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38-page letter (Scientology, Christians and crime: a conspiracy theory)


February 16, 1994


During the past few years, a series of murders and accidents have occurred with which I feel I have an indirect connection. These events often appear to occur in reaction to things I do or that happen to me.

Scientology and certain Christian groups could be involved. They and/or others have been relentlessly harassing me in several different cities for at least the past four and a half years. The crimes could be a by-product of a secret war going on between these groups with law enforcement agencies and others also being involved. Sometimes I even wonder if all of the crimes are what they seem to be. It would not be difficult to fake a death if you knew the right people.

I have informed various government officials, media organizations and others about my theories over the past two years. They may or may not be doing anything in response, but I have been told nothing directly. I feel like they knew about this before I reported it, that it was kind of an open secret. I am delivering this paper to a wide-ranging group of people who might be interested or could do something about it.

This paper is divided into three sections. First, a background of my situation. Second, a long chronological listing of the crimes along with relevant events from my own life. And third, a concluding section of possible causes.

Inclusion of a crime or accident in the crime list is based on criteria such as name, race, religion or physical or chronological proximity. I have no direct evidence that they are what I'm suggesting and many are probably just coincidence. But others, such as the apparent murder of my landlord's son or a dramatic hostage killing in the neighborhood I was about to move into are deserving of serious investigation.

The crimes and accidents also happened while I was living in New York, so most of the non-famous events are local New York events.

Below is a list of the more widely-reported events though they may not make much sense unless read within the context of this paper.


USAir Flight 1493 crash (LAX)
Rodney King
Union Square subway crash
City College stampede
USAir Flight 405 crash (La Guardia)
Los Angeles riots
TWA Flight 843 fire
Ruby Ridge
CIA agents
World Trade Center bombing
Branch Davidian raid
Dr. David Gunn
Branch Davidian fire
Brandon Lee
NYC Landmarks bomb plot
Long Island Rail Road massacre
Damian Williams
Nancy Kerrigan
Ricardo Punsalan 



In August 1983, I moved across the street from the large, blue-colored Scientology headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The first five or six years were relatively uneventful, but in the summer of 1989, after I stopped communicating with the people in my building and neighborhood, the Scientologists, I believe began an aggressive, relentless campaign of covert harassment against me.

They would follow me wherever I went, swerve their cars close by me as I crossed intersections or in front of buses I was riding, poison my food, put blood and some sort of itching powder in my clothing, harass people in the media who I regularly listened to, harass my teachers at a local community college, set up phony car crashes, make excessive and timely noise with buzz saws, lawn mowers and chantings at their headquarters, fire trucks would blast me with their sirens, cops cars would pull up beside me, my name would be called over intercoms at stores, they would infiltrate stores that I frequented, would wear dark glasses and look in my direction as I approached, and other similar occurrences.

Later, I began to connect similar past incidents with the Scientologists. I had previously attributed these incidents to bad luck, neighbors or employers. Though neighbors or employers or other non-Scientologists may have also been involved. I linked the activities mostly to Scientology because they would have the resources to do such things, there were activities that could be directly tied to Scientology such as the noise coming from their buildings, plus their existing reputation as a cult-like group.

The police would also have had the resources, but we didn't have any history together as far as I was aware of, outside of a jaywalking ticket.  

Also, while living in Los Angeles, some Latin Christians at a parking attendant job I had, had seemed to take an interest in me around 1997 and the Jehovah's Witnesses had seemed to take an interest a year or two later. But I don't know what their role was, if any.

After about a year of almost constant harassment, I was listening to an article in the July 2, 1990 issue of US News and World Report from Recordings for the Blind. (I am not blind, but have an eye problem.) The article had many seemingly coded messages to or about me. For example, one of the people in the article was named "Eric Luk," an accountant who arranged a T-shirt shipment and moved to Paraguay to manage a watch factory. My name is Eric, I had considered becoming an accounting clerk, always wore T-shirts, had taken my watch off because people kept asking me what time it was, and I was trying to learn Spanish.

There was another person in the article named "Ronnie Vacas." My brother's name is Ron, "vaca" in Spanish means "cow," (my last name is sort of pronounced "na-cow.) Another person is named "Ricky Wong." My nickname is "Rick." "Ronnie" and "Ricky" had a chicken dinner. My brother and I had done the same thing on his last visit to LA.

The article was about Cathy Palmer, a New York prosecutor of Asian drug gangs. My ex-landlady's last name was Palmer and there was a physical resemblance between her, who was seemingly involved in the harassment, and the prosecutor.

And the last paragraph of the article mentioned an FBI investigation involving "a hapless man...who's a nothing, but we think he knows some people we're interested in." With all the problems I'd had with, I assumed, Scientology harassing the media people I watched and listened to, and with a series of recent Los Angeles Times articles that I felt indirectly connected to, plus all the other out of the ordinary things that I'd experienced, I came to believe that the FBI might be using this magazine article to try and contact me.


The next day I called the FBI, but they said they couldn't do anything unless it was a national problem. Soon after, I began noticing a sickly-sweet aroma coming into my apartment and on buses that I rode in. This aroma seemed to physically agitate my nervous system. Fearing for my safety and at the point now where even the air that I breathed was dangerous, I threw some things in some bags and fled Los Angeles for New York in the summer of 1990, probably July.

Unfortunately, the Scientologists, and whoever else may have been involved, would not let go. I almost ended up living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa after veiled threats from people on my bus about not going passed a certain state. But the harassment continued in Cedar Rapids, including from the police. And if the police in a small Midwestern city is involved in this, things must be pretty bad. So I moved on to Boston, Albany, New York, Syracuse and other cities, briefly considering whether I should live in those places, but the harassment continued.

I returned to Albany where I almost ended up living, but my situation remained the same. People of all types seemed to give me coded messages, a man who resembled the actor, Dennis Hopper, said things about being an "organization man now" as we passed each other on the street and about someone being lucky because they had insurance that they would have to pay little or nothing for.

At the shelter I was staying at in Albany, there would be allusions to blood and AIDS and a possible extortion attempt on my family in California. They would watch horror movies where people who involved themselves in things they shouldn't were turned into zombies. Stories would also come on the news about blood, bus crashes and the Moonies.

I decided to return to Los Angeles after about three weeks on the road.

Back in LA it was strange though. There were Scientology ads on many buses that read "Scientology For Life." There was also a story in a weekly newspaper about some guys who were chased across the country by a cult. A female in a Scientology uniform who I thought I recognized said "sorry" into a nearby pay phone. A guy in line at the Hollywood Social Security office said that something was a good example of what can happen, that someone wasn't at the top of some list anymore and that they would see what could be done.

I was referred by the welfare office to a Christian shelter in Canyon Country while waiting for a new welfare check to be issued. For two weeks I experienced coded messages from the staff, clients and the radio. When I left, someone said that someone wouldn't take something unless they really needed it. On my way to the welfare office someone picked my wallet out of my pocket. At the welfare office, a worker said to someone that she was sorry that they were making it so hard on someone.
I got my check and stayed at a cheap downtown hotel. The usual harassment techniques continued. I listened to a radio station that they listened to at the shelter that played old-time radio dramas that seemed to reflect my situation. One program was about a guy who had a secret way to make it rain. This stood out because I had seemed to have been rained on at inconvenient times during my three week journey. And when I first returned, a local weatherperson on TV said that some college was experimenting with rainmaking.

I also started listening to Public Radio programs, many originating from the East


Coast. Some of the people on the programs seemed to be getting harassed, others appeared to have a kind of immunity.

There were also unusual experiences with a job hunting program called Chrysalis, a supposed Social Security worker at the program and a job training school where I saw that Dennis Hopper look-alike from Albany again.

My stay in Los Angeles ended in January 1991 when I was robbed by a person with some sort of small knife in the hotel bathroom that was located on each floor. I had recently begun to venture back into my old neighborhood near Scientology. There was also something going on with an upcoming appointment with a Social Security appeals judge. After the robbery, someone on the radio said that some things were worth dying for. But I didn't feel like dying, so I left the next morning intending to leave America for Montreal. As I was walking to the bus station, a guy on the street was yelling something about Jesus.

The bus was relatively quiet during this second trip until I got to Chicago where there was a delay. I began having second thoughts about Montreal and spoke with someone claiming to be an intern or something at Traveler's Aid. He said Montreal might not be such a good idea because I didn't have a passport and that it would be difficult to send money from there to America. My owing somebody money seemed to be a recurring theme.

I was referred for the week-end to Pacific Gardens, a Christian shelter. While I was there, I raised my hand during a church service when the minister asked who might want to learn more about Jesus. I was yanked up by a management person at the shelter and taken to a back room where someone gave me religious pamphlets. When I came out, the management person walked near me and said "Now you can't dictate to us anymore."

I left Chicago by bus on Monday and arrived in New York City on, I believe, January 30, 1991. I stayed about a week at the Neighborhood Center for Homeless People in the Upper East Side of Manhattan where I stayed at least a couple of nights at nearby Christian churches. At one church, one of the people there said to someone that they're weren't like Scientology or a comment to that effect.  But later, there was veiled talk by other clients about having to pay $500/month to stay at the Center and since apartments appeared to be expensive in New York, I left for Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia, I told a Traveler's Aid worker who already seemed to know who I was, about my problems with Scientology. She kept suggesting I go back to Los Angeles to get psychological counseling and take medication. The supposed Social Security worker back in LA also kept pushing for me to do the same thing even though I never mentioned the cults to him. The Traveler's Aid worker also asked obliquely if my problems had begun before Scientology. I've heard this question once or twice before and wonder how long these people have been concerning themselves with me. And if this were true, it could also possibly help exonerate Scientology to some degree.

I returned to NYC around February 11, 1991 and stayed at a city shelter on Wards Island run by Volunteers of America, a Christian-affiliated organization, for two years. After that I moved into the Wise Towers public housing complex in Manhattan. For a more detailed background document see the Joseph Yanny letter in the appendix.


Crime List

Entries are listed in chronological order. The crime and accident entries have both the date and a subject heading. Entries from my life and entries that tell who I've informed about my situation have dates only.

Feb 1, 1991 - USAir Flight 1493 Crash (LAX)

USAir Flight 1493 crashes on top of a commuter plane while landing at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). This was a day or two after I had originally arrived in New York City.

Speaking symbolically, the crash occurred at 6:06:57. The number 57 is something I associate with because of my birth date of August 26, 1957. Among the numerically listed survivors was #26, Chicheng Kao (Los Angeles Times, Feb 4, 1991), whose Asian-sounding last name is the last three letters of my last own name, Nakao.

Weather and visibility at LAX were good. The last major accident in Southern California happened on December 7, 1987 in Paso Robles. The last at LAX was on March 1, 1978.

Flight 1493 had originated in Syracuse, NY and flew to Los Angeles via Washington, DC and Columbus, Ohio.  

Mar 6, 1991 - Rodney King

There was heightened activity around me by people in the shelter whenever a Rodney King story came on the news. One story included a media person who was being harassed when I was back in Los Angeles.  Mr. King was beaten severely by the police. "Police" and "security" are code words I've heard referring to people who'd been monitoring me. The beating happened in Los Angeles. When I went to the Hollywood welfare office after returning to LA after my first cross-country journey, a worker called for an "Eric King" on several occasions.

Aug 28, 1991 - Union Square Subway Crash
After I had agreed to attend a job training program at the Federated Employment and Guidance Service (FEGS), I believe around May 31, 1991, the harassment I had been experiencing in New York seemed to quiet down somewhat. But I began having second thoughts and on August 27, 1991, I called another school in Brooklyn about another program. They told me to come in the next day. That night, a white evangelical Christian group came to the shelter. Although these types of groups had come before, that night was unusual because they pushed especially hard for people to attend.

