interviewed by a counselor, (sic) His name might have been George. Channel 7 was there with its cameras, doing a story on the center. I was telling my general story, though not mentioning cults or Scientology, and he kept going out and coming back. I got the feeling they were recording my conversation and editing out parts they didn't like or going out to ask someone further instructions on things I said that threw them. I remember this one time, either at this interview or a later one, where I said that the LA School District had previously offered me a substitute teaching position and George left. Maybe it would have lent credence to my coming back to LA to try and become a teacher. Anyway, after the interview, they very much wanted me to bevideod (sic) for the news story, but I declined. I wasn't sure who they were. When I left Chrysalis that day there was an Asian male

sitting on a bus bench and crying dramatically. Some sort of message for me, probably.

Later, I got involved with this job training program with a school near LAX which dealt with hotel jobs. After about a week of training it appeared that I was serious about having them find me a hotel job. I went to an old Employer, (sic) Wolfe, Sesnon and Buttery in N. Hollywood to get their phone number for a possible job reference, though when I called them later at a new location, my old boss wasn't in. One of my other jobs at Pacific Blind Products, (I) wasn't too sure about using them as a job reference because I had a feeling that the Scientologists were harassing them previously (at) to (sic) the time when I knew that they were concerning themselves with me, and my instructor at the hotel training program had mentioned something about some old employers might not wanting to give good references for you. I had a feeling at the time that he had called some of my old jobs to see what kind of references I would get and had been given some negative responses, possibly because they were aware of my plight and were afraid to get involved. At Pacific Blind Products I especially remember one of the owners, Mike Husman, getting held up and his car being stolen and also his making a phone call to a news radio station, possibly KCBS, (sic - "KNX") about a story he had heard. A common theme. And also his going through a period where he was taking some sort of medication. Another common theme.

When I returned to the Frontier Hotel, this chubby, red-haired girl named Sheila asked if she could borrow some money. I had never seen her before, but she kept saying things about trust and I thought she might be linked to the Scientologists, so I agreed thinking that this might lead to a possible resolution. When we were walking to the elevator, an elevator packed with people opened up and this mean-looking guy said "Are you going to help her?" I lent her the money after taking her ID card as a sort of bond, but when she came back, she asked for more money. I gave it to her. At one point she wanted to exchange the money she owed me for sex, but I wanted the moeny. (sic) Finally, I told her to keep the money. She kept saying that her mother was downstairs and that she wanted to bring her up because her mother wanted to thank me personally, but I said no, that she could keep the money and had to order her out of me room. (sic) She called me a name and left. She came back a little later and a little later a black guywith (sic) a stick and dark glasses came in and took my money and my cheap watch. I feel this whole episode had something to do with the hotel training school, possibly some sort of kickback in exchange for a job or perhaps they knew I would get a job soon and wanted to get something out of me before I left, but the only way they could have known I was going to get a job soon was if they followed me allaround (sic) LA.

The next time I went to Chrysalis I got the feelingthey (sic) knew about the theft. Also, at the welfare office, I might have told them I was robbed. Later, this black girl who might have heard that I was robbed stopped me outside my hoteland (sic) kind of hinted that she had room at her house and I assumed that she might be offering me a safe place to stay, but I didn't bring it up.

Later, at Chrysalis, after the robbery tension had died down, they were having this job interview workshop at the sponsoring law office. I agreed to go. They also kept trying to get me to go to a training center or something at the LA Times, but I didn't go to that, fearing that it would give Scientology an excuse to do something. I don't know if the Times had knowledge of my situation at that time. At the workshop, the Channel 7 news cameras were there again. A female lawyer stood behind me in the lunch line and said to another person that she specialized in class action suits. There was a

talk about people being shut out of hotel jobs in response to a question and how you had to have a connection to get those jobs and you should either fight this situation or move on, which I felt was addressed to me. A Phillipine person also spoke of overthrowing some dictatorship and a woman said something about being brave, but I didn't come forward, still feeling intimidated and not being sure who these people were, especially after the KCBS (sic - "KNX") thing. When I was walking back to the hotel, there was this guy in a suit and this very attractive woman who looked like an international fashion model, who was just standing on this downtown streetcorner (sic) next to a construction site in the business district in a kind of model's pose. I felt that this was some sort of positive sign from the Scientologists for my not saying anything about them at the workshop.
But still, this seemed like a missed opportunity and a chance that was worth pursuing. I kept going over in my mind, debating whether to take another chance and step forward, even though there were definite signs that this was a set-up, for example, on the flyer announcing the workshop there was a drawing of a piece of cheese which had been a recurring metaphor of my new-found status as a "rat", and something else on the flyer that I don't recall. One night while I was debating this issue, I heard these people howling outside my window, maybe they were shooting a movie, but it was like after midnight and they were howling and there were all these lights and I felt like this was something the Scientologists might do as an intimidation tactic. Also, there was these two guys who checked into a room near mine, they had backpacks.  They didn't look like the usual skidrow (sic) hotel guest and one guy especially looked like a Scientologist. When I passed by their room one guy said "Can we trust you?" and they were also listening to this oldies station that I listened to sometimes and that I felt had a Scientology connection.