The next day I was on a subway train to Brooklyn when we were told to get off and transfer to buses. I had not heard of the crash yet, but I was thinking to myself that upsetting my schedule was the type of thing these cults like to do. On the bus, two white males started talking about doing business with the Soviet Union. This made me suspicious because these cults periodically gave me messages like this about "deals" and "joining" and at that time, things relating to the Soviet Union seemed to be a code word.

Back at the shelter that night, I was struck by a shot on the news of a Bible on the floor of one of the wrecked subway cars from the Union Square station subway crash in New York. I immediately thought of the evangelical Christians who had been at the shelter the night before. Also, I learned later that the person responsible for driving the train, Robert Ray, was a born-again Christian (New York Times, Sep 1, 1991).

The crash had occurred on the same Brooklyn-bound line that I had taken earlier in the day.

Later in my sleeping area, I heard someone say to no one in particular, "they don't like to lose."


Oct 1, 1991

I begin a building maintenance job training program at FEGS in Long Island City, Queens, NY.

Oct 17, 1991 - Grand Central Station Flood
The Lexington Avenue subway line and the #7 subway line were the two major thoroughfares put out of service by the water main break. They were also the two lines I took from the shelter to my job training school in Long Island City. 

Grand Central Station is where you transfer from the Lexington to the #7 line.  The previous night, I realized that I had forgotten to buy bus tokens, so I backtracked to Grand Central Station to buy some. While doing this, I heard someone say "Want to play, eh?" These cult people seemed to get annoyed sometimes when I would cause them to go out of their way when they were apparently tailing me.

Dec 17 1991
Write letter to Ms. Beckett of the NYC Human Resources Administration about unusual occurrences with my BEGIN job training stipend. I hint about cults being the possible cause, but not explicitly. This was the first time I broached the subject of cults with anyone in New York.

Dec 27, 1991

I went to the NYC Human Rights Commission (HRC) and told them about the cults. I also included the Union Square subway crash and the Grand Central Station flood in a list. I believe the person I spoke with stopped reading it around the second page, then returned it to me.
When I arrived at the HRC building, paramedics and a woman on a gurney were on the elevator. There was also an old memo taped to the HRC men's room door announcing someone's sister's funeral. Injuries and funerals are periodic cult symbols. A media person (Cunningham?) dropped by and said that City Hall had put a "muzzle" on some story, but they were going to do it anyway.

Dec 28, 1991 - Keith Levine/City College Stampede


Sgt. Levine
, an off-duty NYC police officer, was shot and killed while stopping a supposed robbery at a Manufacturers Hanover Bank  ATM at 57th and 8th in Manhattan. I thought at the time that since he worked in the Communications Department at Police Headquarters, that maybe there was some connection with the media person who came to the Human Rights Commission.

Sgt. Levine's father, Mike Levine, a former undercover agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration, had published a 1990 book called "Deep Cover" that criticized the DEA. He had retired in 1989 after being injured in a New York drug raid. (Los Angeles Times, March 14, 1990)

The Manufacturers Hanover Bank would later become Chemical Bank and several of the events that subsequently attracted my attention also occurred at Chemical Banks.

The number 57, again, associated with my birth date of August 26, 1957, is also interesting.

That same day, nine people were killed in a stampede at a celebrity basketball game featuring rap music stars at New York's City College. Seeing the police, fire fighters and Emergency Medical Service at City College on the news after complaining about them at the Human Rights Commission the day before, made me think there might be a connection.

And also, the way the crowd bum rushed the auditorium entrance at the overcrowded event, crushing the people at the bottom of the stairwell, seemed similar to the way that the guys at the shelter would bum rush the shelter bus. Though rushing the entrance is apparently not uncommon at certain types of concerts.

There were also guards from X-Men, a Muslim security company hired by the 22-year-old promoter, Sean Combs. They were responsible for guarding the stairwell where the deaths occurred and the lobby area that led to the stairwell. (New York Times, January 3, 13, 16, 1992) Pinkerton guards hired by the college for the event were assigned to entrances that were to remain closed. There were no guards on the stairwell at the time of the stampede. (Newsday (New York), January 16, 1992) The police did not have a presence at the stairwell or lobby, though they were at the event before the stampede occurred. They said they were "not authorized to provide security inside City College buildings." (New York Times, January 3, 1992)

An investigation commissioned by Mayor David Dinkins criticized the Emergency Medical Service and especially the police for an inadequate response to the situation. College officials, Combs and others were also criticized. (Newsday (New York), January 16, 1992)

Combs had co-sponsored a November 2, 1991 rap concert for a Howard University homecoming in Washington D.C. where a similar rushing of the doors occurred. The police were able to disperse the crowd at that event, but were criticized for "overreacting." (Washington Post, January 3, 1992) Combs was a student at Howard from 1988 to 1990. (Hamilton Spectator, August 26, 2000)

Doug E. Fresh, one of the rap stars at the event (Newsday (New York), December 30, 1991) and a performer for Combs and event co-promoter Heavy D's record label, Uptown Records, (Newsday (New York), January 1, 1992) was later, at least since 1999, reported as being a Scientologist. (The Independent (London), July 11, 1999)

Yolanda Moses was named the new President of City College in May 1993. She was formerly a Vice-President at Cal State Dominguez Hills, the college I had been accepted to attend before I fled Los Angeles.

Jan 12, 1992

Poisoned at the shelter. The day before I had gotten a $544 retroactive job training stipend that I had complained about.

Jan 21, 1992
Tell my new shelter case worker, Evelyn Castillo, about the poisoning and the cults at our first meeting.

Jan 24-25, 1992 - Lisa Steinberg/ Sean Noonan/
                             Arthur Young/ Old Man Stabbing

On January 24, I speak with, I believe, a Detective Davis, an African American detective with a moustache from, I believe,  the Community Affairs office, in the lobby of Police Headquarters at One Police Plaza. He had come to the lobby after the receptionist had given me a number to call after I had told her why I was there. I told Detective Davis that I was here about cults. He said, "Asian cults?" I said, no, Scientology and some Christian cults and at least one possibly white church with many black members. Someone passed by at some point and Detective Davis told him that it was just a "hangnail."

I told Detective Davis my story, including being poisoned with, I believe, peanut butter at my shelter, being harassed with Gap bags (Gap rhyming with "Jap" being my interpretation. I am of Japanese descent.) and at least the Sgt. Keith Levine murder. He acted as if he had a little trouble recalling Sgt. Levine's name when I mentioned it, though I believe Sgt. Levine worked at One Police Plaza.

He said to try not to let the cults bother me, though it was hard and that they could do a lot worse, and that if people carried bags that said "KKK" around him, he wouldn't let that bother him.

He asked why I thought the cults were doing this. I said that one reason might be that they were using me to train their members. When I said "train" or "training," Detective Davis said "train?" I thought at the time or a little later about the August 28, 1991 Union Square subway train crash, but I don't recall if I mentioned this to Detective Davis. I did mention it in my NYC Human Rights Commission statement though.

Detective Davis seemed generally sympathetic and said that the big crimes weren't my problem. He also mentioned something about a cult division that handled kidnapping, but that it was no longer in operation.

An attractive, Latina-looking female passed by and said hello to Detective Davis who I believe soon exited after that.

The next day, on January 25, Lisa Steinberg was murdered at a Gap clothing store. It was located on 57th Street, a half block from the bank where Sgt. Levine had foiled the ATM robbery on December 28, 1991. I had mentioned the Gap bag harassment to both Detective Davis and to the NYC Human Rights Commission. Ms. Steinberg had multiple stab wounds from a Phillips screwdriver inflicted by Anwar Abdul, a maintenance worker at the Gap store. Ms. Steinberg was an assistant manager at Gap Kids.

Many tools, especially Phillips screwdrivers, were being stolen from the building maintenance program that I was taking at FEGS. I had begun the program in October 1991, one month before Mr. Abdul began his job at the Gap. A number of the students at my school seemed to have criminal backgrounds. They also seemed to know that the murder had taken place. One student said that there had been a death in the family. Another told someone that this was all his fault.

FEGS is also a Jewish organization. Lisa Steinberg had a Jewish last name as did Sgt. Levine.  Though Ms. Steinberg was apparently Christian, having been confirmed at Ss. John and Mary's Church in Chappaqua, NY.  She had also just recently graduated from Hobart and William Smith College in Geneva, NY which is about 40 miles from Syracuse, the city where USAir Flight 1493 had originated.
People seemed to know about the murder outside of the school also. On a bus one night soon after the murder, a black male said something like "We'd do anything for you, even


kill." When I turned to a newspaper story on Ms. Steinberg' s funeral, two white males who had sat down next to me suddenly left. And about twenty young, white people passed me on the Queensboro Bridge pedestrian path one day, even though I usually passed only one or two people there, probably because of the cold winter weather.

Ms. Steinberg lived on East 95th St. in Manhattan, an area that I walked through frequently and which usually had a lot of Gap bag activity, though after the murder, I didn't see any Gap bags in that area for awhile. I believe that my shelter case worker, Evelyn Castillo, also lived in that area. I had seen her in that area on a later date and she had told me that she lived around there.

After I read the funeral story, police cars would park aggressively in front of me and police officers would aggressively pass by me at my usual 103rd St. subway station. I thought that they might be trying to contact me about the Steinberg murder, so on Feb 1, 1992, I went into the 23rd Precinct, the precinct nearest to my shelter and briefly told them about the murder, the cults, and other things. But I was eventually thrown out. An undercover cop might have come to the shelter later, but he didn't identify himself.

I could be that some of the people doing the harassing, not just of me, but of others as well, are referred to as the "kids." If this is true, perhaps Ms. Steinberg working at Gap Kids has some significance.

Sean Noonan, an off-duty Amtrak cop was assaulted and robbed of a chain and crucifix at the Ritz nightclub a few blocks from where Ms. Steinberg had been killed. He was accused of being a white supremacist.

The previous day, January 24, Arthur Young, a Chinese-American Transit Authority bus dispatcher, was killed on a subway train going through Long Island City. Asian Americans seem to be used sometimes as symbolic crime victims. Long Island City was where my school at FEGS was located at the time and here was another crime involving subways.
Also on the 24th, an old man was stabbed on another subway train with a pair of scissors. I used to carry scissors with me during my return trip to LA.

Jan 26, 1992 - Daniel Michels

Police officer Daniel Michels of the 43rd Precinct in the Bronx, NY, dies after falling out of a bus window in Vermont. He was returning from a ski trip with fellow officers (New York Newsday, Jan 28, 1992).

Jan 31, 1992 - Hilario Serrano/ Corrections Officer

Police officer Hilario Serrano was shot and killed in the Morris Heights section of the Bronx in the elevator of his mother's apartment building. He was assigned to the 43rd Precinct in the Bronx like Officer Michels in the above entry. Officer Serrano was returning from Michels' funeral.  

A New York State corrections officer was shot in the face in Queens, NY.

Feb 5, 1992

I am told of a job opportunity at the Mid-Bronx Senior Citizens Council by 2 students at FEGS. It's about a mile from where Officer Serrano was killed in the Bronx.

Feb 9, 1992


Mail letter to New York City Mayor David Dinkins telling briefly of cults and crimes.
I also begin keeping a journal and saving newspaper clippings of seemingly relevant events.

Feb 15, 1992

In Mid-Manhattan, a white couple says, "I don't believe you're using live bait."

Feb 16, 1992 - Robert Solimine
Mr. Solimine is strangled and killed by his supposed friends in New Jersey while saying the "Hail Mary" prayer because he told on them. They apparently belonged to a cult-like group that patterned itself after the Mafia.

Feb 19, 1992 - Daniel Rakowitz/ Larry Hogue
Stories about Daniel Rakowitz, a murderer serving time in Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center began to appear. It was said that he was part of a Satanic cult and fed the corpse of his victims to the homeless. Kirby Forensic was located next to my shelter on Wards Island. I also had a connection with cults and the homeless. Mental illness also seemed to be another code word.

A week or two later, stories about Larry Hogue, a mentally ill person who was terrorizing the people on West 96th St. in Manhattan, began to appear. He also had stayed briefly at Kirby Forensic.

Feb 23, 1992

Write letter to the Village Voice. Include copy of Dinkins letter.

Feb 27, 1992 - Tiffany Graham/ Stuart Abramowitz/
Union Square Subway Crash Press Conference

Subway conductor Stuart Abramowitz and passenger Tiffany Graham were shot and killed on a subway train on the same day that Robert Ray, the motorman from the Union Square crash, gave a press conference after being released on bail.

What struck me beyond a possible connection between two violent events involving the subway, was that the suspect, Thaddeus Davis and Ms. Graham reportedly got on the train at 125th St. and Central Park West. Whenever I took a bus back to the shelter, I would wait at a bus stop on 125th Street, though at the cross street Lexington, not Central Park West.

And the shooting took place at the 103rd Street station, the cross street station I always take when exiting the shelter, though again, on Lexington, not Central Park West.

Mr. Davis worked at Off-Track Betting, an ethically troubled city agency. Ms. Graham worked for the IRS, the type of agency that a cult might like to infiltrate.

On August 3, 1993, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms arrested a black Muslim gang, among them, a woman who worked for the IRS and provided IRS information to the gang. The gang said their spiritual leader was Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman who was connected to the World Trade Center bombing and indicted for the NYC landmarks bomb plot.

Mr. Abramowitz is another recent victim with a Jewish last name like Keith Levine and Lisa Steinberg and a possible connection to my school, the Jewish organization FEGS.

Other events that might have influenced the crash were the Metropolitan Transportation Authority trying to get more funding, the break-up of the Soviet Union, the John Gotti trial and the Crown Heights riots.

Feb 28, 1992 - James Rou

Mr. Rou is shot and killed at the Le Q pool hall in East 12th St. in Manhattan, one half block east of Kinko's Copy Center, the place I had been typing all the letters about these events up to this date.

One of the suspects, David Ng, looked similar to a younger version of myself. I had noticed an increase of look-alikes of myself in the past few weeks, look-alikes being another cult harassment technique. Also, people at my shelter had recently asked me if I was part of an Asian gang. On Mar 1, 1992, while walking passed Le Q, there was a Police Athletic League (PAL) van parked out front. Whose pal?

A report by the US Commission on Human Rights on discrimination against Asian Americans was also published on this date. An incident of violence by Asian Americans on the same day could sway the reception of such a report.


On Dec 9, 1993, it was reported that Cathy Palmer, the NY prosecutor from the US News and World Report article, would be prosecuting two Chinese-American businessmen connected with the Le Q murder.

Mar 2, 1992
Tell Barbara Edwards, my new job counselor at FEGS, about the cults, but not the crimes.

Mar 8, 1992 - David Dinkins

Mayor Dinkins is hospitalized with an intestinal bacteria.

Mar 9, 1992

Mail letter to the US Commission on Human Rights about Le Q and the cults and crimes.

Mail second, more detailed letter to the Village Voice about the cults and crimes.

Mar 19, 1992

My notebook containing notes from my cult research and on Freedom of Information Act procedure is stolen at my school.

Mar 20-23, 1992 - USAir Crash Flight 405 (La Guardia)/
                               Steinway Tunnel Fire

On Mar 20, there was a fire at an apartment building on 82nd Street and Third Avenue in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I had often rested at a bench across the street from that building when walking back to my shelter and did so this night when the fire trucks came in. The Scientology Celebrity Center is a few blocks away. I hung around that night and asked the firemen a few questions. When I returned to the shelter, someone had put a copy of the shelter rules on my bed.
The next day, I called the 19th Precinct police station, which has jurisdiction over the 82nd and Third area, and I said that Scientology or some other cult might have been involved in last night's small fire. The person I spoke with said he would look at the report and see if there was anything suspicious. He didn't look into it while I was on the phone with him though.

A little later in midtown Manhattan as I believe I was continuing my walk to the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, a white female said, "I could slice someone's head off so fast."

Then later, as I continued my walk, someone else said "not very professional" and "so angry."

At the library, I found the address of Joseph Yanny, a Los Angeles lawyer who had handled litigation against Scientology in the past.

Later, on the 101 bus, two black girls sat behind me and talked about how some people think they’re God, about seeing how angry someone would get, about looking into things before doing anything and about how someone may be proud of himself now, but wait until he gets his butt kicked.

Later, at the shelter, someone in my section said, "He fucked up...no, he's doing a good job."

The following day, Mar 22, near the Donnell Library in Mid-Manhattan where I was headed, around eight police officers were standing around, two of them shook hands as I approached, then they all disperse. Three police cars were parked nearby (I believe, numbers 4982, 4142 and 1956 or 1958.)

That night, USAir Flight 405 crashed while taking off at La Guardia Airport in New York on Runway 13 under snowy conditions.  It had originated in Tennessee with stops in Charlotte, NC and Jacksonville, FL before coming to La Guardia. Its next stop was Cleveland, Ohio. USAir Flight 1493 also had an Ohio city in its flight plan, but it was Columbus, not Cleveland. Plus, the number 405 in Flight 405 is like the 405 Freeway which is a major thoroughfare to LAX where Flight 1493 crashed.

Among the survivors was Richard Lawson, an actor who had recently joined the cast of ABC's All My Children in New York. He was a long-time student of prominent LA acting teacher and Scientologist, Milton Katselas. In a March 1998 Buzz magazine article, Mr. Lawson credited Katselas's teachings as being one of the things that helped save his life during the crash.

As I was exiting the shelter the next day, a female worker said she could strangle someone. At my usual 103rd St. subway station, a cop was yelling at a guy "What's your problem? I'm going to call the precinct and have them take you away! Are you an addict?"

Other possible influencing events that occurred during this time was the murder trial of Brian Watkins, the Utah tourist who was killed in 1989 in a Manhattan subway station and also, the defense rested in the John Gotti trial.

There was also a fire in the Steinway Tunnel on March 23, the same Manhattan-to-Queens tunnel that I rode through on my way to school and also, the tunnel that was flooded during the Grand Central Station flood on Oct 17, 1991. It occurred about 2 hours after I rode through.


Mar 25, 1992 - Armando Rosario

Mr. Rosario, an auxiliary cop, is shot and killed trying to stop an apparent robber outside a Bronx Chemical Bank.

Mar 26, 1992 Joseph Alcamo/James Rodriguez/Homeless Deaths
Joseph Alcamo, an NYPD cop, dies when the car driven by his partner in response to an emergency call, crashes into a pole in Rockaway Park, Queens.

James Rodriguez, an off-duty Health and Hospitals Corporations cop, is shot and killed in Jackson Heights, Queens. 

A homeless man is set on fire aboard a subway train going from Simpson to Freeman Av.  He is the seventh homeless person set on fire since Jan 26, 1992, the day after the Lisa Steinberg murder.

Apr 5, 1992

Mail LA lawyer, Joseph Yanny, a letter describing my experiences in LA.

Apr 6, 1992

Mandatory tuberculosis shots at my shelter.

Also, an offer of possible Single Room Occupancy housing from my shelter case worker, but a physical and a possible psychiatric exam are required.

Apr 7, 1992 - Blind Pencil Seller
A blind pencil seller and his dog are hit by a car on 5th and 57th in midtown Manhattan. Blindness and dogs are two more cult symbols.

Apr 9, 1992
Write letter to the NYC Transit Authority about cults and crimes involving the subways.

Apr 16, 1992 - James Hegerty

James Hegerty, a Park Slope pastor, was hit in the head and robbed at a Chemical Bank in Brooklyn.

Earlier in the day I had gone to a midtown Manhattan social services-type hotel that was being renovated and asked if I could exchange some voluntary work for housing. The person I was told to contact had a last name that was very similar to "Hegerty."

Apr 22, 1992

FEGS moves to Brooklyn near the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Apr 23, 1992 - Washington Square Park Car Crash


Stella Maychick kills four people by crashing her Olds Delta 88 through Washington Square Park in Manhattan.

That night, a meeting with the city agency that oversees the VOA shelter was planned at the shelter.

Also, the defendants in the trial of Utah tourist Brian Watkins were convicted of murder.

Apr 29, 1992 Los Angeles Riots

My feeling was that maybe some action had been taken against the cults in response to my April 5 letter to LA lawyer Joseph Yanny.

May 1, 1992

My last day at FEGS.

May 4, 1992 - Larry Hogue
Receive letter from the NYC Housing Authority telling me to choose three possible housing developments from a list that I might be interested in. I had originally applied for housing around April 1991.

Around this time, Larry Hogue was released from a mental hospital and began terrorizing a neighborhood on West 96th St in Manhattan again. Wise Towers, the top housing project that I had chosen, was in the same area.

May 31, 1992

I tell a social worker at New York Hospital about the cults and crimes.

Jun 2, 1992

Write letter to the Bureau of Traf Ops (Traffic Operations?) about possible collusion between the people who open the Wards Island footbridge each morning and the operators of the Wards Island shelter.

Jun 14, 1992

Write letter to NYC Councilmember Ronnie Eldridge about cults and an incident that I had had with a member of the Central Park Conservancy, but not about any of the murders.

Jun 17, 1992

Went to the St Agnes Legal Clinic for the homeless in midtown Manhattan. Told about the cults and problems at the shelter, but not about any of the murders. Decided not to have them do anything at that time.

The next day at the shelter, there is a flyer announcing an Alcoholics Anonymous open house in the South Bronx.

A Muslim study group had also begun meeting at the shelter recently.
A few days later, I begin to write a paper of the crimes I feel might be connected with the VOA shelter.

Jun 22, 1992 - Rick Sklar

Mr. Sklar, who worked in radio, dies at St Luke's Hospital in Manhattan from an anesthesiologist's error.

Jun 29, 1992

People start whistling the theme song from "The Godfather".


Over the next two weeks, I see a Latin male who had attached himself to me while I was in Philadelphia. He tells me about an affordable welfare hotel. When I turn to leave, an old white couple is pointing a camera at me.

A black male in a job line that I stood in at the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan has a Dianetics book.

There is also a Dianetics commercial during a Today Show broadcast. The people at the shelter usually watched Good Morning America.

Jul 15,1992

I return to the St Agnes Legal Clinic with my list of crimes and unusual shelter behavior. The person I spoke with seemed unenthusiastic at first, though kind of upset when she got to the crime section.

A white male was sitting next to her and said when I entered, "This is going to go like silk." Sometimes when I go to agencies for help, there are these people sitting next to the person I speak with who claim to be "interns" or something.

Jul 18, 1992 - Paul Heidelberger

Paul Heidelberger, an off-duty Housing Authority cop, was shot and killed in Bayside, Queens. I began seeing many Housing Authority police cars soon after. When the suspect, Patrick Bannon, turned himself in on Aug 26, 1992 (my birthday), I once again began seeing many Housing Authority police cars.