But soon after I decided to take a chance and tell my Chrysalis counselor about my cult problem. I asked if he had heard anything about me being harassed by anyone from any of these street people at Chrysalis and that I felt they were here also. He said something about my not meaning that the harassing people worked at Chrysalis. I'm not sure what I answered, but I  (sic) I was kind of suspicious of Chrysalis, especially this one brown-haired girl who kept talking about somebody moving away. My counselor said that no one had approached him and encouraged me to continue my story. I said these cults had been following me around the country and I wasn't sure if they were trying to help me or hurt me. He seemed a little disgusted after this and asked if I ever considered seeing a psychiatrist.

Later at Chrysalis, I began seeing an older Hispanic representative from the State Disability Dept. or some similar agency about possible job placement, tuition assistance, etc. We had several long interviews in what culminated in my going to some sort of psychologist for what I thought were standard vocational type tests. (His office was in a downtown hotel.) One thing that stands out in the interviews with the Disability rep was he kept asking me if I was "anti-social" because in recently reading a Scientology Ethics book it seems that people designated as anti-social can beharassed (sic) or isolated or attempted to be cured or something like that. Anyway, when I briefly saw the results of the psychological tests I saw something about being schizophrenic and I felt a little betrayed and prematurely labeled since he mostly gave me basic intelligence tests and some of the other things felt like set-ups such ashaving (sic) a fire alarm ring. In my hotel for the past week or so, phony fire alarms and smoke in the halls kept occurring to the point where I just ignored them. So when I heard the fire alarm in the psychologists (sic) office, I ignored it also, suspecting a set-up.

When I next saw my Disability worker, along with an Asian person who claimed to be some sort of intern, he strongly wanted me to see a psychiatrist and possibly take medication.I'm (sic) not certain if he said medication, but I do recall another client in the waiting room either this time or just recently talking about going to a psychiatrist, taking medication like it was no big deal and collecting SDI benefits. I'm sure this was a set-up, planting a seed of acquiesence (sic) in my mind. I refused to see a psychiatrist. The next time I saw my Chrysalis worker along with my Disability worker and the intern, they all wanted me to see a psychiatrist, but again, I refused, and we parted amiably. (I was suspicious of these Disability people and at one point called the official Disability office from a phone number I believe I got from a phone book or from Information and asked if they had any offices in the downtown area or psychologist's offices in downtown hotels or something like that, and the person I spoke with said no.)

Meanwhile, I had received an appointment to see an SSI judge at some later date. I also received a ltter (sic) from a private attorney, I believe in Glendale, offering to represent me in the case. (I had not solicited this attorney or any others.) I was still feeling intimidated and decided that by my refusing to see this lawyer it would show Scientology that I was not interested in taking legal action and they would leave me alsone. (sic) And also, I wasn't sure who this lawyer was. He might be connected with Scientology and wanted to pump me for information or something. I refused his services in a letter and the Scientologists didn't seem to take too kindly to this. The harassment intensified. Helicopters began to come down very close to the ground when I left my hotel. I waved to one once and someone called me crazy. I believe I also saw that roundshouldered (sic) guy from Albany arguing loudly with someone to leave him alone. When I called this lawyer after having received a 2nd letter that I must answer him or my case would be dropped, a hotel tenant on the phone next to me said "This is the big one". I refused the lawyer's services.