Jul 20, 1992

A black female receptionist at the 34th St. Office of Economic Services calls me "Ricky," my old nickname that I had not mentioned to her.

Jul 27, 1992

A black male at the shelter says that I should read "Message to the Black Man" by Louis Farrakhan. Also, a copy of "Revelations" from the Bible is on my bed.

The next day, people at the shelter, including a guard, begin whistling the theme from "The Godfather."

Jul 29, 1992 - Manhattan Bridge Hole

There is an unusual hole in the Manhattan Bridge that suspends traffic for awhile.

Jul 30, 1992 - TWA Flight 843 Fire
A TWA jet to San Francisco catches fire at Kennedy Airport on Runway 13R. I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and the USAir Flight 405 crash on March 22, 1992 also occurred on a Runway 13, but at La Guardia instead.


On the bus the next night, a white couple said something like "I'm telling someone something little by little till they're sold...know that we think about the same things...told you secrets and you used the information against us...not going to tell you anymore...but shouldn't complain. I'm a bad girl to keep him guessing for months."

Aug 2, 1992

People talk of an old man dying at the shelter last night.

Listening to "Weekend Edition" on the radio, a caller says she is from West Covina, California and listens to the program on "KPCC." She enunciates the call letters. I had mentioned this radio station in my letter to the LA lawyer, but could not remember the call letters.

Aug 9, 1992

I'm poisoned in Central Park after eating a Swiss cheese sandwich that I bought at D'Agostino's on 1st and 86th in Manhattan. There is a "Great News" religious pamphlet on the floor of a stall in a Central Park bathroom. A white female with a black male says that she hated to do something. I start feeling very sick and throw up later. There is some blood in the vomit. I told some cops about the poisoning and ask if they can analyze the vomit for poison, but they say no.

Channel 2 News is at the event I planned to attend.

A white guy sits next to me and offers to buy me a beer. I decline. He says he used to be a Navy Seal. Another white male with a guitar sits nearby. The Seal asks him about a symbol on his guitar . The guitarist says it's Japanese. The Seal says no, it's Greek. He's sounds slightly annoyed, like the guitarist got the pre-planned answer wrong. He asks him to play something by Cat Stevens, even though Cat was a "Communist." The guitarist starts playing a song about it's being time to make a change.

Aug 22, 1992 - Ruby Ridge

FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi accidentally shoots and kills Randy Weaver's wife in Ruby Ridge, Idaho. He's subsequently investigated, but no action is taken. Mr. Horiuchi is Japanese-American and a conservative Catholic (US News and World Report, Nov 8, 1999).

Aug 28, 1992

Send Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to the CIA, FBI and the New York City Police Department (NYPD) for information they may have about me. Mention cults, but nothing specific. Don't mention crimes. The CIA and FBI say they can't find anything. The NYPD says that FOIA only "allows access to documents reasonably described."

Aug 30, 1992

The shelter tells me that my brother had called from California. I had not told anyone in California about my location.
Aug 31, 1992

I get a temporary job through Temp Connection from an ad I saw in the previous day's paper. A Latin male at the desk says he's from California. A clerk is talking to someone named "Rick" on the phone. Some of the other temp workers at the assignment seem to have been


planted there.

Sep 1, 1992 Financial District Flood

My first day traveling to the temp job in Brooklyn, there is a water main break that closes down the Financial District in downtown Manhattan. My train went under that area.

Oct 7, 1992 - James Cooley/ Rose DiSanto

James Cooley
was charged with falsely accusing guys of robbing him in the subway after they spurned his sexual advances.

Rose DiSanto was dragged to her death when she wouldn't let go of a purse that was caught in a subway train in downtown Manhattan.

Oct 7, 1992 - Union Square Subway Crash Trial

I went to the trial, but it was closed for the holiday. The trial had begun on Sep 17 while I was still working at the temp job.
I returned to the trial on Oct 8 and then again on Oct 13 when I gave statements of my theory to the clerk to give to the judge and attorneys. I also gave copies to two journalists. One, I believe, was from Channel 7.

Oct 14, 1992 - Rick Dansby

Mr. Dansby, homeless, is shot and killed by Transit Authority cops in a Brooklyn subway station. He had a bag containing "Spy" and "Glamour" magazines.

Oct 15, 1992
My shelter case worker said she was leaving for another job. She gave me a letter from my sister, another concerning jury duty (even though my last jury duty letter was sent to my PO Box) and one from the Transit Adjudication Board which said I owed money for a subway fare evasion violation on July 8, 1992.

Later, at the hearing, I was told that the fare evasion was supposedly done by someone who had one of my old stolen driver's licenses.

Call and send a letter to the New York office of the American Civil Liberties Union asking for help in possibly writing a more effective FOIA request letter. I also include a Union Square subway crash trial statement. They say they can't do anything.

Oct 17, 1992 - Yoshihiro Hattori

Mr. Hattori, a Japanese exchange student, is shot and killed in Louisiana by Rodney Peairs.  He was dressed like John Travolta from the film "Saturday Night Fever" while on his way to a Halloween party. John Travolta is a Scientologist. It also seemed strange that there would be a Halloween party two weeks before Halloween.


Oct 26, 1992 - Nicol Sowell

The skeleton of Mr. Sowell, a mildly retarded youth, was found by a homeless man in an East Harlem elevator shaft. He was apparently killed by friends for telling on them.

Oct 27, 1992 - Ricky Lamont Coffin

Mr. Coffin escapes from prison and is shot at Duke University while holding two hostages.

My welfare benefits are cut off . They claim I did not tell them about my temp job. The charges are later dropped at my hearing.

Dec 10, 1992 - St Agnes Church Fire
The church adjacent to the St. Agnes Legal Clinic that I had gone to before catches fire. The Coalition for the Homeless might also have had a presence at St Agnes. I had recently met with them about my problems with welfare.
On the bus that night, an older white male says to a black female "Don't call us, we'll call you." And "If you buy something for $150, be sure and buy it from a place you can take it back if it needs to be fixed."

Dec 13, 1992 - Larry Hogue/ Ricky Ray

"60 Minutes" does a story on Larry Hogue, the mentally-ill person who had been terrorizing a neighborhood on West 96th St.

Ricky Ray, the boy with AIDS, dies.

Dec 14, 1992 - Wayne Lo

Mr. Lo kills two people at a Massachusetts college. He is wearing a sweatshirt that reads "Sick of it all."

Dec 15, 1992

I go to John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan and pick up literature on registration and majors. When exiting, a white male precedes me wearing a "Bravo Volunteer Ambulance" jacket.

Dec 16, 1992 - Anthony Johnson


Mr. Johnson is shot and killed on a train leaving the Union Square station for Grand Central Station. He worked at a supermarket on Lexington Av with a cross street in the 70's which possibly was a store that I shopped at frequently.

Dec 17, 1992

Hearing for discontinuation of welfare. Charges dropped.

Dec 20, 1992

Complain about racist remarks and cults to David Jacobs, my new case at my shelter. He fills out a report.

Dec 21, 1992

Mail a "letter to the editor" to The Nation magazine about Scientology and Christian cults, in general. I also hint that people from the Cold War might be involved.

Dec 22, 1992
Speak with Paul Aponte, a paralegal at MFY Legal Services in East Harlem about problems I'd had with welfare and my shelter. I let him make a copy of the list that I had made for the St. Agnes Legal Clinic which included several of the crimes. I also told him the name of the person I spoke with at the clinic and said that the two of them might be able to work together. He seemed excited at first, but wouldn't take my calls for the next three weeks. I felt like he was working with my shelter and possibly others behind my back.

Dec 25, 1992 - Pamela Mascaro

Ms. Mascaro is shot and killed on a Queens highway. She had the same first name as the St. Agnes lawyer whose name I had just given to the MFY Legal Services paralegal.

Dec 28, 1992
Meeting at my shelter with my case worker and Catherine McKinney, a psychologically oriented social worker. I ask them point blank if they know what's going on. They give a long, convoluted answer about perspectives, etc. and don't really answer my question.

Jan 6, 1993
Meeting with shelter case worker. Show him a list of recent complaints I have about the shelter along with a list of possible solutions such as background checks for employees and fingerprinting of clients. He did not seem happy when he read the solutions.


Jan 16, 1993 - Eric Mercer
Officer Mercer, an off-duty NYPD cop, is shot and killed in a Crown Heights, Brooklyn robbery.

Jan 17, 1993 - Christopher Battiste
Mr. Battiste, a mentally-ill homeless person kills Doll Johnson outside a Bronx church. He lived at the nearby Franklin Shelter. I wondered at the time whether my shelter might be trying to transfer me to this Bronx shelter because of the changes I suggested making at the Volunteers of America shelter.

Walking back to the shelter that night near Downing Stadium on Randall's Island, a smallish, dark-haired man in a silver, sporty coupe asked me how to get to Astoria, Queens.

Approaching the shelter, a big, purple bus from the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Queens barreled passed me. Many cars had been speeding close by me lately.

Jan 19, 1993

Scuffle at the Donnell Library in Manhattan. While the police are there, I complain to one of the officers about a person who seemed to be following me. He said to go to the nearby Manhattan North Precinct which I did. I speak with a white officer (Monahan) and when I mention Scientology, another officer begins quoting from Dianetics. I felt that the library scuffle was perhaps set up to make me report the cults. Officer Monahan said there was nothing they could do. I agreed and left.

See a van in midtown Manhattan that says Stephen King killed John Lennon.

Jan 20, 1993
Have a meeting with my shelter case worker and someone named Mr. Morano who claims to be my case worker's supervisor. Tell him about the cults, but not the crimes. Feel like he's a psychologist or something. Very professional manner. Keeps pushing for me to get a psychiatric evaluation before they would investigate my complaints.

Jan 21, 1993

Mail letter to Steven Pafichow, Inspector General for the NYC Human Resources Administration, which oversees the VOA shelter, about my problems with the shelter and include a copy of the St. Agnes Legal Clinic letter that describes crimes possibly associated with the shelter.

Jan 25, 1993 - CIA Agents


Two CIA agents are shot and killed in front of CIA Headquarters.

Anniversary of the murder of Gap Kids store assistant manager Lisa Steinberg.

Jan 26, 1993

Meeting with shelter case worker. Feel he knows about the Inspector General letter. A client who had been harassing me had been transferred out two days previously.

Jan 29, 1993 - Bonnie Vargas
Mujahid Muhammed (aka Sidney Fisher) and two or three others rob a Chemical Bank on Broadway and 91st St. in Manhattan. This is two blocks away from the office of the Wise Towers public housing project that I am about to get an offer to move into and about three blocks away from the building I would later move into on West 93rd Street. While the robbers are in the bank they say that the robbery is "political."

Bonnie Vargas (aka Aurea Bonnie Vargas) is later taken hostage by Muhammed while exiting her apartment building on West 93rd Street and Riverside Drive, about three blocks to the west of my future apartment building. She is accidentally shot and killed by police near Vargas's building in a gun battle with Muhammed who was using Vargas as a human shield.

Vargas lived with her father who was superintendent of her building. She would help him out with his duties. This was the kind of employment I had trained for at FEGS, but was not able to get a job doing that.

Michael Moss is one of the police officers who confronted the robbers as they exited the bank after being told of the robbery by a passerby. (New York Times, January 31, 1993; Newsday (New York), January 31, 1993)

A letter I receive a few days later from Wise Towers, dated Jan 27, is from a Mr. Moss.

A jury later awards Bonnie Vargas's family $5.7 million dollars, ruling that the police had acted negligently. (Daily News (New York), New York Post, and New York Times, July 21, 1999)  The number 5.7 is again like my birth year of 1957. Though in 2003, the jury award was reported as $5.5 million (New York Law Journal, March 31, 2003) or $5.2 million (New York Post, November 4, 2003) and had nonetheless been reduced by the judge to $4 million after the trial. (ibid.)

I walk through the crime scene area on Feb 3 and there are many cops around.
The lawyer for one of the defendants at some point is possibly named Eric Schlosser, (though I'm having problems finding the source document at the moment.)

Feb 1, 1993

Letter from Human Resources Administration Inspector General Pafichow saying that my case is being transferred to James Capoziello of Adult Services.

Feb 2, 1993

My shelter case worker gives me the Wise Towers letter from Mr. Moss asking if I'm still interested in an apartment.

I had received a previous letter from the NYC Housing Authority on May 4, 1992. It contained a list of possible public housing developments in which I might want to live. I was to choose three developments from the list. Wise Towers had been my top choice. I had originally applied for public housing around April 1991.

I had also mentioned in my January 21, 1993 letter to the Inspector General that I wondered if I was being kept from getting an apartment.

All my past letters from the Housing Authority (?) had been sent to my PO Box.

Feb 3, 1993 - Larry Hogue

Mr. Hogue, the mentally-ill person who terrorizes the neighborhood near Wise Towers, is released from a mental hospital.

Feb 23, 1993 - Bonnie Bear


Ms. Bear, a graphic artist, is shot in an apparent robbery near her apartment on Lispenard Street in the TriBeCa area in lower Manhattan. She was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and an American father, but raised in the United States. (New York Times, February 25, 1993) I am of Japanese descent, as stated before.

Ms. Bear died on March 3, 1993. Her killers were an Eric (Eric Rogers aka Walter Diaz) and Tyrone Walker. (New York Times, August 13, 1993)

On February 18, 1993, five days before the TriBeCa shooting, Rogers (or Diaz) and Walker had also killed drug dealer Michael Monsour, in Cragsmoor, New York, about 60 miles from New York City. (New York Law Journal, February 16, 1996)

Ms. Bear shared the same first name as Bonnie Vargas, the bank robbery hostage who was killed on January 29, 1993, near my future public housing building on West 93rd Street.

And I, in fact, move into that public housing building today, the same day that Ms. Bear is shot.

I had had a difficult time getting the rent money from the welfare office though, with many delays, harassments and coded messages.

Feb 24, 1993 - John Rodriguez
Mr. Rodriguez stabs and kills Angel Jimenez. Mr. Jimenez had been bullying Mr. Rodriguez since the beginning of the school year. Mr. Rodriguez's mother, Rosa Vargas, has the same last name as Bonnie Vargas, the bank robbery hostage. They lived at Wald Houses in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I had previously considered Wald Houses as a possible housing project to move into.

Feb 26, 1993 - World Trade Center Bombing
A terrorist act involving a cult-like group.

Mayor Dinkins was in Japan on a trade mission at the time.

One of the suspects, Mohammed Salameh, 26, was connected to 57 Prospect Park South in Brooklyn where another suspect, Ibrahim Elgabrowny, lived. Salameh had previously lived at 26 Weldon St. (New York Times, Mar 5-7, 1993). As with USAir Flight 1493, I associated these numbers to my birth date of August 26, 1957.

Salameh and Elgabrowny also had connections to Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, the Egyptian preacher with mosques in Brooklyn and New Jersey (New York Times, Mar 9 & 11, 1993). Rahman is blind which I associated with my past use of Recordings for the Blind materials and other things.

In my December 21, 1992 letter to the Nation, I had hinted that certain cults  might have links to the Cold War. Sheik Rahman had Cold War or post-Cold-War connections through his helping of the Afghan rebels in Pakistan in 1990 (New York Times, Mar 20, 1993) and in Brooklyn beginning in May 1990 where he channeled money, guns and men to Afghanistan and Pakistan in order to help the CIA topple the Afghan government (Village Voice, Mar 30, 1993).

Feb 28, 1993 - Branch Davidian Raid
Another violent event involving a cult-like group, but this one Christian, not Muslim. One of the FBI agents was named Bob Ricks. An agent who identifies a cult member at the trial is Eric Evers. An ex-member who had tried to expose the cult before is partially blind. The Waco, Texas cult also had members in the LA metropolitan area.

There's also another Bonnie, cult leader David Koresh's mother, Bonnie Haldeman.

The compound would later be burned down on April 19 after a 51-day stand-off.

Mar 10, 1993 - Dr. David Gunn
Florida abortion doctor killed by a fundamentalist Christian anti-abortionist. The third violent event involving cult-like groups in the past two weeks.

Mar 12, 1993 - Danielle Almonor
Ms. Almonor, a probation officer, is shot and killed in a Brooklyn courthouse by her estranged husband, Max, a parole officer. They both had attended John Jay College, the college I had decided to attend. Mr. Almonor had written many letters complaining to officials about his situation which is not unlike what I had been doing. Jim Fox, deputy chief probation officer, wrote a letter about the problems with Mr. Almonor to Rick Levy, regional director of the State Division of Parole.  Jim Fox was also the name of the head of the FBI's New York office.


Mar 31, 1993 - Brandon Lee

Mr. Lee is shot and killed while filming a scene from the movie, The Crow. He played "Eric Draven," who comes back from the dead to avenge his murder. Many strange occurrences happened on the set.
A close friend of Mr. Lee was Lou Diamond Phillips, who might have some sort of connection with Scientology. His name had appeared in a gossip column with other known Scientologists for a movie premiere he attended. He was also in a movie about the math teacher, Jaime Escalante, who has a connection with Scientology.

Apr 2, 1993 - Atsuko Mori
Ms. Mori is drowned in the Hudson River in the West Village in Manhattan. She is Japanese.  Her dog, who had fallen in the river, survived.

Mail letter to James Capoziello of Adult Services to find out how the investigation of the VOA shelter is going.

Apr 3,1993
"Universal News," a Christian newspaper, is slipped under my apartment door. There is also a "Movement for a People's Assembly" rally a few blocks from my apartment.

Apr 5, 1993 - Kultos Sayaves
Mr. Sayaves is stabbed and killed by Cathy Majaraj. He was attending John Jay College. His family was from Thailand and his brother might have been the intended victim.

Apr 7, 1993 - Christian Abakpa

Christian Abapka is stabbed and killed in Ft Greene, Brooklyn, while protecting his brother.  "Christian" seems to be another coded name. His mother worked for the Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center. The suspect, Kenneth Park, belonged to loosely-knit gang called the "Deceptions."  They were playing a basketball game called "Utah." "Utah" as in the murdered Utah tourist Brian Watkins? His lawyer is Eric Poulos.

Apr 9, 1993 - George, Vincent and Winston Chin

George, Vincent and Winston Chin, teenage brothers from Sunset Park, Brooklyn, are drowned in a Massachusetts hotel pool. Their father, Walter, used to work at the Windows on the World restaurant at the World Trade Center.

Apr 10, 1993 - Jeffrey Rose


Mr. Rose, a mentally-ill homeless man, stabs a baby with a pen in front of Lee's Grocery Store in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He stopped by periodically at the "Neighborhood Center for Homeless People" on East 77th St. in Manhattan.

Could the pen have referred to my April 2 letter to Mr. Capoziello about the shelter investigation? "Lee's Grocery Store" as in Brandon Lee? And the Neighborhood Center for Homeless People was the first place I stayed during my initial stop in NYC.

Apr 12, 1993 - Prince Chitresh Khedker

Prince Khedker of India and his South American born wife are found strangled to death in their Park Avenue apartment.

Apr 14-15, 1993 - Tiffany Graham/Stuart Abramowitz Trial

Go to the final days of the trial on April 14, but the guard says the trial is tomorrow. While exiting on the elevator, a heavy black or Latin male wearing a priest's collar says to his companion that he is involved with "Promesa" and that someone was about to join till they got involved in a "mess." I had inquired at "La Promesa" about a cook training program before.

When I left my apartment building in the morning, a Latin guy brushed passed me saying "crazy, crazy." When I returned that evening, three cops were standing in front of my building.

On Apr 15, I give the old Union Square subway crash statements to the clerk to give to the lawyers and judge at the trial.

The defendant, Thaddeus Davis, is convicted of murder on Apr 17.

Apr 16, 1993 - Robert Singleton/ Mordecai Levy

Mr. Singleton, a NYC Transit Authority worker, is shot and killed in Flatbush, Brooklyn. A wreath was placed where he was shot with a card that read "Though we don't know you, God bless you and keep you safe."

Mordecai Levy, stuck behind a bus in his Jeep, swings around the bus, crosses a yellow line, runs a red light and hits Jonathon Medina who was on his way to Bible school. I got a phone call on April 19 asking for a "Mordecai Gordon. I was watching a TV program about cults at the time.

Apr 19, 1993 Branch Davidian Fire

FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi is investigated for firing his weapon into the Branch Davidian compound during the fire. He was investigated for another incident involving the firing of his weapon at Ruby Ridge. (US News and World Report, Nov 8, 1999).

Apr 21, 1993
Receive a 14-day notice in the mail from Narain Wadhwani, manager of Wise Towers, saying


I owe $200 in back rent. My rent is sent directly to Wise Towers from the welfare office. I straighten it out for the time being.

Apr 23, 1993 - Gary Wilensky

Mr. Wilensky attempts to kidnap an ex-tennis student at an upstate NY tennis tournament. He lived at 1623 Third Ave in what is known as the Yorkville section of Manhattan. This is an area I used to walk through frequently when I was living at the VOA shelter on my way to midtown Manhattan. It is also the area where Lisa Steinberg, the murdered Gap Kids store assistant manager used to live, where, I believe, my previous VOA case worker, Evelyn Castillo, lived, and is an area where a couple of more incidents will occur over the next few weeks.

Apr 28, 1993

Receive letter from Mr. Capoziello of Adult Services saying that the investigation of the shelter found nothing. I mail a letter to Mr. Capoziello the next day requesting a copy of the report of the investigation.

Apr 30, 1993

File complaint at the Cathedral Post Office in Manhattan about packages I had been receiving that were addressed to the people next door.

May 1, 1993 - Chung Kwang/ Lee Kim Kwang/ Edward Hong

Chung Kwang and Lee Kim Kwang, South Korean fugitives, are arrested in Queens after a woman they were forcing into prostitution flees. 

Edward Hong, South Korean, is shot and killed on his way to his textile store in Mid-Manhattan.

May 3, 1993 • Lisa Steinberg Trial/ Maria Rodriguez

I go to the final days of the Steinberg trial. I had first heard of the trial from a newspaper article on April 30.

The judge, Judge Rothwax, was the same judge who was at the Tiffany Graham/Stuart Abramowitz trial a few weeks earlier.

I could not find defendant Anwar Abdul's name on the trial listings. I went to the Court Clerk's office, but they could not find his name on their computer. Then I noticed that his first and last names had been transposed. I had written up a statement of my theory and gave it to the trial clerk to give to the lawyers and judge. But only one of the defense lawyers looks at it and is not receptive.

At the trial it was said that Mr. Abdul disappeared around 11 am on the day before the murder. If this was done in response to my having gone to the police, it's possible that I did not speak with Detective Davis on January 24, 1992 until after 11 am. Though I had looked up their address in the phone book previously, so it's also possible they could have guessed from that.

Maria Rodriguez and five family members were found slashed and beaten to death in their burning apartment at the Thomas Jefferson Housing Project on East 115th St in Manhattan. Four months previously, they had lived at the Metro North Housing Project on East 100th St. in Manhattan, a place I used to walk by daily. The footbridge connecting the Wards Island shelter to Manhattan had its Manhattan exit near the Metro North Houses.