Meanwhile, in exchange for my welfare benefits, I was scheduled to start doing janitorial work at a job training school around 3rd or Beverly Blvd and near some sort of tall, judicial building. The first day on the job, this other worker, a Hispanic worker who claimed to be from Arizona and whose name began with "G" (it might have been Gil), was pushing a janitorial training program at Cedar Sinai where you worked at the job training school for 8 hours during the day, then went down to the hospital at night to train and after awhile they gave you a job. This sounded OK, but after the first day of cleaning grafitti (sic) off the men's room ceiling, my back muscles hurt quite a bit and I felt that janitorial work might be too physically strenuous for me. But I saw all these flyers advertising another job training program for food preparation, after completion you also got a job. I told my contact person at the school that I was interested in this program and she seemed pleased, almost relieved, saying that they had been having trouble getting people to take that class.

Later, "G" gave a little talk out front about how you couldn't buy prepared food with food stamps. You had to pay. Referring, I'm sure, to if I took the food preparation class I would have to pay some sort of kickback. I also seem to remeber (sic) him saying something about even if you stole a candy bar you would get the book thrown at you, referring to how closely I would be scrutinized and punished if I took the food preparation class. Later, that guy from Albany passed us by and said to a companion something like "that's OK if you do that, I just want to understand why.", though he said it kind of angrily. Later, I told "G" that the janitorial class was OK, but that cleaning jurt (sic) my back and that I thought the cooking class would be better. He kept saying "OK, OK, OK" but after I was finished, a security guard passed us and said he had just gone to a funeral, an allusion to death which did not make me feel altogether comfortable. When I saw my contact person again, she tried to get me to take the janitorial class saying

that maybe my back jurt (sic) because of using old muscles, even though before she was so relieved that I had taken the cooking class. Later, I kept hearing references to $3(,000) or $5,000 and it seemed to have some sort of relation to the cooking class. Also, a magazine article that was taped to the window about the cooking class seemed to be changed. Someone pointed out to me that the guy in the picture was tossing up an apple, whereas before it looked like he was holding out his hands to display the salads or something he had just prepared.

But I decided to take the cooking class and to pay off the kick-back, however they would collect it. "G" and this smallish black guy who was always wanting to walk with me and said things like "Out-of-the ordinary things happe(ne)d sometimes and "we'd take good care of you" and (was) always trying to hook me up with women, they seemed to have disappeared after this decision of mine. These other guys that had been working there seemed to be making overtures of friendliness to me. I had the feeling that one side was Scientology and the other side was maybe that Canyon Country mission. Maybe they were 2 sides of the same coin. Anyway, I felt they were working together.

When I went down to my welfare office to see if I could take the cooking class, I found out that I had a new case worker, Miss McBride, an Asian woman whith (sic) a marriage-significant name, like I was joining up with or "Marrying" some sort of group. I (was) sent into the backroom and I told her I wanted to take the cooking class. There was another person sitting nearby. Some sort of witness maybe. Then she had me go to another room and repeat my story in front of this other person. I did. She said it was OK for me to take the class. I went outside (and) sat down and they started playing some sappy love song over the intercom with some sort of message like we would be together forever now. But I felt so bad at having sold out that I decided not to go through with it. When the date for the class to begin rolled around, I came late, did not go to the cooking classand (sic) didn't mention anything about it and neither did anyone else.

After this, "G" came back and started pushing the janitorial class again, but this time I wouldn't have to work at the school during the day, but could just train at the hospital at night and would get a stipend also. But I had soured completely on that class, which, by the way, I never (saw) advertised in any of the school's schedule of classes and I began thinking instead of computer repair, even though before, the computer repair teacher had told me to come into his classroom to clean begind (sic) a door and when I opened the door there was some sort of death threat on it like "Be safe working with electricity or you're dead" and when I saw the sign I heard some snickers in the room. I asked "G" if computer repair would be OK. The next day he said it would be OK, but I began thinking that LACC had a computer repair program also and that maybe that one would be better. So I went down there one day, which was kind of a breakthrough, since it was so close to my old apartment and Scientology and since there were people there who knew me before and probably had heard what had happened to me. When I neared the school, this guy with a kind of skull or other death sign on the back of his T-shirt walked in front of me. A warning. At LACC, the computer repair program seemed excellent, but I wasn't 100% sure because of a problem with my eyes, so I also went to see about a cooking program they had. When I was waiting to speak with a white haired woman from that program, she was talking on the phone about someone having been taken care of long enough and it was time to start collecting something

in return, possibly money. Whatever the exact words, it definitely sounded
like a kickback scheme.