Ms. Rodriguez


used to be a member of a social club called "Los Angeles." Los Angeles is the city where my problems began. She used to go dancing at a dance club called Studio 84 on Broadway and 95th St, a few blocks from my apartment building at Wise Towers.

The suspect, Ramon Concepcion, apparently went to Ms. Rodriguez's apartment on May 1 and killed her and her family. He stayed with the bodies over the weekend and then set fire to the apartment on May 3. This time frame is similar to the time between my reading about the Lisa Steinberg trial and actually going there.

He had a stormy two year relationship with Ms. Rodriguez that ended about two months previously. My stay at the VOA shelter was around two years and I left the shelter about two months ago. He also worked at Yankee Sleep Products at 228 East 122nd Street in Manhattan, a street I often walked down on my way back to the shelter.

May 4, 1993 • Lisa Steinberg Trial

Hand out statements to the friends and family of Ms. Steinberg and the defendant, Anwar Abdul. A guard later tells me that I am not to talk or write to anyone about the trial.

When I exited the building, some metal detector guards said someone had broken out of his "chains."

May 5, 1993 • Dr. Dennis Kleinman/ Alfredo Rias

Dr. Kleinman. anesthesiologist, pleads not guilty to sexually molesting a sedated patient on February 26 at a Manhattan podiatrist's office. From a picture on the news, the office looked similar to one that I often used to walk by in the Yorkville section, the same area where Lisa Steinberg and tennis coach, Gary Wilensky and possibly my previous case worker, Evelyn Castillo, used to live.

Alfredo Rias climbs into the lion's den at the Bronx Zoo. His mother says he's schizophrenic. "Alfredo" was the first name of two prominent people who used to sleep in my section at the shelter.

May 7, 1993 - Karen Cole/ Abraham Ferencz

Ms. Cole, climbs to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge and threatens to jump.

Earlier, minutes before dawn, a naked man ran across the Brooklyn Bridge, shouting that it was a beautiful day. He was apparently hit and killed by a car driven by Abraham Ferencz.

May 8, 1993 • Stephanie Pagan/ Keron Thomas

Ms. Pagan and her two daughters were stabbed to death in their Queensbridge Housing Project apartment in Long Island City, Queens, which was where my job training school at FEGS was originally located.

The suspect, Ronald Woodson, had supposedly met Ms. Pagan three weeks before. This was around the time of the Tiffany Graham/Stuart Abramowitz trial.

He worked as a trainer at


Yorkville Total Fitness, the same area where Lisa Steinberg and Gary Wilensky lived, where my previous case worker possibly lived and where Dr. Kleinman, the anesthesiologist, possibly worked. Ms. Pagan was killed with a knife, but one report said that scissors were also used. I had mentioned my carrying scissors with me back in Los Angeles in the statements I handed out at the Steinberg trial.

Keron Thomas, 16, poses as a subway motorman and takes the "A" train from Brooklyn to Upper Manhattan. He did fine until the train suddenly stopped, then he just sat there. Was this possibly an allusion to my handing out the statements at the Steinberg trial and then doing nothing afterwards?

May 10, 1993 - Lisa Steinberg Trial/ Manuel de Dios/
                          Eric Napoletano/ Eric Knight

There is an extremely long line into the courthouse. Two white females are in front of me and talk of coming back from New Orleans and Canada two weeks ago. They precede me into the Steinberg trial courtroom. One has a plastic "Gap" triangle hanging out of her bag. A big guard sits near me in the courtroom. Lisa Steinberg's father might have been waiting for me in the doorway with a guard and a young boy during one break, but I didn't recognize him at the time, so I kept walking.

At a pizza place later, two white males said that someone had a chance to win, but people came and outvoted him.

At his sentencing on a later date that I did not attend, Mr. Abdul claimed he was framed.

Seven people are charged in the Mar 11, 1992 slaying of journalist, Manuel de Dios.

Eric Napoletano, New Jersey, is found guilty of the June 1990 killing of his wife.

At Eric Knight's trial, a witness recants her previous statements concerning a November 30, 1991 murder of a homeless woman.

There is a Tenant Patrol meeting at my building. The only Tenant Patrol meeting, that I'm aware of, in the year since I've lived there.

May 11, 1993

"Petition for Non-Payment of Rent" notice slipped under my door. Signed by manager Narain Wadhwani who might have been at the meeting last night. Must make a Housing Court appearance or face eviction.

May 12, 1993 - Christian Fettorelf

Christian Fettorelf ("Christian") is injured while helping Dawn Queally fight off a robber at the 59th and Lexington subway station at Hunter College in Manhattan. A public housing


meeting (People For Better Public Housing) will occur at Hunter College in a few days. They happen to live near one another in Long Island City, Queens (FEGS). He is a psychology student (mental illness) who works as a paralegal. I was planning on or considering being a Legal Studies major at John Jay College.

May 13, 1993 - Eric Bache

Eric Bache hits and kills five Amish children in Ohio with his car.

I call MFY Legal Services at 759 Tenth Av in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and make appointment to discuss a harassment suit against Wise Towers for eviction proceedings.

May 15, 1993 - Eric Schmitt/Koji Shitoto

Mr. Schmitt, a gunman who had taken hostages at a nursery school in France, is arrested.

Koji Shitoto, a mental patient, leaps to his death at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.

"People for Better Public Housing" meeting at Hunter College. A person from my housing project contacts me at the meeting. At all subsequent meetings, one person from Wise Towers is always there.

May 18, 1993 • Sunya Margulies

Ms. Margulies, 6, is hit by a car driven by Sermy Onelien that was cut off by a van at 8:30 a.m. in front of La Ciudad, a Cuban/Chinese restaurant on Broadway and 78th St in Manhattan. I would have walked by there on my way to my 11 am meeting at MFY Legal Services' Upper West Side branch, but I took the subway instead. When I walked by "La Ciudad" two days later, two white females hug.

At MFY Legal Services, the receptionist said she lived at Wise Towers also. The lawyer I spoke with said they didn't handle lawsuits. He asked me who I thought might be doing the harassing. I said religious groups or law enforcement agencies. When I said "law enforcement agencies," he awkwardly changed the subject.

May 26-28, 1993 - Shaleen Wadhwani/ Hema Sakhrani

Mr. Wadhwani was shot and killed in his family's home in Manhasset, Long Island on May 26. He was the son of Narain Wadhwani, the manager of my public housing project who apparently became the manager about a month before I moved in, according to a tenant or worker of my public housing project that I had asked.

The suspect, Chandran Nathan, had a dispute with the Human Resources Administration (HRA) after being fired for poor job performance in 1985. Nathan said the firing was "bias-related." He had also sent his wife, Paamati, to visit her parents in the Philippines at the time of the shooting. (Newsday, (New York), June 20, 1993)

The HRA is the agency that oversees welfare which apparently was not sending my rent to my public housing management which was the reasoning for the "Petition for Non-Payment of Rent" notices signed by Narain Wadhwani that were being slipped under my door.
Then on May 28, Hema Sakhrani, Shaleen's fiancée, apparently leapt to her death from her


family's apartment in Rego Park, Queens.

At the funeral, Narain Wadhwani said of Shaleen and Hema, "They were so great. They both are so great. Because they are alive I am telling everybody that they are going on their honeymoon tomorrow." (New York Times, May 29, 1993)

Was he speaking religiously or factually? Were these deaths fabricated for some reason? Or were they real and did they represent a kind of retribution for the eviction proceeding?  Besides telling MFY Legal Services about my interest in a lawsuit against Wise Towers, I had also mentioned it during jury duty interviews I had this week in downtown Manhattan.

On June 1, someone slips a Housing Authority poster under my door that says that Wise Towers management, the Housing Police and tenants have to work together. Around this time, I also begin seeing many Indian-looking people for a few days.

May 25, 1993 - Johnnie Cromartie

Mr. Cromartie dies while under police supervision at Downtown New York Hospital which is near where I was doing jury duty. I hadn't really heard many stories coming from that hospital before.

Jun 1, 1993 - Allyn Winslow

Mr. Winslow was shot and killed in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. He taught drama and gave inspirational seminars at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in the Ansonia Building in Manhattan. A few days after the murder, someone pointed out the Ansonia Building as I walked by. Did they know something or was it a set-up?

He had gone to Disney World like the suspect in the Shaleen Wadhwani murder had planned to.

A pot of flowers was placed where he was shot with a note that read "To the biker, Mr. Winslow, may you be in a better place with angels on a cloud."

Jun 7, 1993 - Golden Venture

A ship carrying illegal Chinese immigrants runs aground at Rockaway Peninsula, Queens. The next day, my brother came to visit me. I had not told anyone in California my location.

Jun 9, 1993 - Volunteers of America mentally-ill resident

A person from a VOA residence for the mentally ill a few blocks from my apartment tries to castrate himself and throw himself into the river.

Jun 18, 1993

Letter from Wise Towers saying I owe $142 in back rent.

Jun 21, 1993


Receive letter telling of a "People for Better Public Housing" meeting.

Jun 24, 1993 - NYC Landmarks Bomb Plot

An apparent Muslim plan to bomb NYC landmarks is thwarted. One of the defendants, Clement Rodney Hampton-El, is said to belong to a radical Muslim sect "Al-Fuqra." There was a trial going on in Canada in October 1993 where Al-Fuqra targeted Indian theatres and airplanes to be bombed. This might possibly tie in with the deaths of Prince Khedker who was from India and Shaleen Wadhwani whose Hindu family was from Pakistan via India or his fiancée, Hema Sakhrani.

Also, three of the defendants in the Al-Fuqra trial were from Texas. I believe that the parents of Anwar Abdul from the Lisa Steinberg trial were also from Texas.

Also, Emad Salem, an informer who helped solve the NYC landmarks case, used to live about ten blocks from me in Bretton Hall. There seems to be increased harassment activity whenever I walk pass Bretton Hall sometimes.

Jun 26, 1993

At the "People for Better Public Housing " meeting I briefly tell Congressman Major Owens, the head of the group, about my problems with my housing project and welfare and cult-like groups bothering me.

Jun 29, 1993 - Eric Price/Milton Setzer

Mr. Price and Mr. Setzer are found dead with their throats cut. They lived on West End Ave near 104th St, about a dozen blocks from my apartment. Mr. Setzer was apparently a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, a group which seemed to play a role at the VOA shelter. "Milton" was the name of one of a series of annoying people who had a bed next to mine at the shelter.

Jul 7, 1993 - Pamela Schneider

Ms. Schneider, blind, is killed by a #3 subway train at Penn Station in Manhattan. Her guide dog, Pepper, survived.

Jul 9, 1993
Take admissions test at John Jay College. Am told that I would be eligible for a student loan, even though I would be working towards a second BA.

The next day, the elevators are broken for the entire weekend at my building.

Jul 12, 1993 - Ny-Aya Hill
Ms. Hill is stabbed and killed at the Red Hook Housing Project in Brooklyn. She attended Martin Luther King High School which is a few blocks away from John Jay College in Manhattan. She planned on becoming a lawyer. A prominent person at the "People for Better Public Housing" meetings was a school teacher who lived at the Red Hook Housing Project. The first name of suspect "Nakia" Watson


looks similar to my last name "Nakao."

I receive another letter from "People for Better Public Housing" on July 14 about a future meeting.

Jul 20, 1993 - Prince Khedker/ Eric Price/ Milton Setzer

George Cobo and Tony Lee Simpson are arrested for the murder of Prince Khedker (Apr 12, 1993) and also of Eric Price and Milton Setzer (Jun 29, 1993).