After I had gone to LACC I began to go to grocery stores closer to my old environment. I periodically tried new stores because someone had been  following me around and arranging to have bottled water jugs with funny tasting water at the stores I would habitually go to. Also they would put suspicious-looking single cans of the food which I usually bought so that I would be forced to take those possibly contaminated cans. I was forced to carry bread, peanut butter and the occassionally (sic) good bottle of water in my bag in order that someone would not come into my room and contaminate them in some way. When I entered the Ralph's on 3rd and Ver­mont, one of the stores I always used to go to, someone came up behind me and said "you'd better get out of here."

In speaking to "G" once about the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein seeming to be some sort of code word for myself, he had mentioned something about someone going to war with someone in conjunction with when the U.S. might declare war on Iraq. He also said the U.S. was trying to play policeman to the world. I said that President Bush was just throwing his weight around to help him get elected. Walking home that evening, a guy said something menacing about some other guy. I assumed it was in reaction to what I had said about Bush's motivations for war.

Around this time also I was put into a bad room at my hotel, very run down in a bad section of the building where these guys would congregate around (the) hallway. I also had seen the guy from Albany one early morning walking to the school. He whizzed close by me in a little car as I crossed the intersection on the other side of (the) freeway overpass. He looked back at me with kind of a worried look on his face. Now, whether they were angry at me for not taking the janitorial class or from pulling out of the cooking class with its attendant pay-off or from showing them up by turning up in my old neighborhood or from that remark about them throwing their weight around ar (sic - "or") from my refusing to see that Social Security lawyer and the impending SSI appointment with the judge or whether public support was swinging in my favor or some government authorities were beginning to catch on to them, one night, while I was in the bathroom, a guy came in with a knife and demanded my money. I gave it to him and he left,, but I was very shaken to say the least. I went back to my room and later turned on the radio and heard a story about some things being worth fighting or dying for and leter, (sic) instead of the usual talk or news shows there (was) just music playing. I felt that the people at this station would periodically send me messages and they didn't want to have to comment on the knife attack. Anyway I decided to leave LA again, going this time to Montreal, hoping to leave America and hopefully all or most of my troubles behind and start a new life somehow. My plans were far from developed, I just knew I couldn't stay there anymore.
I guess I'll end my story now. I never made it to Montreal. The harassment, surveillence (sic) and attempts at control continued across the U.S. I stayed a little while in a mission called Pacific Gardens in Chicago where a video might exist of me raising my hand during a church service where a preacher asked something like who might try to listen to Jesus' word and my being grabbed by the hand and pulled up the aisle to a back room, but I never joined their church. In Philadelphia, an audio tape might exist of a Traveller's (sic) Aid counselor interviewing me, who Iovertly (sic) assumed was a Scientologist. I said, during an interview where I recounted all my past dealings with Scientology, that everything the Scientologists did to me previous to leaving LA the first time was an even battle since I made (line missing)

some noise, but I said that mostly to try to be agreeable to someone who might have been able to help stop the harassment and I believe I also said that after they decided to continue to harass me after I left LA, the perspective changed, though I didn't elaborate. She asked me if I considered th(e) whole thing my fault and I said no.

I've been spending the past 14 months at the Wards Island Shelter for Men in NYC. The harassment continues and many strange things have happened during my stay, but it's difficult to tell which cult is which out here. The Scientologists aren't as open out here as they are in LA. Though I'm sure they're part of this and certainly I wouldn't have had to suffer through everthing (sic) I've suffered through if it had not had been for the(m).

I have no money to pay you if you feel that you could represent me in a lawsuit against Scientology, but I am hopeful that from the sense of right that moved you to sever your ties with Scientology in the past and from the personal sense of injustice that you must feel from what you suffered when the Scientologists branded you their enemy, you might represent me on a percentage of award basis. But for me, as I hope for you, financial gain is not the motivation for this lawsuit. Even should we not win, I feel that the negative publicity to Scientology and the heightened public awareness that Scientology not only seeks to disrupt and control the lives of ex-members and of influential people that they feel want to harm the, (sic) which is bad enough, but that they would do the same to even an insignificant powerless person like myself and also to people with whom that person had the slightest of personal contact, and that they would hound and harass that person from city to city, year to year on a daily basis. ... .nobody at not (sic) time and at no place is safe from the misguided and fanatical whims or possibly worse, the religious convictions, of the Scientologists and I feel that that is something well worth pursuing and I hope you feel so, too.

Yours Truly,

Eric Nakao
Rockefeller Center Station
PO Box
New York, NY 10185

(Some parts of a photocopied version from which this document were typed had lines drawn through them, so a different version may have been sent to Mr. Yanny.)

posted: december 12, 2004
document update: august 14, 2005
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