I am assigned to do a workfare assignment beginning August 9.

Jul 21, 1993 - Hui Cheng

Ms. Cheng is pushed onto the tracks at the 96th and Broadway subway station. This is the nearest station to my apartment. The suspect, a black female, told her that she was pushed because she was "white." There seems to be some sort of system where I'm supposed to join either a white or black group.

Earlier in the day a clerk at John Jay College had said that my references for my student loan were no good. But I called the bank and they said that my references were acceptable. Could my path being clear to attend John Jay mean that I was choosing the white group?

Jul 26, 1993

First successful Call Trace of one of the nuisance calls I'd been receiving.

Turn in student loan application.

Jul 27, 1993 - Larry Hogue

Mr. Hogue, the so-called "Wild Man of 96th St," is to be released from a mental hospital to a son in Bridgeport, Conn. The Unification Church owns a university in Bridgeport.

John Jay College orientation

"People for Better Public Housing" letter concerning a meeting with then NYC Housing Authority Commissioner, Sally Hernandez-Pinero.

Jul 30, 1993

File Nuisance Call Complaint with the 24th police precinct.

Jul 31, 1993 - Santa Marquez/Michael Sakara


Ms. Marquez and her two children are shot and killed in their South Windsor, Connecticut home. Their bodies are found at the Brooklyn Piers near John and Jay Streets (John Jay College). The suspect, John Camacho, was a cousin of the Marquez family who had tried to help him, but things did not go smoothly and they threw him out. He graduated from John Jay High in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Michael Sakara's dismembered body is found in Haverstraw, NY. He lived on West End Ave near 98th St, not far from my apartment on 93rd St. He was a typesetter at the New York Law Journal.

"People for Better Public Housing" meeting, but Housing Commissioner Sally Hernandez-Pinero is not there as promised. Other Housing Authority executives are there. Milagros Stanley, apparently the President of the Tenant Association in my building, says that she and I should work together.

Aug 2, 1993 - Eric Smith

Eric Smith, 13, beats and kills Derrick Robie, 4, in Savona, NY.

Mail letter to Sally Hernandez-Pinero about housing problems and related crimes.

Aug 9, 1993

Mail Barbara Sabol, then Human Resources Administration Commissioner, a letter similar to the one I sent to Ms. Hernandez-Pinero.

First day of workfare. Assigned as a messenger in the mailroom at the NYC Department of Real Property at 2 Lafayette St in downtown Manhattan. A City worker named "Rene" claims to live near me on West 97th St. People keep throwing the name "Bonnie" around. I had mentioned the Bonnie Vargas and Bonnie Bear deaths in my Sally Hernandez-Pinero and Barbara Sabol letters. Some workfare people and city employees might have been cops or cult members. I had kept my private papers locked in my bag. They may have picked my lock and made copies of or taken some of my papers while they sent me out to make deliveries.

Aug 12, 1993 - Bonnie Bear Pre-Trial
Ms. Bear's suspected killers are indicted. The former "Walter Diaz" is now "Eric Rogers."

Aug 21, 1993
Final "People for Better Public Housing" meeting.

Aug 23, 1993 - Masakazu Kuriyama


Mr. Kuriyama, a Japanese exchange student, is shot and killed in Concord, California. Concord is near where I was born. He also has the same last name as Lester Kuriyama, one of the prosecutors of Erik Menendez, whose trial began in Los Angeles on July 20.

Aug 26, 1993 - NYC Landmarks Bomb Plot Pre-Trial

Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman is indicted for being part of a conspiracy to bomb NYC landmarks. He makes an appearance at the Federal courthouse which is across the street from my workfare assignment. There are many media representatives there. The manager at my workfare assignment points to me during a radio commercial that says "Act now!" and he says "Act now!" to me. I don't go to the media. Riding the elevator, a white couple says that some baby threw up its milk. This is my last day at the workfare assignment. Today is also my birthday.

Sep 1, 1993

First day of classes at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Their courses of study include programs in police science, fire science and emergency medical services, so people in some of the professions that had been harassing or surveilling me are attending this college. My major is Legal Studies. Much cult-like activity occurs throughout the semester as it does almost everyplace else.

Sep 12, 1993 - Terence Campbell

Mr. Campbell is shot and killed on the footbridge connecting my old shelter on Wards Island and Manhattan. He lived on West 95th St, a few blocks from my apartment. He was an ex-English major who was about to work as a tax lawyer at a Manhattan Law firm. I have a BA in English and am taking legal classes at John Jay.  He also looked a little like Allyn Winslow, the drama teacher shot on June 1, 1993.

Sep 13, 1993 - Central Park Rape/ Grand Central Station Cable Cut

A woman is raped in Central Park, about 15 blocks from my apartment.

Copper cable is cut at Grand Central Station.

Sep 18, 1993 - Paul Heidelberger Trial

Letter from local Housing Police about a police/tenant meeting scheduled for September 28.

The trial of murdered Housing Cop, Paul Heidelberger, is to begin in a few weeks also.

Sep 24, 1993 - Larry Hogue

Mr. Hogue is arrested after he illegally returned to his old West 96th St. neighborhood. I saw someone resembling Mr. Hogue today near St. Luke's Hospital in midtown Manhattan. He was lying on his stomach on the sidewalk and looking straight at me when I walked passed.

Oct 13, 1993

Scientology is granted a tax exemption by the IRS as a charitable and religious organization.


Oct 27, 1993 - Andres Huang

Mr. Huang, a transient, is charged with accidentally starting the Altadena fire.

Nov 3, 1993 - Stephen Feinman

Mr. Feinman is found shot and dead in the Bronx. He was reported missing three days ago. He had started driving a cab for a Long Island City company two months ago. He finished paralegal training and volunteered at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), but was not offered a job. I started taking legal classes at John Jay College about two months ago and had unsuccessfully contacted the ACLU about FOIA on October 15, 1992.

Nov 20, 1993

Photo negatives, a memo from the John Jay Student Council saying that it won't tolerate mistreatment of students and a Village Voice with Star Trek Klingons on the cover are in a little booth I had been working for the past few days at the John Jay College library.

Nov 23, 1993 - Sonya Kim

Ms. Kim, a philosophy student, is hit by a car in the West Village in Manhattan. There had been a mild controversy in my philosophy class at John Jay.

Nov 24, 1993 - Siew Kin Yeo

Ms. Yeo is shot and killed in a robbery of Lee's Chinese Kitchen in the Bronx. If Siew is pronounced like "sue," could it be an allusion to a lawsuit? "Lee" like Brandon Lee?

Nov 26, 1993

Drop off negatives to be developed. Am told to pick them up on December 8.

Nov 30, 1993 - Eric Hendricks

Officer Hendricks, an NYPD cop, is shot at for driving too slow. Am I too slow? He worked at the Randall's Island Station. I used to rest next to that station when I would walk back to the shelter.

Dec 2, 1993 - Ellen Liu/ Mili Subudhi

Ms. Liu and Ms. Subudhi commit suicide by lying down in front of a Long Island Rail Road train in Setauket, Long Island. If Ms. Subudhi was Indian or Pakistani, could this be an allusion to Shaleen Wadhwani, the murdered son of my apartment manager or his fiancée?

Ms. Liu and Ms. Subudhi also went to Ward Melville High School (Wards Island?).


Dec 7, 1993 - Long Island Rail Road Massacre/
                       Damian Williams/ Operation Big Shot

Six people die from gunshot wounds on a Long Island Rail Road train in Merillon, Long Island. Among the dead are Mi Kyung Kim (Korean. Worked in math library at Columbia University which is about a mile from my apartment), Marita Magtoto (Philippina who just got a legal job in Manhattan), Richard Nettleton (aspiring writer. I had written some things in the past), Amy Federici (her mother, Arlene, was an English teacher), James Gorycki (Go Ricky?), and Dennis McCarthy (McCarthyism?)

The suspect, Colin Ferguson, carried papers with complaints about various social service agencies, the police, and the Transit Authority. They were written in tight, tiny letters. I, also, had written letters of complaint against these groups. The printing in my journals is also very small. His complaint had been rejected by several lawyers as were my complaints. One of the lawyers he went to, Lauren Abramson, has a name similar to Erik Menendez's lawyer, Leslie Abramson.

He requested all documents, photos, etc of himself from the police. This sounds similar to my FOIA requests to the NYPD, FBI and CIA. He also had a complaint against a "Chinese racist," Mr. Sue (lawsuit?). He had lived in Long Beach, California before coming to New York. I, too, had lived in the Los Angeles area before coming to New York. One of the security guards at an old job of his was named "Ron Rickey," a combination of my brother's name and my old nickname (though the founder of Scientology is named L. Ron Hubbard). He also apparently liked reading loudly from the Bible. Christian fundamentalists seem to be a group that has concerned itself with me.

On December 13, 1993, after the information about Mr. Ferguson had come out in the papers, my philosophy class at John Jay had a pre-planned discussion on the insanity defense. Mr. Ferguson's situation was discussed. One student spoke of Mr. Sue being a Chinese store owner on some corner. I was sitting near the corner.

I got a phone call saying that the pictures that were being developed from the negatives that had been left for me at the John Jay College library were ready. They were pictures of various African-Americans.

Damian Williams from the Los Angeles riots is sentenced.

Operation Big Shot, a drug bust involving an international heroin ring including Asia, Russia, France and the New York Mafia. An apartment is raided at 57th and 8th in Manhattan which is across the street from the bank where Sgt Keith Levine broke up the ATM robbery on December 28, 1991 and half a block from where Gap store assistant manager Lisa Steinberg was killed on January 25, 1992.

One suspect, Officer Edward Castro, is with the 25th Precinct in East Harlem. He worked the 4 pm to midnight shift. I was in that area often when I used to return to the VOA shelter at night.


Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Jan 5, 1994 - Renee Roca and Gorsha Sur

Ice dancer Renee Roca breaks a wrist after a collision with another skater during warm-ups at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit. She and Gorsha Sur were the U.S. ice dancing champions from last year. (The New York Times, January 6, 1994) Sur, a Soviet defector, had been unable to qualify to represent the U.S. in the Olympics next month after his application for expedited U.S. citizenship was not granted before the start of the U.S. Figure Skating Championships (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, January 5, 1994)

Jan 6, 1994 - Nancy Kerrigan

Ms. Kerrigan was hit on the knee before an ice skating competition in Detroit, Michigan. One suspect is Shawn Eric Eckhardt. He confessed to Eugene Saunders, a born-again Christian minister who went to a private investigator, Gary Crowe. Both Mr. Eckhardt and Mr. Saunders were taking paralegal classes from Mr. Crowe. My name is Eric. Christians seem to be involved in my situation. Brandon Lee's last film was The Crow (Mar 31, 1993). I am taking legal classes at John Jay College.

Suspect Tonya Harding's choreographer is Erika Bakacas. The spokesperson for CBS Sports has been Rick Gentile.  (CBS is broadcasting the Olympics). Ms. Kerrigan's mother is blind. A woman, in a copycat attack in Germany of soccer player Oliver Moller, could speak only in sign language. "Erika" is another form of "Eric." "Rick" is an old nickname of mine. I am signed up with Recording for the Blind, though I am not blind. Blindness could also refer to my trying to deal with my situation without any direct knowledge of what's going on. Sign language is another recurring symbol, perhaps referring to my non-talkative personality or perhaps indicating that the incident itself is a sign.

Jan 7, 1994 - Elizabeth Punsalan and Jerod Swallow

Elizabeth Punsalan and Jerod Swallow win the ice dancing competition at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Roca and Sur had withdrawn from the competition (Los Angeles Times, January 8, 1994) Punsalan and Swallow had been accused of lobbying against expedited citizenship for Sur. Punsalan has said that the lobbying was started by others and that she and Swallow were singled out because they were competing with Roca and Sur (Filipinas Magazine, February 1998)

Feb 4, 1994 - Ricardo Punsalan

Ricardo "Ricky" Punsalan, brother of American Olympic ice dancer Elizabeth Punsalan, apparently stabs and kills their 57-year-old father, Dr. Ernesto Punsalan. Ricardo was said to have had a history of mental illness, his family claimed the attack may have been caused by a change in Ricardo's anti-depressant medication to Prozac. Mental illness is another recurring symbol, perhaps referring to seeming insanity of my claims or perhaps the insanity of my attempting to do anything about it. Or maybe they think I'm clinically insane. And Prozac is manufactured by Eli Lilly, a company that the Scientologists have targeted in the past.

Ricardo and Elizabeth are of mixed race. Their father, Ernesto, was Filipino and their mother, Theresa, is Irish-American. They were raised in Sheffield Lake, Ohio. At 14, Elizabeth trained with Detroit coach Sandra Hess and lived in Detroit for awhile with a skating family, then moved with Hess's other students to train at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado for four years. She began skating with Jerod Swallow in 1989 when she was 18. They had known each other for four years and later got married on September 4, 1993. A 1998 article in Filipinas Magazine said that Elizabeth "plans to complete an engineering degree in industrial design." (Filipinas Magazine, February 1998; Plain Dealer, Cleveland, October 28, 1994)

I begin typing this letter in the John Jay College Computer Room. I'd been working on it, off and on, for at least a couple of months. People are hovering around me, so they might know the contents of this paper. They may have even tapped into my computer.

Feb 6, 1994 - Natalia Rivera

A bowling ball is apparently dropped onto the Depressed Highway in New Jersey, bounces off a truck and hits and kills 8-month old Natalia Rivera. Her parents are psychotherapists. Scientology is opposed to psychology and psychiatry. The suspect, Calvin Settle (settle a score? a bet?), was enrolled at "Synergy," a program for emotionally troubled teens that is run by the organization that managed my old shelter, Volunteers of America. Mr. Settle's caseworker at the program was Hawaiian Thompson. He worked as a food service worker at Christ Hospital. Getting hit in the head with a bowling


ball also reminded me of an Olympics parody I once wrote, though Morality in Media says it's Beavis and Butthead.


The following are six possible explanations for what's been happening.

1) Alliance of Cults

I will loosely define a cult as a group of people who use intelligence agency techniques for illegal or unethical purposes. Groups such as these, despite differences in religious or political beliefs, share the common experience of operating outside the law. Cooperation between the groups could be mutually advantageous. They can share information and expertise when in need and also band together to advance common goals such as freedom of religion. Unfortunately, freedom of religion in the case of these cults, sometimes seems to involve the trampling of other people's civil liberties.

2) Cults and Mainstream Groups

Cults are not the only groups who are interested in issues such as freedom of religion. In the past, Scientology had organized a convention that included mainstream religious groups, calling on them to band together for religious freedom. A similar occurrence took place in the early 1980's after Jonestown when mainstream religious organizations and civil liberty groups opposed anti-cult legislation that they felt could hurt everyone's First Amendment rights.

Scientology is also involved in environmental issues and education. The Unification Church owns a mainstream newspaper in Washington, DC. Many fundamentalist Christian groups are involved in drug rehabilitation and other social service programs. These types of activities provide access into the mainstream.

"To sacrifice the one for the many," a line I heard while at the Christian shelter in Canyon Country, might be a tempting philosophy for mainstream groups and cults alike, if they have to choose between the rights of one or a relative few people as opposed to the possible improvement of society at large.

Also, many of these cult members have mainstream jobs. If they could obtain employment in management or the personnel department of a desired mainstream company, a type of subversive alliance could be formed with cult members in key positions or in positions of access and influence. An old ad that Scientology once sent me targeted management and people working in personnel as good candidates for their program.

3) Cults and Organized Crime

Since these cults often find themselves on the wrong side of the law with battles over taxes, harassment of targeted persons, and aggressive recruitment and fundraising techniques, it might only be a matter of time before they moved from this outlaw mentality to ties with professional crime groups.


Some of these cults also have non-cult businesses or access to government contracts for social service programs. The traditional crime groups might see a financial opportunity with these types of cults.

4) Cults and Intelligence Agencies

A 1992 article in The Nation magazine talked about "secret armies" established by the CIA in Europe at the beginning of the Cold War to guard against the Communist threat. Though apparently military in nature originally, these groups began doing other things like persuading allies to covertly harass Communist Party members and "deprive them of ordinary jobs and...social welfare benefits." Many in the CIA seemed to want to disband the armies because they were "obsolete or out of control," but "higher military and intelligence officials" kept the program alive. Ex-CIA officer Victor Marchetti said that the armies became "a built-in network for any kind of covert acts we wanted to run." (The Nation, April 6, 1992)

Scientology and its forerunner, Dianetics, also began in the early years of the Cold War. And though they began in America, they soon spread to many other countries around the world. So if Scientology is a CIA-connected organization, these secret armies could have served as a kind of model of how to go about it.
Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard was assigned to U.S. Navy intelligence for at least part of his World War II duties, though apparently it was not uncommon for writers like Hubbard to work in intelligence during that war.  In his book, The Game Player, former CIA officer, Miles Copeland, said that Scientology and the CIA had some sort of "arrangement" in the 1950s.  Though in another  book, Theirs Was the Kingdom, John Heidenry said that there was a "falling-out" between the two and the "plan came to naught."

The CIA was also apparently interested in Scientology's ability or purported ability in remote viewing.

In the meantime, parts of the Scientology organization has acted like an intelligence agency, especially their Guardian's Office. This office was later disbanded by Scientology after a number of high-level Scientologists were implicated in a plan in which mostly Scientology-related documents were illegally copied from various Federal agencies in the 1970s. Evidence was also found at that time of attempts to frame Scientology critics Paulette Cooper and Clearwater, Florida mayor, Gabriel Cazares, for bomb threats and associations with a hit-and-run accident, respectively. Though I believe Scientology was never prosecuted for those acts.

And there are those today who say that Scientology or those connected to Scientology continue to engage in intelligence-related activities to some degree.

Foreign intelligence services could also be involved. The Unification Church apparently has ties with Korean intelligence. During the period when I was living in the downtown Los Angeles hotel, someone had left a newspaper with a headline about German intelligence. Hubbard has written that the Soviet government was interested in Scientology techniques.  And double-agent-type activity is also a possibility.

Cults would be a good organization for an intelligence front group. They're secretive. Their members are loyal and malleable. They have a reputation for unusual behavior, so that intelligence activities performed by them could be attributed to cult zealousness. They're protected by the First Amendment. They can freely travel around the country and the world to their various outposts as well as transfer, or be a source of, funds and supplies. And by delving deeply into their members' psyches and characters as part of the cult's program, superior candidates for possible direct intelligence recruitment can be found.

Mind or behavior control experimentation is also a possible motivation for cult-intelligence agency entanglement.

5) Secret War

Could different cults with conflicting beliefs be engaged in a secret war? When I've looked up articles on Scientology in the past, several anti-Scientology articles from the 1980's had been published by the same Christian periodical. I've also heard of an anti-cult network consisting of former members and others with negative feelings towards cults.

Sometimes I feel I'm surrounded by two warring factions. It's possible that one side is harassing me so that I will complain about the actions of the other side. I also see many CONWAY bags (as in being conned) and hear the song "Everybody Plays the Fool" every once in awhile.

And I believe that after sending a letter to Mayor Dinkins on February 9, 1992 in which I described my concerns about the Lisa Steinberg murder that had recently occurred, among other things, a white-sounding female in Manhattan said that something was good for their side or something similar. Fairly soon, I began seeing Gap bags again which had been used as a harassment technique against. me and had seemed to stop after the murder.


Occasionally, I hear things like "This is stupid. We want to be your friend" or "Just tell us what you want us to do." Other times it's "This is boring" or "There aren't many people left who are doing what he's doing."

But sometimes I feel that they are two sides of the same coin. There was a period where people kept talking about black and white groups and that I had to choose one of them. But even if they are truly on opposite sides, their tactics seem so similar that it's difficult to tell them apart.

Law enforcement agencies could also be involved, working against the cults or maybe taking sides. Sometimes I get the feeling that they're on my side. But if so, why wouldn't they tell me? And when I combine this with the unpleasant experiences I had in some police stations, plus the many police cars and officers I see as if I'm being surveilled or harassed through surveillance, I'm not sure how to regard them. Plus, there was that comment about using "live bait" on February 15, 1992.

6) Cults and the Supernatural

I mentioned in the background section my experiences with the possible rainmaking abilities of these cults, but I've also had other experiences that seemed to involve ESP. For example, I would leave my apartment in Los Angeles across the street from Scientology and people outside would be talking about the place I'd planned on going to. I would think that I might want to talk with a particular person about my situation and soon I would run into that person. On my first bus trip across the country, I was going over Spanish vocabulary in my head so that the cult people couldn't read my mind, and suddenly, they started talking about foreign languages. When I was at the VOA shelter, I was thinking, at that time, that if anything happened to me, I wanted to be buried here in New York and people suddenly started talking about speaking with a religious woman who periodically came to the shelter as if she could handle my burial arrangements. And soon I received an ad in the mail about a New York cemetery.

Sometimes I also feel I hear things inside my head (at the time of this letter). Mostly it's laughter or grumbling. But once, in Los Angeles, after I decided to try and call the FBI, a voice in my head that sounded like a female Scientologist who lived down the hall said "Don't do it!"

I'd read that the Russians had experimented with ESP by using electricity. I also read about the CIA experimenting with mind reading and thought implantation by using electromagnetism.

This made me think of a time back in Los Angeles when I experienced an extreme amount of static electricity in my apartment. Visible sparks would come off my blanket at night and I also heard some crackling in my electrical wires during this period. The sparks from my blanket later stopped after I used fabric softener in my wash, though I had never had sparks, especially like that and for such a long period of time, when fabric softener was not used. 

And once, during a lightning storm in LA, my apartment was filled with a kind of blue light.

Also, back in LA, someone would come into my room and sprinkle blood or blood-red paint on my T-shirts and sheets. There was also talk of blood during my first cross-country journey.

Someone I had known had said to me in the past that she lived near a place called the "House of Hermetic." I didn't think much about it at the time, but after these other things


started happening I looked up "hermetic" and found that hermetic is a type of witchcraft. It also has associations with magic, the occult sciences and alchemy.

So there could be some sort of otherworldly motivations for what's been happening. 

It's been said that parts of Scientology are battling forces that are seeking to enslave humanity.  And I suppose that certain Christian groups are battling Satanic forces. Scientology apparently has connections with these dark forces through the late L. Ron Hubbard's past associations with the Satanic Aleister Crowley and through the practicing of occult magic. Though Scientology has said that one episode from Hubbard's life involving him and the Los Angeles branch of Crowley's organization in the 1940s had to do with Hubbard doing undercover work to destroy the LA branch.

7) Games

In his book, Scientology Ethics, Hubbard says that leaders have to give their people a game to play, otherwise they might try to get rid of the leaders out of boredom and start fighting among themselves in order to have a game to play.  So it's possible that the situation that I've been trying to describe is an example of this organizational philosophy. Or at least a part of it is.

Eric Nakao


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